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179 Chapter 178, Will Not Let Everyone Down (fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"Ice cream sellers have also come in, go rough!"

     Liu Yanyan continued: "Just kidding."

      "All right, everyone is waiting anxiously, let's be serious. Now we welcome Mr. Yan Louyou, representative of Deloitte Northern District, to come on stage."

     Deloitte is the only scrutiny agency for the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard. When Mr. Yan Louyou took the stage, he personally handed the password box expected by the audience to Chairman Liu Huan of the jury.

     This also means that the awards are about to begin.

     "Finally waited until this moment. So excited."

     "I believe the singer under the stage is more excited than us?" Liu Yanyan said with a smile.

      "Definitely, but Liu Yanyan, I am also very excited. You don't know anything, because a song by Teacher Mei Baojiu and I is also on the nomination list this time."

     "Oh? You sing too? What award nomination?"

     "I won't tell you now... However, my rivals are super powerful. Even if I lose, I am honorable even in defeat."

     "You were scared before the prize was drawn."

     "Indeed, it is mainly because there are too many professional and powerful singers in the Chinese entertainment industry. I...very...amateur."

     Liu Yanyan said: "I'm looking forward to what you said, so let's present the award right away."

     "The first award to be awarded today is the Best Lyricist Award for Mainland/Hong Kong and Taiwan." Luo Yiming is also not in love with the aluminum smashing coals, and the star tritium is more fresh than the dead!

     Liu Yanyan said: "Ms. Chen Lin, please give us an award for the best lyrics in the Mainland/Hong Kong and Taiwan."

     Li Quan is a creative talent, and Chen Lin is a well-known singer.After the two came up, they gave a short greeting, which was also the shortlist for everyone to see the lyrics on the big screen.

     The screen flashed quickly for a while, and the best lyrics in the Mainland appeared: Wen Ya (Zhang Hanyun "It's a Holiday")

     Liang Mang "Stars "Gift")

     Wang Rong (Wang Rong "dad and mom")

     Yang Kun, Liang Mang (Yang Kun "I'm More Lonely Than Before")

     Yuquan (Yuquan "Which Stop")

     Best Lyricist in Hong Kong and Taiwan:

     Chen Yuyou (Wang Lihong, "The Sun and Moon in Heart")

     Fang Wenshan (Zhou Jielun "Hair like Snow")

     Li Zhuoxiong (Tao Jiji "Sun Tzu's Art of War")

     Li Ruixun (Lin Junjie "A Thousand Years Later")

     Lin Xi (Sun Yanzi's Tears into Poems)

     With the disappearance of the big screen, Chen Lin said: "I especially hope that my friend Liang Mang will win the prize. I will announce the mainland."

     "Okay." Gentleman Li Quan said.

     "The best lyricist in the mainland is Liang Mang's "Gift"."

     Li Quan immediately said: "Fang Wenshan in the "Snow as Snow" part of Hong Kong and Taiwan."

     After the announcement, Liang Mang and Fang Wenshan came to the stage. They thanked the audience and said their acceptance speech.

     After Liang Mang and Fang Wenshan stepped down, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan took the stage again.

     Looking at Lao Fang's back, Luo Yiming said: "I like it very much Teacher Fang Wenshan's first lyricist, the lyrics are really beautiful."

     "Well, it feels like a poem. When I saw the lyrics last year, I copied it in my notebook.""Like a poem, but not plagiarized from any classical poems or lyric names, but original. This is what Fang Wenshan excels. I really hope that teacher Fang Wenshan can write a song for me someday."

     "Then you should have a good chat with Teacher Fang in the audience."

     "Definitely." Luo Yiming smiled.

     Then the award for the most popular male and female singer in the Mainland was awarded.

     These two awards were finally won by Sun Nan and Zhou Bichang.

     Among the awards tonight, in fact, some professional music awards are not available on the 5th Music Billboard.

     The two previous awards are still relatively small.

     The most popular male and female singer is not the best male and female singer.

     The gold content of the two is still quite different.

     In the annual awards ceremony, the organizers usually make the most popular songs of the year, the most popular artists, and the most professional album production team, the best male and female singers as the suspense in the festival.

     After the two awards were handed out, Wang Rong, Li Quan, Wang Feng and Charm Notes, who were shortlisted for the best male and female singers of the year, brought a song performance to the audience.

     After the performance, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan once again joined hands to return to the stage of the 6th Pepsi Music Billboard.

     "Next, what we are going to award is the best composition awards for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland." Liu Yanyan said in a loud voice.

     At the next meeting, the director praised their host.

     Speaking of which, the performance of the two is indeed calm and atmospheric, without losing humor.

     Liu Yanyan is full of confidence now, so she is more energetic in hosting."In the past year, there have been many new stars and many veterans who have created themselves. Now basically every singer, more or less, has to participate in the creation. So the question is, will my song be nominated?"

     Liu Yanyan pretended to look forward to it: "Let's see if we don't know. Next, we will award the best composition awards for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland."

     "First of all, please invite Teacher Fang Wenshan, who has just won the best lyricist award."

     Luo Yiming said: "Please invite Mr. Ye Bei."

     "Applause and welcome two gifted scholars, beautiful ladies."

     Fang Wenshan still does not know what song Luo Yiming sang when he received the award just now, but he went to chat with his colleagues in the music circle and realized that Luo Yiming was also a creative talent.

     Fang Wenshan likes Luo Yiming's Hanjiangxue song very much.

     At that time, the song time of departure, the artistic conception, Fang Wenshan felt very beautiful.

     It's a pity that this song came out relatively late, and before the deadline for nomination, it lost the opportunity to compete.

     Standing on the stage, Fang Wenshan said: "As for the composer award, I still hope that Jielun can get it, but still let her open it."

     Teacher Fang Wenshan asked Teacher Ye Bei, the latter directly announced the results.

     The best composer in the Mainland Yuquan.

     The best composer of Hong Kong and Taiwan is not Jay Chou, but Tao Zhe.

     With the opening of the Best Composition Award.

     There are two more awards behind the dust has settled.

     After five awards, two very classic songs brought by the combination of north and south sides of the Yangtze River, "Green Apple Paradise" and "Love Broken Front Alliance" were sung by young singers.While singing, Luo Yiming and Liu Yanyan were preparing for the next round of awards. In the next round of awards, when Liu Yanyan and Luo Yiming were in the audience, they were a bit embarrassed when facing the live director.

     This best song is exactly the award for which Luo Yiming was nominated.

     The results have come out. Liu Yanyan looked at the results and knew who was the winner.

     In order to maintain the mystery and suspense, Luo Yiming beside Liu Yanyan was kept inside a drum.

     "Come on stage, you will know who it is for a while."

     Liu Yanyan with great difficulty has more information than Luo Yiming, she has to show off before Luo Yiming.

     "..." Luo Yiming was also quite speechless.

     But for the effect of the show, and for the fair and just of the awards, Luo Yiming does not insist on knowing the result now.

     In short, he did not report much hope.

     Returning to the stage with Liu Yanyan, Liu Yanyan said this time: "Welcome Yuquan again, and congratulations to them for winning the award. Please give us the best song of the year."

     After Yu Quan came up, Hai Quan said, "Please see the list of candidates."

     The big screen now showed the shortlist.
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