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177 Chapter 176, Liu Yanyan Was Tricked (second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The next day.

     After saying goodbye to his master, Luo Yiming rushed to Guangxian Media.

     Guangxian Media, which hosted the 6th Pepsi List, has already written the evening table. Under the big framework, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan need to play freely to create the atmosphere of the evening.

     Neither of them had previous experience in hosting Music Billboard.

     Compared with Liu Yanyan, Luo Yiming has hosted large-scale concerts at the Mango Terrace and has experience of Spring Festival Gala.

     When they arrived at a host room, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan sat down.

     What I hold in my hand is also the list of guests attending this Music Billboard and the list of award-giving guests.

      From start to finish I glanced over, I don't know if it was God's intention, some of these singers are regulars of past life music variety shows.

     Rock male Wang Feng.

     Sir Harlem.

     Soprano Han Hong.

     Tenor Sun Nan.

     Including the chairman of the judges of this session is Mr. Liu Huan of the first China Voice.

     Of course, Sun Yanzi, Tao Zhe, Hu Yanbin, Zhou Jielun, these former Tower of Strength singers are also on the list.

     Being able to attend such a grand event as a host is definitely a thick and heavy in colors in the history of hosting for Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan.

     It is impossible to say that it is not nervous, but calm.

     How to host this evening party well, the difficulty of hosting the evening party is no less than that of a Spring Festival Gala.

     In addition to introducing the award-winning works, linking up the entire Awards Ceremony, including live performances by singers, interaction with singers, and interaction with audiences are all tests of ability.Fortunately, a large-scale Awards Ceremony will be written in advance.

     The interspersed awards, introductions to songs and singers, are all included.

     If Luo Yiming knows from the Taiwanese books that some singers have won awards.

     However, there will still be several different versions of the entire Taiwanese book about the awards he nominated, including some important awards.

     The host only knows when he is the last host, who is it won the prize.

     Must have this ability to play on the spot.

     Liu Yanyan wanted to continue their humorous style with Luo Yiming on the Pepsi Billboard show. Luo Yiming also felt that at the party, they could include impromptu comic material in opera performance as a boring seasoning before the awards.

     The two people fumbled over two hours in the design of the host.

     As "newcomers", their energy has always been sufficient.

     Toke at each other, ridicule the award-giving guests, ridicule the visiting guests, as long as the laughter can come out, both of them will determine the appropriate language.

     For the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard, they are co-hosting for the first time.

     If this awards ceremony is successful, naturally, the seventh, eighth, and subsequent awards ceremony will have their place.

     In addition to Music Billboard, Huaxia also has many well-known lists with even more weight. With this experience, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan can continue to advance.

     The two of them know the meaning of this Music Billboard better than anyone else.

      After over two hours, it was almost noon.Liu Yanyan's belly grumbled a few times, and when she saw her touching her belly, her face flushed, Luo Yiming said boldly, "Are you hungry? Last time you asked me to eat dumplings, this time I invite you."

     "I'm a little hungry, you invite me? Then what do you invite me to eat?" Liu Yanyan had several contacts with Luo Yiming, and she felt that Luo Yiming had no celebrity.

     Although his fame is much higher than his own, he is like a confidant big brother or little brother?

     "Please eat...fried chicken, french fries, let's go to People's Square to eat." Luo Yiming is really funny.

     He remembered the melody of me eating fried chicken in People's Square and blurted it out.

     "Fried chicken, French fries, my favorite. Although I really want to eat it, but I...can't eat it anymore. Eating greasy food makes it easy to gain weight. I am already overweight."

     "You are not heavy, okay, where are you heavy." Luo Yiming said.

     Liu Yanyan lowered her head to shot a look at and said, "Don't comfort me."

     Luo Yi clearly understood what Liu Yanyan meant.

     But the gully is hard to smooth that is a man's favorite.

     It's better than average and ordinary, and it's as thin as an airport.

     "It's up to you...but your figure really no need to lose weight. It's pretty standard. You belong to a typical a4 waist."

     "A4 waist?" Chaos appeared in Liu Yanyan's bright eyes.

     "Just use a piece of a4 paper to block your waist. You can't see your waist. This is called a4 waist."


     Liu Yanyan still wondered why, it turns out that the word is not advanced, because it is derived from a4 paper."My waist is not that thin. However, since you think I don't need to lose weight, I will eat fried chicken with you today. I can eat it very well."

     "Haha, you can eat whatever you want, let go of it." Luo Yiming smiled. Liu Yanyan has a very good personality. Although the two of them intersect there's nothing about it in the previous life, they don't understand the depths of this person.

     But now, I feel very comfortable with her.

     The two bought fried chicken and French fries. Instead of going to People's Square, they found a long stone bench and sat down in a nearby park.

     While eating chicken, Liu Yanyan looked at Luo Yiming.

     She thought of this month, there is still one vote on Luo Yiming's female CP on the Internet.

     "Yi Ming, there is a poll about you on the Internet. It is a poll about which female celebrity matches you well, do you know this?"

     Luo Yiming drank the Pepsi drink and replied lightly, "I know, it was the netizens who fooled around. Fortunately, it's the 30th today, and it's finally over."

     "Looking at you, you don't expect much of this vote. As an outsider, I really want to see who gets the first place."

     "I'm not interested." Luo Yiming didn't feel much about the eight female stars here.

     Because, apart from his previous life, he knew a little about the scandals of these actresses. In this life, he didn't communicate much with them.

     Except for Wu Xin and Zuo Yan, he is good friends.

     The rest, I really don't understand, and I can't talk about likes.

     "You don't expect it, it should be that you don't have that kind of L'? tudiante for them. Then what kind of girl do you prefer? I'm curious."Luo Yiming didn't like other people asking him questions like this. He suddenly put down his drink cup, Luo Yiming turned to look at Liu Yanyan seriously, and said, "You are like this. I like you."

     Leaving her body in front of Liu Yanyan, Liu Yanyan hurriedly moved her butt in a panic. Luo Yiming laughed in the next second: "Haha, I was kidding you."

     "I haven't considered this aspect at the moment. Do my own host well. I don't think there is enough time. Why would I think about everything in disorder."

     Liu Yanyan was really scared by Luo Yiming. It was only that second, her heart was restless. Really, if Luo Yiming really pounced on that second, she might not know what to do.

     Fortunately, Luo Yiming was just joking.

     After eating the French fries and fried chicken, Luo Yiming sent Liu Yanyan back to the company. In Guangxian media, Luo Yiming communicated with the director some on-site issues.

     For the rest, only on May 3, Luo Yiming, Liu Yanyan and some hosts of Guangxian Media will have a brief backstage interview with big-name guests.

     In the evening, the official awards ceremony kicked off.
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