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201 Chapter Two Hundred, Unstoppable Joy (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The cooperation progress of TV stations is slow, there is no money, publicity and promotion are hindered, and time passes day by day, Luo Yiming can't wait like this.

     Peacebird Clothing and PepsiCo have both made their promises, and can spend 60 million and 50 million respectively to sponsor programs.

     But 50~60 million, far from Luo Yiming's requirements, still differ by some margin.

     In Luo Xin's hands, there are also some corporate resources that support her and are willing to cooperate.

      Next morning, Luo Yiming asked Xiaoxue to bring the list of collaborations to see if he could do some preparations on the sponsor.

     As long as the money is in place, Everything Alright will do it.

     "How upright is the herbal tea leader?"

     "Isn't it Wan Laoji?" Luo Yiming thought he saw the brother of the big brother named in the previous life, but it was so right that Luo Yiming suddenly felt cold.

     It is impossible for this company to spend so much money to make this show.

     "Oran drink."

     Luo Yiming hasn't heard much.

     "Northern Group?"

     When he saw the North Group, Luo Yiming looked at their company's information and business projects.

     Northern Group is an investment company in Beijing.

     They invest in multiple sectors such as automobiles, education, finance, and real estate.

     Its subsidiaries include two well-known Beichuang Taxi and Beichuang Taxi Companies.

     Although Luo Yiming puts investment promotion on fast-selling products, it can intuitively see the improvement of short-term benefits.

     Ke Luo Yiming felt that the cooperation with the Northern Group might be able to produce offline promotion."Xiaoxue, the person in charge of the Northern Group, let us know and let him talk about cooperation."

     In the list of sponsors, Xiaoxue thought that the Northern Group was big and empty, and Luo Dao could not cooperate.

     She suddenly told the Northern Group that Xiaoxue was eating whales, but immediately contacted their person in charge.

     Before long, the beauty representative of the Northern Group arrived in a luxury car.

     The Voice of China program, their group wants to sponsor, also comes from the company's desire to open the national market.

     In the automotive field, taking advantage of its own resource and management advantages, Northern Group has successively pioneered a variety of auto transaction modes such as "car purchase by installment", "one-stop service", "purchasing by rent", and "trade-in" in automobile marketing.

     The taxi market, the used car market, and the company are all operating.

     They also want to recruit provincial agents across the country this time.

     Comprehensively promote the trade services of each unit.

     When he came to Luo Yiming's office, Liu Meiyun, with outstanding demeanor and noble temperament, made Luo Yiming very fond.

     Liu Meiyun is now forty years old this year, but she took the initiative to shake hands with Luo Yiming with a smile. The two are also there's nothing about it age.

     Speaking of sponsorship, Luo Yiming naturally knew that Liu Meiyun's Northern Group was not suitable, but giving him a sponsorship quota would not affect the overall situation.

     When I met Liu Meiyun this time, Luo Yiming had other ideas.

     After sitting down, Luo Yiming said with a faint smile: "Manager Liu, when I invite you this time, I will spread out my purpose first.""As far as I know, your company is the largest taxi company in Beijing, and it also controls many taxi markets across the country."

     "I am currently doing offline publicity work on "The Voice of China", and I want you to provide me with a little help."

     Luo Yiming speak bluntly: "I need your company's taxi roof advertisement."

      "Oh?" Liu Meiyun continued to listen.

     "I don't know how this advertisement is charged, please help me introduce it."

     Liu Meiyun didn't know that Luo Yiming was talking about this with her.

     But Liu Meiyun's proficient business ability obviously will not reject any potential customer.

     "We have 2,000 taxis in Beijing. According to Beijing, the usual price in the industry is 5 yuan per car a day, rolling 720 times a day, once every 2 minutes."

     "If you need it, I can give you 10% off the price here."

     "Other cities must follow local price standards."

     This is the standard of Bei Jing.

     Take Beijing to calculate, 2000 taxis are 10,000 a day, and then get 10% off, 1,000 a day?

     That's pretty small.

     Obviously it is not so.

     So many cities across the country.

     Liu Meiyun said that other cities should refer to local implementation standards.

     If there are no discounts, the advertising costs alone would cost millions.

     The point is, this is only one day, and after one month, this expenditure is really a lot.

     "Manager Liu, don't talk about the price. How many taxis do you have in the country?"

     Liu Meiyun thought a bit then said: "There are probably 50,000 units.""Okay, fifty thousand units. If we can broadcast an advertisement for you in China Good Voice."

     "I'll come here in person for this oral broadcast. So, can your company be free to advertise for us on the roof of your 50,000 taxis across the country for one month?"

     "What? Orally broadcast an advertisement. This doesn't seem to be equivalent, right?"

     Liu Meiyun thought in her heart, but didn't say it.

     Luo Yiming said: "Just like this. Northern Group, a leader in auto trade services, is a fashion pioneer in "car purchase by installment", "one-stop service", "rental for purchase", and "trade-in". Northern Group is the best choice for car dealers to engage in business activities. "

     Luo Yi had prepared this oral broadcast tomorrow morning. It was an advertisement that he downloaded from the official website of the Northern Group before negotiating with Liu Meiyun.

     This oral broadcast not inferior in the slightest Yu Jiaduobao, Hua Shao's oral broadcast.

     Luo Yiming only took three seconds for such a large paragraph.

     He didn't breathe, and the advertisement that he uttered in one breath, although a bit not so real, sounded vague.

     But this oral broadcast is very enjoyable.

     Say it, it will make people impressed, leaving a rich aftertaste!


     After Luo Yiming uttered this paragraph, Liu Meiyun was stunned.

     She had never heard such an oral broadcast.

     It was wonderful, it was like a machine gun.

     Luo Yiming can now exchange this oral broadcast, because the program has not yet become popular.

     If it is really not lack of money, Luo Yiming will not so do.Liu Meiyun did not speak, and Luo Yiming continued: "I can help you with this oral broadcast, but not every issue."

     "I will only talk about this oral broadcast in the first issue. Considering that this is a sound and music program, I still hope it can be purer."

     Luo Yiming lied.

     Oral broadcasting is still very valuable.

     In exchange for this advertisement with one issue of oral broadcast, Luo Yiming felt that he had taken advantage, but if the entire ten issue of oral broadcast was used for them, he would suffer a big loss.

     "Can you say it again, I'll record it, so I can discuss it with the leader when I go back."

     Liu Meiyun turned on the phone to record.

     Because it was so exciting just now, she felt that such an oral broadcast would surely become a hit when the show was broadcast.

     She thinks this py transaction is worth it.

     As soon as Luo brightened his throat, he said that paragraph again.

     This time, the speed of speaking was a little faster than last time.

     After Luo Yiming finished speaking, he was very happy.

     "Okay, okay, I'll go back and report to the leader right away. I look forward to cooperating with you."

     Liu Meiyun got the recording, turned around, and drove back to the company without stopping.

     Luo Yiming thought that those 50,000 taxis would advertise himself offline, and his heart was filled with irrepressible joy.
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