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182 Chapter 181 The Shining Of The New Peking Opera Musicians (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Except for the audience and friends on the scene, the live broadcast, in front of the TV, and the Internet were all bombed.

     Love and hate are in a flash, especially, this sentence suddenly sang time of departure from Luo Yiming's voice, and many netizens paused.

     Then, replay!

     Slow motion...replay.

     "Yes, it's him, it's him."

     "Male voice changed to female voice. Amazing!"

     People who like Beijing opera and opera have heard Mei Baojiu and Luo Yiming's version of New Drunken Beauty.

     That was the two of them working together.

     Mei Baojiu sang Peking Opera and Luo Yiming sang popular. The two finished this song very beautifully.

     It can be replaced by Luo Yiming playing two roles, both singing popular and singing Peking Opera.

     Unexpectedly, this song could burst out such power.

     It can also produce such a wonderful chemical reaction!

     Strong, really strong.

     The movie fans have already followed Luo Yiming's song and sang excitedly.

     And this song seems to be easy for Luo Yiming to sing, but only those who have sung know it.

     How difficult it is to sing that emotion into it.

     The new Peking Opera is not only singing, but also acting. It conveys the invisible emotions to the audience through lyrics and conveys the mood that has not been calm for a long time. This is not what ordinary Peking opera performers can do.

     After Luo Yiming sang these fourteen words, teacher Hu Yulin's music rushed in again.

     Several fierce pieces of music, the suona blows, the sound gets stronger, his erhu is pulled out, the sound gets worse, and the music immediately interweaves the unevenness in the world.Luo Yiming pretended to be strong, but the bitterness in his heart this time continued to erupt from his voice: "Love and hate are boundless...ask you when you fall in love."

     Love and hate are boundless, ask when you fall in love?

     One is that, in history, Concubine Yang and Xuanzong Tang are both life and death. Can they continue their love in this life?

     The singing of this passage sang the impending death and sad fate of the imperial concubine.

     The second is that Luo Yiming is also narrating that the music industry does not agree with the new Peking Opera and treats it unfairly.

     But now, when I sing through my voice, I just want to know whether you can love such Peking opera, such singing?

     When Luo Yiming sang these two lines, the music seemed very high-pitched, and his eyes looked into the distance. The kind of performance that substituted the emotions of the characters made him look so sentimental and sad.

     "I'm wrong."

     "I was really wrong."

     "I apologize to Luo Yiming for my ignorance."

     "This New Drunken Beauty can get the best song award, because he did stand out from the masses."

     "It was he who really opened up a new musical model."

     Netizens, who once questioned this song on the spot, all shut up.

     At this moment, they just love and appreciate this new Beijing opera.

     If the previous singing is all small-scale, there has not been a large section of Luo Yiming's singing skills, but the memories and telling of this section have really sang into everyone's hearts.

     With a slightly harsh voice, Luo Yiming grasped the essence of Peking Opera in place.Not only the audience friends, some professional fans in front of the TV, and the musicians under the stage felt that Luo Yiming had this episode.

     Naturally, it is estimated that the audience's resonance has not yet reached the highest level, because this is just the beginning.

     Luo Yiming walked slowly forward, and his graceful dance steps later reached the forefront of the stage.

     The brewing in the front, the emotions in the front, the small explosion just now, whether New Drunken Beauty can be cheered, the next paragraph is especially critical.

     After dispelling all distractions, Luo Yiming's steps suddenly stopped. He looked behind him, faintly shook the head, and then raised it again, his eyes full of determination.

     The chrysanthemum terrace is down...

     Who knows my love... I feel cold

     Drunk in... the king's arms

     Dream back...Datang love


     Luo Yiming's singing is extremely focused, classical, popular, Peking opera, nostalgia, there's some left Chinese style.

     He exhausted all his energy.

     Just to prove the new Beijing Opera.

     Just to regain the dignity that belongs to the new Peking Opera!

      With that's it's domineering, he sang the love between the Emperor of Tang Dynasty and the imperial concubine. After all, this love could not escape the trial of history. Concubine Yang was dead, and it was unavoidable to worry from it.

