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186 Chapter One Hundred And Eighty-Five, Personnel Changes, The Storm Is Coming (second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Lin Zhixuan is determined to join.

     After Luo Yiming had the talk, he did not leave the capital that day, but contacted teacher Liu Huan again and asked him to help contact a female singer.

     In 2006, three of the first sister figures in the mainland music scene were the first to bear the brunt.

     Wei Wei.


     Tian Zhen.

     Naying was the mentor of China's good voices in her previous life, and Wei Wei is slightly less famous than the other two.

     Tian Zhen, because of her unique hoarse voice, combines the best of pop music elements such as personality, music, popularity, originality, and ethnicity.

     Luo Yiming felt that the voice of China, a female singer from the mainland, invited Tian Zhen.

     Tian Zhen Luo Yiming's position in the show is to go rock and roll and attract students with her best "shock style" singing.

     And Tian Zhen's generous, hearty and caring character is indeed suitable for Luo Yiming's position as a mentor in the show.

     Liu Huan and Tian Zhen often participate in activities together. In 1993, they went to Japan to participate in the "Chinese Singer Concert" together, and they were already good friends.

     Asking Teacher Liu Huan to help send out an invitation, Luo Yiming went to Tian Zhen's house that same day and chatted with her for an afternoon.

     Tian Zhen doesn't look good, so she can be a sister in the music world because of her timbre.

     Since she grew up with her aunts in the countryside and joined her parents when she was in elementary school, Tian Zhen has developed a stronger character and understands that children from poor families have to rely on themselves if they want to stand out among one's peers.

     With a bad appearance and a bad body, he has to work ten or even a hundred times more than others.If this is not the case, with the help of her mother, she was favored by a music editor during the audition at the China Audio and Video Corporation, and started her career as a singer.

     I am afraid that this life will be a nothing special person.

     Therefore, Tian Zhen hopes that there will be a music program that only takes sound as the only consideration. This program produced by Luo Yiming is the model Tian Zhen hopes.

     There is no need to go into details. Sister Tian Zhen's refreshingness surpassed Luo Yiming's expectations. She said that it would be good to notify her before the show starts.

     Moreover, Tian Zhen didn't even bother about compensation.

     She just hopes that, in such a musical feast, some ordinary people who are not good-looking, have a bad family background, but sing well can be discovered.

     Liu Huan, Lin Zhixuan, Tian Zhen, and the three mentors are determined to join. The only mentor gap for Luo Yiming is the teacher Amei from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

     In other words, why did you invite Amei? Luo Yiming simply likes her music. In the music show of Voice of China, students often choose the instructor’s songs to perform. In the group pk, the instructor cannot help but use his Song test.

     A-mei has too many classic and beautiful songs, and A-mei's singing skills are definitely at the queen level. Luo Yiming couldn't think of anyone more suitable than her.

     It's just that, to contact Amei and invite her to come, Luo Yiming has no such contacts.

     Thinking, last tutor, let Taili help communicate, Luo Yiming also drove back to his hometown that night, and after spending two days at home with his mother, he returned to Chang~.

     Seven episodes of the show has been aired.The seventh issue of the big name came to meet the audience on the 30th of last month.

     The guest invited at the time is NBA Chinese men's basketball player Yao Ming.

     Luo Yiming and Yao Ming were once again sensational in the show.

     When Yao Ming was in the 1200 studio, they are indeed better than me now, but I believe they will beat them in the near future.

     I will lead the Chinese men's basketball team to become the best team in Asia and the top eight in the world, which will also excite many fans.

     Luo Yiming and Yao Ming made the entire show be fired up, and Luo Yiming ended with Jordan’s famous quote. I never fear any opponent, but the opponent is not strong enough.

     Speaking to Yao Ming, speaking to the audience, also speaking to yourself.

     The big names of the current period came to an end. The next day Suoferui’s ratings were calculated, and Luo Yiming’s ratings reached 3.12.

     This ratings even exceeded the 2.51 of Happy Camp that was broadcast the day before. With a score of over 0.5 ratings, it became Mango TV’s new ratings trump card.

     At the end of the seven episodes, there are only five episodes that have not been broadcast for a month. This time, even though Luo Xin intends to continue to let Luo Yiming appear after receiving the big-name show.

     But Taili, apparently already had arrangements for this Sunday stall.

     The big-name program has already allowed Song Wendian to launch successfully.

     Song Wendian was promoted to Channel Director of Mango Channel, but Luo Xin’s director post has not notified him.

     In the past few days, Song Wendian also felt that Taili had other plans for the director post of this innovation center office.That is, Song Wendian's previous recommendation letter to recommend Luo Xin to succeed him was put on hold. In addition to being the channel director, Song Wendian continued to serve as the director post.

     Luo Xin is still the deputy director.

     It is said that Luo Xin is under observation and can be in position after a while.

     But in addition to Luo Xin, the deputy director, Taili also promoted Zhang Dadong, who created Super Voice Girls, to deputy director.

     Moreover, it is confirmed that the new variety show Supergirl chat room created by Zhang Dadong is the one who is determined to take over Luo Yiming's big name on Sunday.

     Last year, Zhang Dadong created Super Voice Girls, a phenomenon-level draft ace variety show for Mango Taiwan. In summer, Taili had reserved Friday's prime time for the three months of June, July and August for Super Girls.

     What is surprising is that not only did Zhang Dadong seize the prime time for Friday, but also Zhang Dadong requested it for perfect time on Sunday to create popularity for the super girls.

     Tai Li even agreed to such a request, it is because of the glory of Super Girl that no one producer on Mango Channel can break.

      In addition, Zhang Dadong relied on the personal relationship between his father and the director of Ou Balong, this time from outside the establishment, directly into the establishment, as the deputy director of the program innovation office, and Luo Xin's level, it is even more shocking inside and outside the station.

     When Luo Yiming came to the platform, he saw a few people were moving tables to Song Wendian’s previous office, and Zhang Dadong was proudly behind him, the appearance of Ox Qi Soars to the Heaven, really Luo Yiming was very disgusted.

     Luo Yiming didn't know that in the past few days he hosted the Pepsi Music Billboard, personnel changes had taken place in the station.When Luo Yiming and Luo Xin met again, Luo Xin was in the office sorting out the ratings reports of the programs under her.

     "Yiming, are you back? I watched the Pepsi Music Billboard. You hosted very well and did not disappoint me."

     Looking up, Luo Xin smiled when Luo Yiming came in.

     It's just that Luo Yiming didn't see this face for a few days, but he felt a lot haggard.

     "Director Luo, why haven't we seen you for a few days? There's nothing about it shines on my face, and I'm distracted by the TV show again. Don't make yourself so tired, aren't we still down there?"

     Luo Xin shook the head, originally, she also thought that her hard life was over.

     If she succeeds Lao Song smoothly, she will be more comfortable as the director.

     But... "I don't want to make me comfortable. I have to keep doing it." Luo Xin said.

     "It's you who want to be strong. By the way, Director Luo, the big name is coming to an end. Can you continue to give me this Sunday file? I have a new show that I want to launch this summer."
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