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178 Chapter 177, Nengzhuang And Harmony, Host The Grand Ceremony (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

May 1, Labor Day.

     On the Internet, it is not a small holiday where people travel and post pictures of food.

     Rather, two articles were reproduced on the Internet on hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     "The most suitable CP is released, Liu Yifei and Luo Yiming".

     "Return of the Condor Heroes' love from Happy Camp has begun"

     Two articles, one was fabricated by netizens.

     Another article is Entertainment Daily.

     In this fight, Liu Yifei still had the last laugh.

     Just like Yang Hui's mother Su Mei's initial gameplay, Fang Hong was still tens of thousands of dollars at the last moment. Finally, at the last moment, he kept Liu Yifei's first place.

     Although I won, it was thrilling to win.

     Yang Hui lost last in this duel.

     He won for at least twenty days.

     In this event, Liu Yifei preserved the dignity of her star.

     After Fang Hong won the battle, he also thought about exposing news about Luo Yiming and Liu Yifei in the recent days.

      Thus, the cp of the two will definitely make headlines again.

     Liu Yifei's popularity will rise again.

     The Internet bluffing is terrible, and many netizens screamed to let themselves be with Liu Yifei.

     But for these remarks, Luo Yiming right did not see.

     In the past two days, Luo Yiming has been at the Beizhan Theater.

     The Beizhan Theater, covering an area of 135,000 square meters, is located on Xizhimenwai Street, Beijing Xicheng.

     There are Beijing Exhibition Hall Hotel, Exhibition Company, Movie Theater, Moscow Restaurant, Debao Restaurant, etc. It is a comprehensive and multifunctional cultural and entertainment venue.The North Exhibition Theater is located in the Russian-style complex of the majestic exhibition hall.

     Heguangxian Media has been busy for two days at the Beizhan Theater, and the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard Awards Ceremony finally came.

     At seven o'clock in the evening, the North Exhibition Theater was already star-studded.

     The hall with more than 3,000 spectators is already full of star singers and friends in the industry.

     Beizhan Theater is the largest professional performance theater in the capital.

     Today, who can win the Pepsi Music Billboard award is also receiving unanimous media attention.

     In the front row, Sun Yanzi, Han Hong, Sun Nan and other big names gathered, and behind them are the newcomers in the music circle, Zhou Bichang, other supergirls, there's some left composers and lyrics.

     At the beginning of the party, the first song "The Emperor" brought by Hu Yanbin kicked off the award ceremony.

     After "The Emperor" was sung, Luo Yiming took Liu Yanyan's hand money onto the center stage.

     In the star-studded audience, stars and singers were all dressed up.

     And Luo Yiming was dressed in a suit and Liu Yanyan was wearing a red dress with a tube top. The two walked on the stage hand in hand, handsome and glamorous, without losing the scenery.

     Luo Yiming is no longer a minor role in the entertainment industry. Many singers and stars know him.

     In contrast, Liu Yanyan is only the local minor celebrity's host.

     Need Luo Yiming's support.

     Standing still on the stage, applause floated over.

     Luo Yiming smiled and said to the audience: "Dear guests, friends in front of the TV, good evening everyone.""This is the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard Awards Ceremony held at the Beizhan Theater. I am the host Luo Yiming. Next to me is Moving Beautifully, the host Diao Chan Liu Yanyan."

     Liu Yanyan was indeed stunningly beautiful today. The next second she smiled: "Diao Chan didn't come, right?"

     "Hello everyone, this is Liu Yanyan. I hope that our cooperation this evening will accompany you through a happy evening."

     "Of course." Luo Yiming said confidently.

     "This time the awards, we adopted the jury system and the jury committee system. Special thanks to every member of the jury. Everyone, with their devotion and enthusiasm for music, has made an overwhelming majority music work made this year Comment, make a new understanding of the whole discourse pop music in 2005."

     "At the same time, I would like to thank all the singers, producers, and Record Company who participated, and thank everyone for their work.

     "Every Pepsi Music Billboard will have hundreds of celebrities to support, come to our awards ceremony, I want to say, this is the pride of our music business, is our common honor."

     Liu Yanyan said: "Yes. Every Music Billboard will give us surprises and surprises. Thank you very much for accompanying Pepsi Music Billboard all the way."

     Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan started very well.

      Has to say, the host of the two people is dignified and tall. Once such a picture comes out, the whole award ceremony looks very high quality."A lot of friends came today, and the audience friends here, I think it’s good. Brother Asin in the middle, your head is so high, do you think I can’t see you? Your expression is too cold. Have a smile. ."

     Luo Yiming was referring to Ashin, who was named by Luo Yiming. Ashin raised his hand and shouted ok toward the stage.

     Many singers laughed in the audience.

     Being dignified and witty are essential qualities for a large-scale party host.

     From the current point of view, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan's cooperation is indeed good.

     Luo Yiming continued: "This time we invite hundreds of artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Hong Kong at the same time for the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard. This evening, we will uncover this suspense. Next, let us focus on these important events from 2005 to 2006. Who are the winners of the awards?"

     Liu Yanyan said: "First of all, let us welcome Mr. Liu Huan, Mr. Xiang Xuehuai, Mr. Wu Chuchu, chairman of the jury."

     The two of them looked at the audience at the same time. Teacher Liu Huan was already ready. After the introduction, Mr. Liu Huan took the stage to speak.

     Standing on the stage, Liu Huan said: "To speak today, I also specially prepared a manuscript, which is more close to the beech-fried beetle with milk and milk!

     Luo Yiming said: "This is the emphasis on the award ceremony."

     Liu Huan was nodded towards Luo Yiming, and then said: "Dear guests, all the audience and friends in front of the TV, hello, everyone, I am very happy to be able to gather together with colleagues in the industry at the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard Awards. First of all, on behalf of this jury, there are nearly two hundred reviewers, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone for being here, thank you all!""I personally witnessed the review process of this Pepsi Music Billboard. From voting to counting, it was based on fair and just. Although there were some difficulties in the process, the organizers did not compromise or give up. This is very respectable. Like all the judges, I really appreciate this approach."

     "As mentioned in the opening remarks just now, persistence is not only courage, but also a kind of belief. Although we have encountered some difficulties, we must dare to meet the challenge and persist. Time can prove that participating in such an award ceremony will become a real musician. The honor, because true affirmation is what every person really wants in his heart."

     "thank you all!"

     "Thank you too, Mr. Liu Huan. The results of the selection will be announced soon. I believe you will look forward to it as much as I do."

     "Here I once again thank every musician who was present. The honor tonight belongs to you every person. We wish all those who make music with their heart, thank you! Thank you our organizer."

     Liu Yanyan said: "We will also share this kind of exciting moments with our audience friends in front of the TV tonight. Because our Pepsi Music Billboard has always adhered to our own rules, we have encountered some difficulties. Some people say that our stars are bleak. ."

     Luo Yiming interrupted: "Who said our starlight is bleak. Our Sun Yanzi stood up."

     "And Sun Nan, Han Hong stood up, who said our starlight is bleak. And over there, that white head is what's going on?"

     Liu Yanyan said, "That sells ice cream."


     The audience burst into laughter.
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