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190 Chapter 189, Luo Yiming's New Song, The Fifth Mentor?
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The next day, Gao Xiaosong helped Luo Yiming contact a band.

     Because Bei Jing's cobra girl rock band is on the verge of disbanding.

     A few youthful girls have drifted north for So many years without becoming famous.

     Are facing the trouble of getting married and having children

     They want to give up.

     Gao Xiaosong wanted to help them again, so he recommended it to Luo Yiming.

     That day, Luo Yiming flew to Beijing.

     The Cobra Girls Rock Band is composed of thirteen girls.

     Among them, there are two playing acoustic guitars, two playing electric guitars, two bassists, three drummers, and three keyboard players.

     A lead singer.

     In the 13-member band, the lead singer Roshan is 27 years old, the oldest and the captain.

     Not only can she sing, she can also play the violin.

     Taking into account the large number of bands needed for a good voice in China, Luo Yiming took all these 13 people into his own studio.

     Provoked the "big beam" of the band pop music.

     After talking to the girls, Luo Yiming also kept their contact numbers.

     After meeting Luo Yiming and Gao Xiaosong in Beijing, they went to visit Teacher Hu Yulin.

     The latter helped Luo Yiming introduce some powerful local Piano Performanceists, violinists and other performers.

     These artists are all super performers active in China, and they can agree to cooperate with Luo Yiming because of the face of Teacher Hu.

     One of the pianists, he is not very old, but has acted as the Music Director of many star singer clubs.This person is Liu Zhuo who participated in the first season of The Voice of China as a keyboard player in his previous life and became Music Director in the second season.

     Luo Yiming recognized Liu Zhuo's ability.

     But his fame, to be the Music Director of China's good voice?

     Luo Yiming can't ensure that he can support so big music programs.

     The person Luo Yiming wants to invite is Liu Zhuo’s predecessor and Liang Qiaobo, the Xiangjiang guitarist who created I Am a Singer, a very strong music audiovisual effect.

     Teacher Liang Qiaobo has been playing on the team more than 20 years ago and has created countless large-scale concert's. His creativity in music is obviously more advanced.

     From 2005 to June 2006, Liang Qiaobo was the Music Director of the "Jade Songs" on the Jade Channel of Hong Kong TVB.

     In June, after cooperating with Zhou Bichang on his first solo album "Kite", he settled in Beijing, and successively composed music and lyrics for some big-name celebrities.

     Now, although Liang Qiaobo still works on the Jade Channel of TVB, from the trajectory of his previous life, Luo Yiming is confident to invite him to join China Good Voice.

     Just a matter of time.

     When Liang Qiaobo comes to Beijing to meet Zhou Bichang in June, Luo Yiming can visit him.

     After Liang Qiaobo is in place, go to the Music Faculty to find some professional harmony accompaniment ensembles, professional accompaniment orchestras, and China Good Voice’s music accompaniment team is complete.

     On this trip to the capital, after finishing all these tasks, Luo Yiming was not back to the Mango Terrace, so he went to the Liyuan to find Teacher Mei Baojiu.

     Follow Mei Lao to continue singing Peking Opera, acting in figure, and practicing eyesight.

     One practice is one day.There was no reply from Luo Xin from the Mango Terrace.

     Presumably, there are differences of opinion in the platform on the top of my choice.

     This kind of disagreement is actually good for Luo Yiming.

     If Taili unanimously agrees to let Luo Yiming go, then it shows that Taili actually doesn't take him seriously.

     He and Elder Mei sang Peking Opera in Liyuan for two days. On May 10th, Chu Lanlan also arrived at Guanyuan.

     In the past month or so, Chu Lanlan has traveled around to promote the new Peking Opera.

     The Han Jiangxue sung by her and Luo Yiming also appeared on the major music charts.

     However, the popularity of Han Jiangxue's song did not show the effect Chu Lanlan wanted to achieve.

     Compared with New Drunken Beauty, the popularity of Hanjiang Snow is not as high as the former.

     The concept of Chulanlan's new Peking Opera has gradually expanded during this month.

     It is not so much the new Peking opera now, but the singing method of Peking opera plus pop music.

     Chu Lanlan is more inclined to change this Peking opera into opera, which is the expression of opera plus pop music, and use opera singing to perform pop music.

     Using this idea, Chu Lanlan wrote two operas plus pop music songs.

     But because of the mainstream music, she by no means knows so much.

     The song written does not have the potential of fire at all.

     If the songs of the new Peking Opera are not satisfied by themselves, they will not be liked by fans even more.

     Of course Luo Yiming understood Chu Lanlan's confusion.In fact, when Luo Yiming created a good voice for China this summer, he wanted to put Chu Lanlan, including the new Peking Opera of "Xiqu singing" into the stage of good voice for China.

     The so-called easter eggs in the show are also the good voice of China. In addition to the four major mentors, he, a rookie singer, will also serve as the fifth mentor in the mentor group.

     It's just that he, the fifth mentor, can only take action when the mentors have not pressed the selection button in the first round.

     And the part of his guidance, his team, will rise from the ashes group.

     Only three candidates in this category can be selected.

     These three singers perform other sounds that are eclectic and not so harmonious with mainstream music. This includes new music in opera singing, rap or rap.

     The good voice is about to explode this summer. Luo Yiming and Chu Lanlan met. He felt that it was time to bring out a nice opera singing song from the previous life.

     "Lanlan, this summer, I'm going to prepare a music inspirational talent show. Do you have time in July and August, if possible, come and join my show."

     Chu Lanlan is the musical seedling that Luo has been in the same morning.

     Although she is in pop music, her level is pretty average.

     But after two months of study, coupled with her basic opera skills, Luo Yiming felt that it was not a big problem.

     "Me? But I can't do anything except sing operas. I can't always go up to sing operas for your music programs?" Chu Lanlan was embarrassed.

     Luo Yiming chuckled: "Singing? Lan Lan, what's wrong with singing? We are all singing. If you think opera is not good, it is not fun.""Yi Ming, you know I didn't mean that. I mean light opera, and people don't like to listen to it."

     Without going around with Chu Lanlan, Luo Yiming said directly: "All right, I have a new song in opera singing. As for you, take some time to learn it. I will release this song this month. You will join my show. When I sang this song, I was right."

     "You have written a song again?" Chu Lanlan unable to contain one's joy said: "Okay, can I listen to it now?"

     Chu Lanlan racked his brains this period of time to incorporate opera singing into music, but all attempts have failed.

     So, I heard that Luo Yiming has such a new song, she is especially looking forward to it.
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