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181 Chapter 180, Best Song Award, Explode (Subscribe, Small Universe)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After Luo Yiming's gratitude was finished, he came on stage brightly.

     Compared with Luo Yiming's award, Guangliang's fairy tale can win the best song in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but there is no problem.

     While Guangliang was thanking him, Luo Yiming had already stepped down.

     He is the host, and he understands that the next link is the performance of the award-winning guests, and he won the Best Song Award in the Mainland.

      The song New Drunken Beauty will be performed live.

     Today, Teacher Hu Yulin and the troupe are here, and the band is also doing a rehearsal. However, Dudu Mei Baojiu did not come.

     I will perform the song New Drunken Beauty according to the practice of this period of time.

     Can Luo Yiming be able to prove that the new Peking Opera has won this award today?

     Luo Yiming, who was dressed in Peking opera, painted facial makeup, and put on costumes, was more charming and charming than Teacher Li Yugang.

     Just talking about the eyes, mouth, and the god of Peking Opera, Luo Yiming has already found the feeling, and it is awe-inspiring when he smiles.

     On the stage, Guangliang played and sang fairy tales first.

     The audience was immersed in the fairy tale world and loved this song.

     After Guangliang performed, it was Luo Yiming's turn to perform.

     The troupe is now on stage, and Teacher Hu Yulin and other instrument teachers are beating drums and gongs. This battle has made audience friends shine.

     "Is it really singing?"

     "This new Peking Opera performance, what exactly is it."

     Netizens who have doubts, some have never heard the song New Drunken Beauty.But the promotion of the new Peking Opera, they know how much, and they are quite looking forward to it at the moment.

     The musicians on the scene are not only familiar with pop music, but also some masters of traditional instruments.

     "The flute player on the stage is a national flute, teacher Hu Yulin from Erhu Performing Arts."

     "Well, Mr. Hu can play the flute for Luo Yiming. It seems that Luo Yiming is going to perform well."

     "But without Mr. Mei Baojiu, how do you sing this New Drunken Beauty?"

     The musicians on the scene have doubts.

     The audience who understand Peking Opera have already begun to comment.

     However, more youngsters are not optimistic that Luo Yiming can sing this new Peking opera well.

     Today, there are thousands of viewers at the scene. Some of them have heard this song on the show on Mango Channel and watched the show with big names.

     But more, still music fans.

     I have never seen a variety show that comes with big names.

     Adhering to the fair and just heart of music, they have less resonance for Peking Opera. As the spokesperson and host of Pepsi, Luo Yiming can win the award, and many audiences also feel that they have inside information.

     Fans of Luo Yiming in the audience.

     Squeezed a sweat for him.

     A Peking opera is very colorful. If there is Master Mei Baojiu and the two cooperate, there is no problem with this performance.

     Those who doubted this new Peking opera proved that New Drunken Beauty is very powerful and can definitely be refreshed.

     But at this stage, Mr. Mei is not here today, and Luo Yiming is going to sing the new Peking Opera alone.

     As soon as the song collapses, many people will think that New Drunken Beauty is a shady.The previous performances on the stage were all award-winning singers.

     Not to mention Sun Nan, Han Hong, such a talented group, Sun Yanzi, Zhou Bichang, which singer is not a burn your hand, feel the heat for later generations.

     But Luo Yiming is going to sing the new Peking Opera today, which is really a bit risky.

     Luo Yiming can ignore other people's comments.

     Tonight, if he doesn’t perform, the prize will be ashamed in the heart.

     Only by performing the stunning performance of this song, one person plays two roles, the male voice and the vocal change, can the song of New Drunken Beauty get its respect back.

     Break out.

     As a Chinese citizen, Luo Yiming has always felt that he has this obligation.

     In the last two months of study, Luo Yiming's experience in Peking Opera has gradually become stronger.

     Singing, performance, body shape, and eyes have all improved rapidly.

     If you don't fight it today, Luo Yiming knows that the new Peking Opera may endure the audience's ridicule and suspicion.

