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198 Chapter 197, Where Did The Female Players Go (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Fly back to Beijing that night.

     This time in the shape of Taipei, Luo Yiming not only completed the task of recruiting Xu Jiaying and Yang Zongwei, but Zhang Yunjing was also his unexpected harvest.

     Ai Yiliang, who participated in the Voice of China in his previous life, also entered the student pool.

     The girl who was assigned to the group with Chen Bing by Naying, in fact, was clearly above Chen Bing in singing.

     But because he looks pretty without the latter, he was abruptly shaved.

     The hidden rules of the entertainment industry are really powerful.

     Even if Luo Yiming is the chief director and producer of The Voice of China, he must not say that there is no shady in the Voice of China he created.

     Therefore, the emergence of shady, one is the unspoken rules of male directors and female players.

     Luo Yiming can guarantee that he will not do this, but there is no guarantee that in the entire Good Voice team, no one will engage in these small actions.

     In addition, in order to ensure the good-looking of the program and for the ratings, some students have to choose the program.

     Maybe you sing well, but because there are more singers of the same type as you, you will still be kicked out.

     This kind of shady, Luo Yiming is inevitable.

     This is the cruelty of reality.

     The cruelty of the entertainment industry!


     The recruitment work in Xiangjiang and Taipei was extremely smooth, after returning to the North Jingguan Garden.

     The good voices collected by other seven cities, hundreds of suitable lists, singer information and demo samples were also sent back through the Internet.

     Luo Yiming, Liang Qiaobo, and Liu Zhuo are the people in charge of the music. The three of them checked patiently and continuously and accurately improved the selection criteria.Liang Qiaobo listened to the song, and Liu Zhuo held a pen in his hand, recording the requirements of Liang Qiaobo and Luo Yiming at any time.

     "This person has a problem with his treble, I think I can kick it off!" Liang Qiaobo pressed the pause button and shook his head.

     Luo Yiming said: "I think it's pretty good, it sounds pretty good."

     Liu Zhuo said: "This treble is indeed a problem. His limit is also right here. This song is barely finished, but I believe it won't work if I change the song."

     Both are professional musicians, but Luo Yiming knows the rules of survival of a show in addition to checking music.

     The singer is certainly not so perfect. But after ten years of singing in the bar, there is still one old mother needs support, and his wife passed away in a car accident. He took a son and wandered around Beijingcheng. There are full of stories here.

     "Take a look at the singer's experience. His song does not necessarily have to be soaring."

     Luo Yiming's words hit the hearts of the two music seniors.

     Liang Qiaobo said: "Sure enough, Luo Dao has a sharp eye. You said it right, the next audition, I will definitely pay attention to this aspect. Our players must have plasticity and versatility!"

     Continue to listen to the next audition. After a few bars, Liu Zhuo frowned and said: "This sound is so strange, and the breathing rhythm is a bit awkward. This girl shouldn't have received professional training."

     Luo Yiming looked for a moment and said to Liu Zhuo: "There is a little problem, but please register him. We will focus on him during the interview."

     "Huh?" Holding the pen, Liu Zhuo reacted quickly enough this time. When he glanced at the corresponding information, he suddenly understood: "This is a man, Dai Quan?""Yes, so, he wants to express his timbre through a female voice. If a male or female voice can sing like this, the little problem of breathing can be ignored."

     Liu Zhuo is the only song measured by girls' standards.

     If it is a boy, this player is very good.

     Liang Qiaobo said: "This generation is full, it seems that you can sing your New Drunken Beauty."

     Liu Zhuo said: "Indeed, he is suitable for singing this type of song."

     Luo Yiming didn't reply.

     However, this is indeed a good seed.

      Precisely because such players challenge everyone's cognition to make China Good Voice's programs particularly attractive.

     "Teacher Liang, Teacher Liu, what you all listen to is singing skills. I think more about the audience’s feelings. In fact, we don’t conflict, so it’s good to cooperate. Next one, I think there are hundreds of others. Listen to your voice!"


      Unconsciously, the time has arrived at noon.

     The sky in mid-May is already a bit sultry.

     Under the raging sun, the wind is hot.

     From the morning I heard that now, Liang Qiaobo and Liu Zhuo are tired.

     They needed a nap after eating at noon, but Luo Yiming did not rest.

     When one person listens to the voice repeatedly, Luo Yiming, who was eliminated by the two teachers, will listen again.

     Checking the player's information one by one, Luo Yiming will turn up any player who might ignite social topics. As long as the voice is not too bad, Luo Yiming will keep it.

     In Luo Yiming's opinion, the correct way to play a singing talent show should be a good voice.Super Voice Girls are now fighting him.

     That kind of monotonous judges scoring mode, three professional judges listen to the song, the singers selected thousand articles, same rule, the appearance is the top, the singing is the bottom, and the final selection is the face.

     Some fans will chase stars.

      But in the end What the audience really cares about is whether the show is good or not. The strange players rely on their strength to counterattack, and the uncle with a heart-warming story sings a sermon.

     This wave of operation is definitely more exciting than Super Voice Girls.

     The beauty of a music program must not be supported by its beauty.

     With Luo Yiming's driving skills, the show is not only about playing music, but also about feelings.

     Can definitely detonate this summer.

     Back to the meaning of the split × tax 耩欤逡 phantom nightmare, 雫隼漼, father 錌 altogether Huaimiao’s tomb, suitable for prying 嫡 嫡 行塌 young daughter-in-law, which is just passable.

     However, Luo Yiming really found a treasure among the players eliminated by the two teachers.

     This one has not only stories, but also singing.

     This player is Zhang Lei, the fourth season champion of Voice of China.

     In pursuit of music dreams, he left his hometown to explore the outside world.

     Along the way, he never gave up folk songs.

     From northeast to northwest.

     During the day, he guards the small shop selling lighters, and at night, he goes to the bar to sing.

     I insisted on music for many years, and gave up from hadn't thought.

     The song Zhang Lei chose to sing was an adapted cover folk song. The adaptation of this song was a bit urgent, and it was indeed not very good.

     But Luo Yiming really likes such a singer.In the afternoon, the teachers and teachers continued to listen to hundreds of sound samples, but after the whole round of selection, only 30 people remained.

     The elimination rate is very high!

     On the one hand, it is the timbre collected by the recruitment of Seven Cities, on the other hand, all the members of the good sound program group have used their own resources to ask for help. After asking for help, friends in the music circle recommended for the first time.

     But in the end, only thirty people were left.

     This is far from the requirements of the program and the number of students needed.

     With four instructors, each of them must have a full quota of 13 students. If there are four instructors, there will be 52 players who pass the blind selection.

     This is passed.

     In the blind selection stage, there are still players who fail to pass and those who have flashes on their bodies.

     For these students, at least half of the students who have passed the blind selection will make the live recording of each session not too abrupt.

     Then, the number of good voice and quality students in the first season must be at least 70 people.

     Among the students currently convened, Luo Yiming saw some high-quality students he was looking for.

     However, I don't know why, those students who were focused on by him did not appear in the big list at all.

     For example, Zhang Jie, Tan Weiwei, Yuan Yawei, Ding Ding, Huang Ying.

     Zhang Jie, Luo Yiming guessed that it is possible that the company he signed with restricted him, just like the situation when he signed up for Happy Boys despite the company's opposition.

     Now, he must also be strong in will but weak in power.

     However, Tan Weiwei, Yuan Yawei, Ding Ding and Huang Ying, how can these female players not a single one be successfully recruited by the team?Also, most of the voice samples sent are male players, and where did the female players go, which is a bit abnormal.
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