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    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After winning the best song award, when Luo Yiming returned to the stage to host again, the musician's appreciation for him had gone without saying.

     The next best rock song, the rock album star "Gift" won this award.

     This is a rock and roll power that brings together more than 500 people and dozens of rock singers will participate, fame follows merit, rock is not dead! Long live music!

     Luo Yiming knows that rock is an indispensable factor in music. He said: "Rock has always been the most mainstream music in China. I think music is beautiful. Love music, it will make your life better."

     Liu Yanyan said: "Actually, I also want to rock, but I lack the rock spirit. We will be awarded the new rock rookie of the year, rock band and rock singer of the year."

     Luo Yiming looked forward to saying: "Please Huang Guanzhong and Luan Shu."

     The best rock rookie was won by milk? coffee.

     The best rock band of the year is NAND!

     And the most eye-catching best rock singer is Cui Jian.

     When the award was finished, Lin Zhixuan and Chen Lin came to the stage and brought the thoughts of Xiaocheng.

     Luo Yiming really likes this song.

     Especially, Lin Zhixuan at this time, the "clear and comfortable" emotion that has been added to his voice, made Luo Yiming more like listening to his songs.

     In his previous life, Lin Zhixuan participated in I Am a Singer, and he covered Zhou Jielun’s Cold Changing Fireworks.

     Still sang and never left.

     Finally, it became the Uncrowned King of the first season of I Am a Singer.

     In Luo Yiming's mind, Lin Zhixuan is the champion.This time hosting Pepsi Music Billboard, Lin Zhixuan is also one of the singers Luo Yiming wants to know.

     This summer, Luo Yiming wants to create a music variety show on Mango Channel, which is more compatible with music in summer.

     And Lin Zhixuan, the singer, already has the strength to participate in Luo Yiming's program.

     After Lin Zhixuan sang, Luo Yiming greeted him and said: "Very nice song, thank you two singers for singing. Brother Lin Zhixuan, would you stay for a while?"

     Lin Zhixuan said, "Do you want me to present the next award?"

     Luo Yiming smiled and said: "Yes. Before the awards, I would like to ask you a question, are you not because of sang a single love song, so you have not been married?"

     Lin Zhixuan knows that Luo Yiming loves to make jokes, and as the host, he is teasing the atmosphere.

     Lin Zhixuan said, "You can think so."

     Lin Zhixuan was cultured and refined. Luo Yiming knew that there must be many girls who pursued him, but they did not get married. In fact, Lin Zhixuan felt that his life did not lack company.

     "Actually, being single has many meanings. For you, I think music is yours girlfriend. I like your music very much. I look forward to our cooperation in the future."

     Lin Zhixuan thought Luo Yiming was joking, and promised to be happy: "Okay, I look forward to it too."

     "This evening, an important award, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Inland Best Female Singer Award, is awarded by you."

     Lin Zhixuan put his hands together and nodded, "Okay."

     Candidates appear on the big screen.

     There are six people nominated."Sun Yanzi from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Han Hong from the mainland." After the nominations, Lin Zhixuan finally said the result.

     After the female singer awards were over, Pace Wu awarded the best male singer.

     Tao Zhe still won the Hong Kong and Taiwanese, and Wang Feng won the trophy from the mainland.

     After Wang Feng sang, the sixth Pepsi Music Billboard only has the last award without awards. This award is also the most important award tonight.

     This award is the highest honor for a singer.

     Lifetime Achievement Award!

     This represents the affirmation of the singer's lifetime singing career.

     Luo Yiming's tone also had reverence, and said earnestly: "Because this award is very important, we have invited Mr. Liu Huan, chairman of the jury, Mr. Xiang Xuehuai and Mr. Wu Chuchu to come to the stage and present them personally.

     Liu Yanyan followed: "We have three jury chairmen present this award to us."

     Liu Huan and the other two chairmen walked slowly on stage in the eyes of the musicians. After standing still, Liu Huan opened the paper card and looked at the big screen in the next second, "The winner of the lifetime achievement award is Qiao Yu , Zhuang Nu."

