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200 Chapter 199, Omni-channel Promotion (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In the next three days, Luo Yiming sat down and negotiated with Lychee, Tomato, and Beijing TV.

     Among them, in addition to the direct talk of Tomato Station, the other party thought the pattern of 28 divisions was funny, which embarrassed Luo Yiming.

     Litchi TV and Beijing TV also had the same attitude as Li Ding, and their responses were similar.

     That is to wait for the final discussion in the station, and give them the highest share ratio they can accept, and the conditions that can be fulfilled.

     The TV station’s bidding did not come to a conclusion so quickly.

     This is a time war.

     But the recruitment of players is still going on.

     In the eight major cities, except for Xiangjiang, the other seven cities are sluggish because of the attack by the Mango Channel Super Voice Girls.

     But Luo Yiming could not just "submit to humiliation".

     There is no following on the TV station, and Luo Yiming can't just rely on word of mouth and recommendations from people in the circle to choose people.

     Luo Yiming thinks that the singers selected in this way are still people in the music circle, and more of them are talented talents.

     If you really want to find a singing master from the folks, and find a player who is also storytelling, you have to think about him.

     The recruitment of Seven Cities is deadlocked.

     Luo Yiming cannot sit and wait for death.

     He used his blog and website to promote, calling on fans of the Sandwich Support Team to go into action.

     To mobilize fans to find music masters hidden in the folk, Luo Yiming is the method without any means.

     Luo Yiming knows that the power of fans is vast and limitless.For example, the fans of the three little ones in the previous life can put a bad song to the top of the list for life, and finally become popular. This is the strength of the fans...

     When Luo Yiming posted a sensational blog post on the status quo of the music talent market, hoping to collect real good voices, asking fans for help.

     A fan movement with a lot of soup began.

     Some people contribute, the rich contribute money, and the powerful contribute.

     Buy the list.



     Crazy praise.

     For a while, all major forums, including the most popular websites, appeared on topics supporting Luo Yiming's good voice in China and looking for the most beautiful voice.

     The search popularity has not diminished, occupying the top of the search list, and then news quickly bombarded the entire music circle.

     Magic capital.

     Young singer Zhang Jie is worrying about his future and destiny.

     The topic of a good Chinese voice looking for the most beautiful voice on the Internet attracted his attention.

     Zhang Jie loves music. In 2004, he participated in the My Type Show and won the final championship. He signed with Shangteng Entertainment Company. Zhang Jie felt that his spring was here.

     But a good thing doesn't last forever, in just one year, in 2006, the owner of the Shangteng entertainment company moved away, and the new Hong Kong and Taiwan owner did not pay much attention to mainland singers at all.

     Zhang Jie was hidden in the snow.

     For half a year, there is no chance to perform at all.

     He longs for the stage, longs to be noticed, longs to have one type of strength, and pushes him to take a brave step forward.

     The most beautiful voice, the good voice of China, don't tell me it's not my voice?

      Mysteriously and inexorably, a powerful force beckons him.Although he knows that the company will definitely not allow him to participate in the competition, such a competition will breach the contract, and he is likely to have to bear tens of millions of liquidated damages, but the inner strength.

     Lead him.

     He wanted to fight to the death.

     Defend the little remaining dignity that belongs to the singer!

     "I want to sign up."


     Four Chuan.

     A certain city.

     Tan Weiwei was lying on the bed, sliding her phone boredly.

     She pays attention to some headlines on the Internet every day. I don't know when she has become a senior webworm.

     Two days ago, she signed up for the 2006 Super Voice Girls competition, planning to launch a sprint towards the Super Girls championship this summer.

      Before then, she also paid attention to the good voice collection work of the good voice of China in the city.

     Although she sang that day, but later, because she signed up for Super Voice Girls, she still called the show team and quit the competition.

     Tan Weiwei believes that the Super Voice Girls of Mango Channel is always stronger than the good Chinese voice produced by a small studio.

     Mango Channel has its subsidiary Tianyu Media. After signing the contract, it will release videos and announce that the future development will definitely have more resources than China's Good Voice.

     But today, suddenly emerge as a new force to be reckoned with. On the network side, the good voice of China that almost dominates the headlines of the website, the praise of the whole network made Tan Weiwei hesitate again.

     Four top mentors.

     Only the sound is the criterion.

     The conscientious director and producer Luo Yiming devoted all his energy and money to create sound inspirational programs.

     Only the sound and stage art of the stage will cost 50 million yuan.What kind of show needs such a big move.

     What kind of programs can make the four major instructors vocal support, and are sought after by the whole network.

     This show made Tan Weiwei curious for a while.

     The Super Voice Girls of Mango Channel was like wildfire last year. This year, despite the rapid promotion of Mango Channel, all major singing areas are also actively recruiting soldiers and buy horses.

     However, the attention on the Internet and the praise on the Internet do not seem to be that high.

     Moreover, the super girls who were caught last year have already taken away a lot of resources in Tianyu.

     When signing the contract, with the seniors such as Chunchun occupying resources in the company, the newly signed singers may not develop well.

     However, after the good voices of China become popular, there are many possibilities for the future.

     look forward to?

     Where to go?

     Tan Weiwei's girl's heart was pounding again because of a choice.

      at the same time, a music website.

     Because I like this Chinese sound show.

     In the name of the company's website, they contacted the singers on the website to confirm, and recommended some of the singer's information to the China Good Voice crew.

     By the way, I @ those singers in Luo Yiming's Weibo, suggesting that Luo Yiming arrange auditions as soon as possible.

     Wang Xiaowei, Wang Xiaohai?

     When Luo Yiming flipped through the information, he saw several recommended links.

     The link is the singer's song.

     Isn’t this the September miracle that you made your debut in your previous life by winning the Great Path of Starlight?

     And Ping'an, isn't this the bald-headed patriotic warm boy who is still singing in the spring evening?

     It's interesting, it's a deal.In the previous life, Teacher Lin Zhixuan liked Ping'an very much.

     In a music program, Lin Zhixuan also said that there are many ways to sing.

     A more subtle expression is one of them.

     The highest boundary of emotional expression is to sing to the end, tears in the eye sockets, but not dripping.

     Ping An almost did it.

     This way of expressing both beauty and emotion, this kind of sound line that is soft and rigid, not brute force, and not hysterical, he can "peel" everyone's aesthetics of hearing floor after floor.

     This is how sparks should be produced.

     That is when the instructor met a student he liked, and the student fell in love with that instructor at the same time!

     Wonderful, Liu Huan and Lin Zhixuan are fighting for Ping'an, this will be a good highlight of the show.

     Luo Yiming smiled, it was God's kindness.

     Let him get two such excellent players.

     The flame of Luo Yiming's battle is getting higher and higher. Only through blogs and music websites, these online promotions are still too limited.

     Chinese who want to promote good voices to the world, in addition to the eight cities, have to burn off the line offline.

     The satellite TV station can't count on it, there should be other channels.
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