     Luo Yiming sang this emotion very appropriately.

      To Part Forever.

     Only in the dream can we continue to return to Datang and continue that love.

     Just like it was written in the lyrics, drunk in the arms of the king, dreaming of love in the Tang Dynasty.

     Good lyrics, good tunes, and good singing are the "three musts" in Peking opera.Through his double-voice singing, Luo Yiming expressed the melancholy mood of Concubine Yang when facing To Part Forever to extreme saturation.

      At the time of To Part Forever, I saw everything but not so sad.

     Therefore, in addition to grief, the final tune also carries a kind of "pleasure."

     Upon hearing this passage, some viewers have determined that they have not heard the song before.

     But I feel déjà vu again.

     The so-called sense of substitution that's it.

     "Yi Ming, his progress is really fast. I remember Half a month ago, he still sang this song with Mr. Mei Baojiu. Now, he can sing by oneself."

     "Yes, Luo Yiming has worked hard, he must have done a lot of work. The hateful thing is that many people still suspect that he is in the dark."

     Sandwich fans were wronged by Luo Yiming in the audience.

     After this passage was sung, many young audiences and netizens became silent.

     Luo Yiming, his singing is full of stories.

     In his performance, the spirit of Peking Opera art is reproduced.

     As a host who regards Peking Opera inheritance as a responsibility, he could not to hear, not to question Peking Opera.

     But he is willing to risk being misunderstood and ridiculed by others, and he is dedicated to promoting the new Peking Opera.

     Won the best song award.

     Luo Yiming has really worked hard this way!

     "Today he sang this song, just wanting the audience to know that there's nothing about it." A girl cried and blushed. When she saw the section Luo Yiming sang hard, she thought about it, not being caught How sad it is to understand."Yeah, we all blamed him, what shady, it's shady to be able to sing the new Peking Opera like this, so persistently, this song is not selected."

     "Sorry, Luo Yiming. You are the best!"

     Peking opera is a viable art, but the new Peking opera carries forward this art and combines it with modern popular factors.

     Many viewers, netizens, would never listen to a sentence of Peking Opera before.

     But Luo Yiming did it and asked them to listen to the entire song.

     And, also wished to continue.

     When Luo Yiming finished singing, the performance naturally ended.

     The audience at the scene and in front of the TV finished listening, but they didn't want to end.

     take a bow.

     Luo Yiming walked to Teacher Hu Yulin, thanked him first, and then took him to bow to the audience friends, "Thank you audience friends, thank you Master Hu Yulin, thank you other music performing arts artists."

     "Thank you to everyone who loves the new Peking Opera art."

     "I want to say a few more words here."

     "Peking opera performance is not only about singing, but the social significance of Peking opera is deeper. Compared with songs, it is more powerful."

     "Peking Opera will reflect social life through a complete story plot and specific environmental description."

     "The song "New Drunken Beauty" sang the concubine, through the tragic experience of the concubine, and sang some of the social problems at that time."

     "Peking Opera played a function of reflecting society and criticizing society during that period."

     "That kind of realistic thinking. It is the important reason why I want to promote the new Peking Opera. I believe this is also the reason why Peking Opera will become the quintessence of the country.""Although I know that the new Peking Opera is a heavy load and a long road, the Best Song Award is definitely a good start."

     "Thank you again for this warm and loving award."

     "thank you all."

     Luo Yiming bowed again, and this time he faced Mr. Liu Huan from the jury.

     "Sing well."

     "Yiming, you are awesome." Teacher Liu Huan raised his thumb.

     Musicians also nodded frequently in Luo Yiming's direction.

     In the next second, the applause of the audience swept over like a sea.

     "Sing well."

     "New Drunken Beauty sounds good."

     "This song is the best song I heard today."

     "This award is undisputed."

     They cheered one by one, and some viewers couldn't help but stopped/stood applauded.

     From being suspected, being shamed, to applauding Luo Yiming’s new Peking Opera and clapping hands, this award is already fame follows merit.

     Luo Yiming has become the most shining one in the media scene.

     At this moment, it is not the sparkle of the host, but the sparkle of Peking Opera musician!
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