     "I suggest that everyone stand up and pay tribute to the two old men of the century."

     Luo Yiming also had a complex emotion in his heart.

     Especially after seeing the trembling old man being helped up, my heart felt even more sad.

     He faced the musicians in the audience loudly and said loudly: "My friends, applause a little bit more, they are the real heroes!""They are predecessors of music, because of their hard work in the past, we have today's results. On behalf of Pepsi Music Billboard, I pay tribute to everyone on behalf of everyone!"

     Luo Yiming instigated, and the audience stood up and applauded.

     Elder Qiao Yu will come to the stage now. He sees all the musicians standing there and saying: "Guests, I have a request. Please sit down, thank you!"

     At this time, the musicians slowly sat down.

     Zhuang Nu said: "Take this opportunity to learn from the young people today, thank you! Today I'm very happy, especially there are so many young people on the stage. Finally, I expressed my feelings in 6 words and received the award. Very glorious!"

     Holding the trophy, when Mr. Zhuang said that he was particularly glorious, everyone was very moved.

     Luo Yiming smiled and said, "Thank you two, I hope we will be as happy as you when we are 80 years old."

     "Congratulations to our two winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award, and thank you again to the chairman of the jury for giving us this award.

     The old man and the review chairman step down.

     Luo Yiming stood on the stage. He not without reason: "Pepsi Music Billboard has reached its sixth edition. In the past 2005, I think everyone remained fresh in one's memory on the major events in the music world. Before hosting Pepsi Music Billboard, Many people told me that this is a one region/place that is rather chaotic, why are you so serious."

     "But I just saw the two old people, I think they shouldn't be serious."

     "If it's really like that, why are we sitting here, if it's really like that, what face do we have in this music world.""In the past six years, we have just tried to prove one thing. Music does not die. We Chinese people should have their own dignity in music. Let’s start here. If the first six years are not enough, we will use the second six. If the second six years is not enough, we use the third six years."

     "It really doesn't matter to be unrewarded, seeing so many partners, really, persistence in music is too important! People who are willing to come will always come, don't give in to something unclean, really extremely grateful."

     "Today, please allow me to express my sincerest respect to all the members of the jury and all the musicians present, thank you!"

     "I hope the Chinese music scene will make a comeback in 2006!"

     "If there is an opportunity, I will also contribute a little as far as one's capabilities extend to the Chinese entertainment industry, thank you!"

     When Luo Yiming said something, everyone was very excited.

     It is true that today's awards are over. Many musicians did not win the awards, and many musicians did not pay attention to the Pepsi Music Billboard at all, and even no one was present.

     However, Luo Yiming's words pierced the hearts of musicians.

     The future of the Chinese music scene is bright.

     It must be beautiful.

     Liu Yanyan said: "Extremely grateful you guys, thank you!"

     Although Liu Yanyan had made sufficient preparations, she still had to admit that Luo Yiming's host was too powerful.

     He can always drive everyone's emotions with no difficulty, and push the awards to a climax with no difficulty.

     The musicians underneath began to talk, "Luo Yiming is very good at hosting.""Indeed, I didn't feel that way in the first five sessions, but this one is really sad."

     "It seems that I have to carefully examine his program when I go back."

     Finally I have to say goodbye.

     Luo Yiming had to wave with everyone: "Dear friends at the scene, friends in front of the TV, including friends who watched Pepsi Music Billboard on the Internet and other channels, all our awards have been awarded tonight."

     "Here I would like to congratulate every winner and nominated singer. It is also affirmation to be nominated. I hope that everyone will achieve greater results in 2006 and that the Chinese music scene in 2006 will be more active."

     Liu Yanyan waved her hand and said: "Thank you Pepsi for your support, and also thanks to Xinlang Entertainment's on-the-spot live broadcast. Dear friends, today is a good harvest, let's... see you next year!"

     Luo Yiming said: "Thank you, let's hand over the stage to Super Voice Girls again!"

     "Music still has a long way to go, let's encourage together."
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