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197 Chapter 196, Recruitment Of Good Voice Students (second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

In the classroom.

     Lin Zhixuan and Haring glanced at each other. Neither of them understood Luo Yiming's behavior.

     Harlem frowned, asked Yiming: "I think the girl just sang pretty well. She is so thin, but the potential in her voice is great. You don't seem to like her very much?"

     It's not just Harlem that thinks so. Lin Zhixuan also expressed incomprehension to Luo Yiming's attitude.

     "Yes, I also think that girl just now is pretty good, at least after listening so much in front, her voice is the cleanest. Isn't this kind of voice, good voice not selected?"

     "What are the two teachers? Did I say that she sings badly? You can see, I have ticked a lot on her form, and I agree with her."


     Luo Yiming revealed his form.

     Except for the tick, he wrote on a sheet of paper that the tone was OK, the voice was clean, and the little girl's Qingchun text made Haring and Lin Zhixuan embarrassed.

     "It turns out that we understood the misunderstanding." Haring boldly said with a smile.

     Lin Zhixuan said: "He was so cold when he listened to the song just now, and he scared the little girl into tears. Everyone thinks he doesn't like it!"

     Luo Yiming was speechless: "Actually, I'm really too happy, that's why it's so abnormal."

     "Or, call that girl back and do it again?"


     Luo Yiming's amusement completely invigorated the depressed atmosphere.

     Harlem and Lin Zhixuan also began to enjoy the audition work after joining Luo Yiming."Yi Ming, I think your move is pretty good. It's an expression to feel good or bad, and those who pass it feel that they are not selected. We can try it together." Harlem loves to play and proposes.

     Lin Zhixuan said: "This is called a high cold interview. I agree, then we will continue the interview?"

     "carry on."

     He reached a consensus with Luo Yiming.

     For the classmates who came in to sing later, no matter whether they sang wonderfully or not, the three teachers are all done, and you can go out and make the conclusion.

     The dozens of performers behind, of course, sang similarly, but the feedback they received was the same, which frustrated the students' emotions.

      Dispirited and downcast came out from inside.

     Rumors that the "best singer" in the school were eliminated one after another quickly spread to every corner of the school.

     Everyone was in an uproar, what kind of players are looking for in this good-voicing draft.

     And those who think they are better than the eliminated singers.

     It turned out that those who were uninterested in participating in this show were aroused to participate.

     The more than one hundred auditions in the morning session ended, and none of the news of passing the good-voice interview passed from the school to the outside world.

     Graduated from Lisongshan Senior Commercial Housework Vocational School, Zhang Yunjing is currently an office worker with his own small band.

     After hearing her companions talk about this good Chinese voice, she wanted to try one's luck.

     Two days ago, Zhang Yunjing heard about this program. It was a program with Lin Zhixuan and Teacher Haring as a tutor, and he met with the audience this summer in the mainland.

     Originally, Zhang Yunjing, the mainland music talent show, didn't catch a cold.However, none of the elite singers from so many schools in Taipei passed the interview.

     If she can be selected successfully, her own music dream will be a good start.

     "What song is the highest?"

     Zhang Yunjing looked at her friends and made everyone admire her for her courage.

     "Big Brother Zhang Yusheng's sea is quite high."

     "Not high enough, is there any higher?" Zhang Yunjing continued to challenge.

     "..." The friends were speechless.

     "Yang Pei'an has a song I believe. This song is pretty high. Would you like to try it?" Suddenly, a small partner member said this song from the end of 2005, which made Zhang Yunjing's pores excited.

     Here, after simply receiving a box lunch, Harin and Teacher Lin Zhixuan went to a hotel near the school to rest, and Luo Yiming continued to sit on the court alone.

     In addition to Luo Yiming, Qi Duo Hua also accompanied Luo Yiming very dedicatedly.

     Qi Duo Hua is the women's team that Qiao Jieli Company cooperated with Luo Yiming this time.

     In fact, after the three little flowers withdrew one after another, now there are only four left.

     Chen Qiaoyan, the most popular among the seven flowers, is sitting next to Luo Yiming.

     "You good Chinese voice, what exactly is it program, I heard that one morning did not pass a singer?"

     Chen Qiaoyan tilted his head to look at Luo Yiming, his cheeks were slightly exposed, and his profile was indeed beautiful.

     "Qiaoyan, not without passing. Good player voices we already collected. It's just that there is no announcement immediately."

