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180 Chapter 179, A Huge Controversy (subscribe, Awesome)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Mainland Song of the Year

     Cao Fang "Meet Me",

     Various stars "Gift",

     Wang Rong "Oh,"

     Yuquan "Which Stop"

     Mei Baojiu, Luo Yiming "New Drunken Beauty"

     The best song of the year in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

     Bright ?Fairy Tale?, Lin Junjie, "A Thousand Years Later", Sun Yanzi, "A Perfect Day", Zhou Jielun "Hair like Snow", Zhou Jielun "Nocturne"

     When the five nominated mainland songs were displayed on the big screen in the next second, the audience saw the end and were dumbfounded.

     "Mei Baojiu, Luo Yiming?"

     "Isn't Mr. Mei Baojiu singing Peking Opera? How come I was shortlisted for the pop music awards. Could it be that this song is popular?"

     "I know that the host Yiming also sings, but with Mr. Mei Baojiu, what exactly is it."

     "Luo Yiming and Mei Baojiu's New Drunken Beauty, is it Peking opera or is it popular?"

     The audience was stunned by the musicians who hadn't heard the song.

     The nomination of the first four songs is fine.

     Several of their capitals have nominated multiple awards, and they are quite strong.

     But this New Drunken Beauty is not understood by the public.

     At least, among the many songs just now, the best song, there are still many songs that can be nominated, why do you want to hang up this new Drunken Beauty in the end?

     "Yi Ming is the spokesperson of Pepsi-Cola, and the naming dealer must earn popularity for his spokesperson. Isn't this song a shady?"

     As a colleague in the music circle raised questions.This voice also came out: "A Peking Opera that won an award on the Music Billboard, isn't this a joke?"

     "If the best song award is really taken away by Luo Yiming, I will see how this Music Billboard will explain it to the fans."

     "I never thought that Peking opera would be nice. If I really win, then I will question the jury."

     "I don't think it will be the last song. I think the award winning very probably may be a gift from various stars.

     "Gift" sung by various stars is indeed the hit song of this Pepsi Music Billboard.

     A ceremony sung by three generations of rock musicians Tang Dynasty Band, Luan Shu, Xu Wei, Zhou Xiaoou, Zhang Chu, Wang Feng, Gao Qi, Li Yanliang, Commonwealth Band, and Yiyou You.

     To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of rock musician Zhang Ju, three generations of rock music circles, old, middle and young, have assembled and created songs.

     The lineup alone is enough to win the prize.

     Even if the gift has already won the Best Lyric Award, the organizer will give the best song award to others in order to balance the award.

     So, the song "New Drunken Beauty", the musicians don't think it will be the winner.

     After a brief discussion in the audience, at this meeting, Yu Fandao of the Yuquan group: "The best song of the year 2005, the mainland song is nominated by us, and the award is given by us. What do you think of this matter? Haiquan."

     Haiquan smiled and said, "I think... our two brothers didn't win the prize."

     "You are too smart, well, the award winners will be announced below. Hong Kong and Taiwan are Guangliang? Fairy Tale?, the mainland is... Let's have some atmosphere!"

     The Yuquan group actually knows that the best song is not theirs.And this time of Music Billboard, the voice of gift winning is the highest.

     Why is there a deliberate pause here? In fact, Yu Quan was also very surprised by the winner.

     "Gift, present."

     "New Drunken Beauty."

     "Which stop."

     The audience shouted everything.

     But those who support New Drunken Beauty are Luo Yiming's fans.

     Not many musicians recognize this song.

     Because many of them have never heard this song.

     "The winner of the best song in the Mainland is Mr. Mei Baojiu, Luo Yiming's New Drunken Beauty. Congratulations to Mei Lao for winning the award, and congratulations to the host Yiming."

     Yuquan still sent his blessings.

     But in his heart, Yu Quan also had lumps.

     At least, it wasn't the gift from the stars that won the prize, it was Luo Yiming.

     They feel unfair.

     Luo Yiming was in the audience, he also very surprised he won the prize.

     When it came to his name, Liu Yanyan next to him pushed his arm, and Luo Yiming's unexpected expression was exposed to the audience in front of the TV.

     "Look, he doesn't know at all, he will win, he doesn't have any mental preparation."

     "Of course, the gifts of the stars have been shady, and he won the prize, naturally it is the conspiracy of the organizer."

     Not only the scene, but the audience in front of the TV also became suspicious.

     Mainly, Luo Yiming's identity has to make everyone doubt.

     He is the brand ambassador of Pepsi, and it is not difficult to get a small prize at the awards ceremony.In addition, the relationship between Music Billboard and Luo Yiming is also extraordinary. How can Luo Yiming be an ordinary person if he can beat He Jiong, CCTV and other big coffee hosts on Music Billboard.

     Stepped onto the stage amidst false applause and cheers.

     Luo Yiming was under great pressure.

     Especially big.

     During his hosting career, he won applause from countless audiences.

     Sincere and respectful applause.

     As a singer, amateur singer, today won the best song award.

     Luo Yiming felt very uncomfortable.

     Very uncomfortable.

     The musician next to him greeted and blessed false display of affection, but Ke Luo Yi clearly realized that they were not sincere.

     Some people are even more perfunctory.

     New Peking Opera won a prize?

     Is it really just being ridiculed like this?

     The new Peking Opera art, the song New Drunken Beauty, is truly such a skill inferior to others?

     Luo Yiming didn't think so.

     At least, Master Mei Baojiu, a leading figure in the Peking Opera industry, won the best song award in a mere district. There should be no so big dispute.

     Because of the controversy, it is the mainstream musicians who don't have a cold feeling about Peking Opera.

     On the surface, the respect for Peking Opera masters is actually just a matter of no concern to oneself. Once their interests are touched, they will be snorting disdainfully to Peking Opera.

     It doesn't matter whether he won the prize, but the new Peking Opera prize is such a treatment, Luo Yiming thinks it should not be.

     Just as Yu Quan asked Luo Yiming to come on stage to accept the award and walk to the stage, Luo Yiming's face showed confidence and pride for a second.This prize should be mine!

     Those who doubt, I will let you know why the best song is New Drunken Beauty.

     After getting the trophy, Luo Yiming held it in his hand and faced the audience. He smiled like a sun: "Thank you to the organizer, Pepsi Music Billboard, and the jury, thank you fans, thank you for your support."

     "Seriously, I hadn't thought that I can win an award. A Peking opera can win the best song award. I believe many musicians will also be surprised?"

     "But until I held the trophy in my hand, the sense of honor and mission that Peking Opera bestowed on me, I felt I could accept it."

     "The charm of Peking Opera is there. I thank the jury for their encouragement and support for the new Peking Opera. The combination of Peking Opera and pop music will be another exploration mode of pop music. I believe that the new Peking Opera will have a better tomorrow. ."

     "I will also uphold my original aspiration, continue to move forward, and not let everyone down."

     "Thank you again everyone."

     Luo Yiming was talking on stage, but there were always musicians gesticulate while talking to Luo Yiming.

     What shit Peking opera and the new mode of pop music, what Peking opera's sense of mission, sense of honor, or shady operation.

     Although there was no booing, it was due to Luo Yiming's identity as a well-known host. However, there is still a dispute among the public regarding the ownership of this award, a huge dispute!
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