     He didn't want this ending.

     He wants to prove himself.

     it has started.

     Teacher Hu Yulin picked up the flute first, and played it the next second.

     The melodious and melodious flute sound is not the usual drumbeat in Beijing opera.

     But it is beautiful, such as the call of a lark, which sounds very comfortable.

     As the flute began, the sound of suona pushed in.

     In addition to the theater troupe on the stage, on the band side, the Music Director, the piano and drums also entered, to complement the emotions.New Drunken Beauty, Luo Yiming's Phoenix Crown and Xia Yi came to the stage, and the song started.

     Snow fell that year and plum blossoms bloomed.

     There was too much sadness left beside Huaqing Pool that year.


     Luo Yiming's singing method is not Peking opera singing, so he surprised the audience when he spoke.

     Coupled with the music of Teacher Hu Yulin and other teachers, this song has a sense of lightness when it is introduced.

     The atmosphere came out all at once.

     Although Luo Yiming's first sentence is not particularly stunning, audiences who have not heard of this song feel that this song is not as bad as expected.

     "Listen, this song is not a Peking Opera, I said it a long time ago." Sandwich introduced it through the audience.

     Jinquechai jade scratching his head... is a gift from you

      Rainbow Skirted Nightgown song several reincarnations...sing and dance for you

     Jianmenguan is you miss me deeply...

     Ma Weipo is willing to be true love...

     Luo Yiming is not a thin typhoon in singing.

     Because he learned the art of Peking Opera, in performance, he is also not at all a piece of wood.

     Singing, playing, and doing, Luo Yiming is acting. He performed it's just perfect for the new imperial concubine. Compared with pure music, this appreciation is undoubtedly much stronger.

     Before singing in Peking opera, we must first come with a piece of music, so that it will not be so abrupt when we get up in Peking opera.

     Luo Yiming sang the hyphenation at the end of the song, blurt out without thinking.

     Luo Yiming put the new imperial concubine Yang Yuhuan's helpless sadness that died in Maweipo into a vivid performance through this character.When singing the words "Hong Yan", he played very high in the tune. He already had a Peking Opera accent, which also paved the way for the singing of Peking Opera.

     After singing "Hong Yan", Luo Yiming's voice with a grunting sound it stops left the audience with unlimited reverie space.

      This time the music of Hu Yulin and other teachers rang. In the art of Peking Opera, the rendering of music is much worse than pop songs.

     The middle-aged audiences who knew that Concubine Yang died in Maweipo and the love story of Tang Xuanzong have already felt a faint sense of sadness. It can only be said that the love of the emperor is not that simple.

     If Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty was not the emperor, perhaps it would not be wrong to have a love with Concubine Yang.

     Older audience members think that Luo Yiming sings well.

     But the expressions on the faces of those young people are still very complicated, saying that Luo Yiming sings well and plays well, yes, that's it.

     But then?

     But that's all.

     I didn't say that this kind of performance, this kind of song, surpassed other songs.

     You can get the best song award.

     Netizens and the audience at the scene all thought it was okay, but after the music rang for two seconds, Luo Yiming's Peking Opera face suddenly came alive.

     It was as if Concubine Yang was possessed.

     Luo Yiming turned and squatted on the stage, looking at the moon, the orchid fingers softly pinched, and the voice immediately sang: "Love and hate are in a flash!"

     "Toast to the moon, love is like heaven."

     Fourteen words, Luo Yiming's female Dan sang out.

     This transition from male voice to dan voice immediately made the audience goosebumps up.

     exquisite.Like a needle.

     Spongy needles.

     Suddenly plunged in.

     Moreover, these two sentences have suffered a lot of pain, the helplessness and fear faced by the god of death, the kind of heavy heart that is about to face judgment.

     The fourteen words that Luo Yiming sang completely interpreted that state.

     "Did I lose my mind just now?"

     "Does not have one woman on stage?"

     "Let me go, Luo Yiming sang that voice just now? God, what did I miss!"
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