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184 Chapter One Hundred And Eighty Three
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The stage is handed over to Super Voice Girls.

     The ace women's team created by Mango Taiwan in 2005 is indeed not simple.

     However, Luo Yiming doesn't think Luo Yiming can really bring hope to the Chinese entertainment industry for talents such as Super Voice Girls.

     At least, the examination standard of Super Voice Girls does not take music and sound as the first consideration.

     Maybe...face? Body, whether there is development potential in film and television, these are the kings of the Mango Taiwan draft.

     Two ace shows have been created to create who is the hero and the big name. It is the last mountain that Luo Yiming needs to charge on the Mango Channel.

      Super Voice Girls.

     What should I use to defeat Super Voice Girls and establish my "big brother" status as a producer.

     Luo Yiming felt that the music had to be said.

     In terms of why he hosted Music Billboard and why he promoted the new Peking Opera, as a rebirth, Luo Yiming has always been in the layout.

     Music shows are the areas where he cannot avoid getting electrocuted.

     And music has always been able to adjust people's mood, cultivate people's sentiment, and even good music can heal the soul.

     The music program Luo Yiming wants to create is the good voice of China.

     At this time, "thevoiceofholland" has not yet been broadcast.

     This program, which strongly absorbed 18.2% of the Dutch population, was not available in 2006.

     It was not until 2010 that the Netherlands launched the Dutch Voice.

     One year later, Zhejiang Satellite TV negotiated copyright with the copyright introduction company ip.

     Later, Canxing Production also had intentions for the show.ip faced Zhejiang Satellite TV who had made an appointment on one side, and old customers on the other, and finally proposed to let the two cooperate.

     Finally, a form of "co-investment, copyright sharing, co-production, risk sharing, and profit sharing" was reached.

     It is also this form. After maintaining the cooperation of the four seasons, the two companies took different roads and urge the horses on in 2015.

     Luo Yiming has established his position as a producer at Mango Channel, and now, he must rush to launch this music inspirational talent show before the Netherlands.

     Deputy Director Luo Xin supports him. After being promoted to Director in a few days, she will be fully responsible for the innovative development of new programs.

     The big name is here, and the end is coming soon.

     Luo Yiming felt that he could try to promote the music program with Director Luo.

     He only requires copyright.

     Profits can be shared with the mango stand.

     Profit sharing, in the first quarter, Luo Yiming can only take a small part.

     It can also be regarded as repaying the "acquaintance" of Mango Terrace.

     In short, Luo Yiming feels that it is inevitable that this show will be online.

     But if you want to create a good voice in China, Luo Yiming knows that the difficulty of this music show is several times more difficult than who is a hero or a big name.

     The first is the four mentors.

     They have to be heavyweight music instructors in the Chinese music scene.

     Can hold the stage.

     Secondly, the assistance of audio equipment and top bands.

     There are also a reserve of at least hundreds of new music artists in the world, hundreds of popular songs and adaptations of classic songs.

     In addition, during the renovation of the venue, there must be at least 20 cameras in the studio.Moreover, such a music variety show is a precedent for a music inspirational program, and it is undoubtedly a challenge to the mainstream mode of the current audition.

     So the first programs, advertising investment, and program review are all a huge problem.

     Although knowing that it is not easy to build a good voice in China, Luo Yiming has made up his mind.

     After ending Pepsi Music Billboard, Luo Yiming did not interact with other musicians on stage. He ran backstage and found Teacher Liu Huan first.

     The good voice of China, the choice of tutor is very important.

     Teacher Liu Huan was the mentor of The Voice of China in the first season.

     Originally, he signed with China Voice for three seasons, but in the second year, due to physical reasons, he was replaced by Wang Feng.

     Teacher Liu Huan was with the two review chairpersons at this meeting. In fact, they talked about Luo Yiming, who was more eye-catching this year.

     Best song this award.

     At that time, the other musicians on the jury were not very optimistic.

     But Liu Huan and the other two teachers still feel that Peking Opera, the quintessential art, should be promoted and passed on.

     In addition, the New Drunken Beauty by Luo Yiming and Mei Baojiu are indeed amazing.

     They finally stand one's ground against the opinion of the masses and awarded Luo Yiming an award.

     Although the award was given, the three have always believed that this award will be controversial after the end of the ceremony.

     Unexpectedly, Luo Yiming was on the stage, playing two roles separately, and re-interpreting New Drunken Beauty, which impressed everyone.Seeing Luo Yiming coming, Liu Huan smiled and waved: "Yiming, come on, we are talking about you."

     Luo Yiming walked up slightly embarrassed, but he didn't know that the big guys were talking about him.

     "Hello teachers."

     "Yiming, I sang well today, and hosted well. I'm very optimistic about you In the future of the music circle, the new Beijing Opera can continue.

     Teacher Liu Huan studied Peking Opera as a childhood. What he sang best is the excerpt from "Taking of Tiger Mountain". He grew up in Tianjin and not only can sing Peking Opera, storytelling and cross talk, he has also learned.

     Luo Yiming didn’t hide it. He got serious and said, “Mr. Liu, I actually want to make a little contribution to music. You know, I’m a host, but I’m actually a producer. I just thought about it. Build one, our own music program in the Chinese entertainment industry."

     "Music programs? Don't you have them on your station? Tonight, Super Voice Girls' performance is also not bad."

     Now, there are some music programs that Teacher Liu Huan doesn't pay attention to.

     But also know.

     For example, the Super Voice Girls on the Mango Channel, and the My Type I Show on the Tomato Channel.

     Luo Yiming shook his head. He didn't care if the other two teachers were there, so if he didn't tell Liu Huan clearly.

     It is estimated that it will be difficult to catch such an opportunity in the future.

     "Ms. Liu, I actually have my own idea about this music program, that is, we only choose music as the only criterion."

     "Don't look at other shapes, which are equal in length, just listen to the sound."

     Liu Huan said: "Your idea is very good, you can push it, we support you.""Ms. Liu, this program of mine may be launched in July and August. If I finish the content of the program and I want to ask you for help then, can you help me?"

     Without Luo Yiming's rousing words about the music career on the Pepsi Music Billboard, Liu Huan would not believe that Luo Yiming's sincere heart to music.

     However, now, Liu Huan has no doubts at all.

     "If it's really like what you said, you only choose sound for music, and it's really for the music feast of the Chinese entertainment industry, do I have any reason to refuse?"

     Liu Huan smiled.

     Luo Yiming also laughed.

     The other two teachers said: "Yiming, we have watched your program, and the quality is guaranteed. If you make a music program with your heart, we think that Teacher Liu Huan will participate."

     "Okay, leave the quality of the show to me, Teacher Liu, let's it's a deal first, and I will look for you next month."

     Now, it is not convenient for Luo Yiming to reveal too much about the specific format and content of the program.

     It was a good start to get Teacher Liu Huan to agree to participate in advance.
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