     "Then how come all the classmates have a lost look?" Chen Qiaoyan was puzzled."Well, you will know how many students I interviewed in a while."

      "Really? ...that's all right." Chen Qiaoyan's impression of Luo Yiming is also not bad.

     At least, Yan brother like Luo Yiming is still so talented, the first impression will make people want to get close.

     Chen Qiaoyan's character is also that outwardly tall and tall, but seeing you and getting crazy with you will make you doubt the world.

     In the afternoon, the contestants sang one by one.

     After more than a dozen players were interviewed by Luo Yiming with a poker face.

     Chen Qiaoyan figured out where Luo Yiming's stalk was.

     "You, no matter how well people sing, it's all this expression. It turns out that you interviewed like this. No wonder."

     Luo Yiming looked at Chen Qiaoyan, who was slightly delicate and grinned. Thinking of her role as Dongfang Bubai in her previous life, she always felt a bit contrary.

     It was the next person's turn to appear, Luo Yiming sternly entered the classroom as someone came.

     This girl who looked exactly like a boy still made Luo Yiming's butt on the stool move forward unconsciously, and leaned forward slightly.

     Isn't this Zhang Yunjing?

     In his previous life, Zhang Yunjing, who was his favorite singing, had soared with other singers in many shows.

     She even came to participate in the Voice of China.

     "Hello teachers, then I'll start singing."

     "I sing what I believe is Teacher Yang Pei'an."

     As soon as Zhang Yunjing opened his voice, he didn't have any accidentally exploded.

     Teacher Yang Pei'an has a very high key in this song, and he can sing up to four octaves.And the entire Chinese music scene can do this, that is, Teacher Yang Pei'an, Teacher Huang Qishan and the few musicians.

     But I believe that Zhang Yunjing's song did not drop the key, but played on the original tune.

     During the whole process of singing, Luo Yiming's adrenal glands were stimulated by music, and followed the high notes to beat unconsciously.

     If you say that the players in front, he can control facial expressions when he hears joy and excitement.

     But Zhang Yunjing's singing finally Luo Yiming couldn't bear.

     When Zhang Yunjing finished singing, Qi Duo Hua stood up and clapped her hands. Luo Yiming sat on the stool and applauded: "Okay, sing well."

     "Teacher, then... can I enter the China Good Voice competition?"

     According to the program, Zhang Yunjing's voice was collected and the teachers of the team needed to review it again. However, the voice was wonderful.

     Luo Yiming believes that there is no need to verify, such a voice is exactly what a good voice is looking for.

     "Zhang Yunjing, right? I'll give you a through train. You don't need to participate in the rest of the audition session. When the program is recorded, the staff member will notify you in advance to prepare the song."

     "Thank you, teacher."

     Zhang Yunjing jumped up excitedly. In this kind of highly vetted program, he got a place for the through train, which represented the teacher's recognition of him.

     Through train.

     "I will definitely work hard."

     Zhang Yunjing kept saying thanks, and exited with emotion.

     As soon as I left the house, I was surrounded by students outside.

     "Classmate, have you been selected?""Others come out crying, you are so happy, you must be selected!"

     "Tell us what song you sang and how impressed the teacher?"

     Seeing other people's envious eyes, Zhang Yunjing proudly said: "Yes, the teacher said I was over."

     "As for the secret, it may not be suitable for you."

     "good job!"

     "Congratulations. You can pass such harsh conditions, classmates, you will definitely become popular."

     The standards of China Good Voice's talent show are considered high by the students.

     This kind of music program is only one through the audition, and everyone thinks there is.

      has to say, this is also the success of the recruitment of Chinese Voice in Taipei.

     Deliberately plant flowers without blooming, unanticipated willows become shade.

     Luo Yiming and the two teachers inadvertently played a game that collected the good sounds of Taipei and was magnificent (of houses, scenery etc).

     When the two teachers rest and return to the classroom, the interview speed will increase.

     After the audition, all the singers' voices were recorded.

      The staff member is packaged and archived. Even if the tone conditions of some students in the first season are not mature, they may still be available in the second season.

     One day, after all the students listened, everyone was exhausted, and finally eight people were selected for the interview in Taipei.

     The four people are estimated to be the cannon fodder for the foil, and the other four people, Luo Yiming of the two people, think that they can be blindly selected by the instructor.

     The remaining two people may be the sweet pastry that the instructors snatched wildly.
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