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205 Chapter 204, Jin Zhiwen's Singing
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

In 2006, Jin Zhiwen just won the quarterly championship in the oppo online song contest last year. With a song written by himself, he let go of the mainstream music scene.

     Then he created a few good music, and began to help musicians in the circle write songs.

     How to get acquainted with Liu Huan is unknown, but Jin Zhiwen is indeed a plastic talent in the field of music.

     Standing in the audience, Jin Zhiwen looked at the extremely beautiful stage. He had naturally heard this powerful music inspirational program, and was eager to sing a song on this stage.

     "Hello teachers."

     Jin Zhiwen couldn't find the gaze he should report, looked around, and said shyly to the teachers at the scene.

     "Jin Zhiwen, right?"

     Luo Yiming's swivel chair turned to face him. When Luo Yiming asked, Jin Zhiwen saw this legendary gold medal producer.

     "Hello, Director Luo."

     "Ms. Liu Huan recommends you to audition. If you sing this song well, we can let you participate in The Good Voice of China, are you interested?"

     Jin Zhiwen nodded like garlic, "I have, I have..."

     "Very well, then I will order a song. Can Teacher Liu Ruoying be crazy about love?"

     Jin Zhiwen's answer surprised Luo Yiming: "Yes. Teacher Liu Ruoying's song I like it very much, I also adapted this song."

     "You adapted this song." Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Luo Yiming said calmly: "At that time, you can talk to Director Liang about the arrangement of the song. Now let's listen to the original version of Crazy for Love."

     There is this song in the audition that is crazy about love.The key of this song is very high, and the combination of timbre and instrument can reach the most comfortable state, which tests the skill of the singer and the band.

     Take this song as an audition, you can even reveal the pros and cons of the sound at once.

     "Audition song, "Crazy for Love", Jin Zhiwen, prepare."

      Nodded, Jin Zhiwen stepped onto the center stage, and Luo Yiming's large swivel chair had already turned back.

     The staff member beside him had already handed him the microphone for singing.

      Sennheiser's microphone, Jin Zhiwen mixes in the music circle, don't you know that this is the top microphone.

     Adding the supporting system is worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you sing with it, ordinary people may become the god of singers.

     Feeling the charm of the silver microphone in his hand, Jin Zhiwen told himself, this stage, I must own, I must launch a sprint to the highest peak of music this summer.

     Towards Nodded, director of Liang Qiaobo on the band's side, Jin Zhiwen signaled that he could start.


     The drumsticks hit, and the sound of guitar slowly entered.

     The soft stage lights began to flicker, interweaving and swaying in the blue and deep night sky, and the text of gold seemed to be in the starry sky and became the focus.

     After standing on the stage and taking a deep breath, Jin Zhiwen raised the microphone to his mouth.

     The pure and noise-free guitar sound is quite beautiful.

     I come from spring

     You said to be separated in autumn


     Just as Jin Zhiwen sang this first sentence, he was surprised.

     The Jin Zhiwen that looked up and looked around was somewhat skeptical. The pure and beautiful voice just now came out of his voice.Liu Ruoying's original voice is very delicate, but Jin Zhiwen's male voice is so clear, like a natural sound, all the staff members on the scene are also amazed.

     The speakers, microphones, and equipment are simply wonderful.


     I want to ask if you dare

     Love me like you said

     Jin Zhiwen adjusted the breath of the high-pitched key, but even the breath was almost displayed to hold nothing back.

     The original state of the sound.

     The burst of sound.

     It can be restored in the clearest way, and no attenuation can be heard.

     Jin Zhiwen's intonation and voice are very good, although his breathing has had a little impact, but the original ecological singing just like this can be seen with his powerful strength.

     The simple sound is very beautiful.

     Luo Yiming closed his eyes and listened. When the sound of guitar, sand hammer, triangle, hi-hat, drum beat, and piano entered the verse, it boosted the climax of the chorus and the layering of the music came out all at once.

     Not only Luo Yiming has this feeling of enjoying music, but everyone has the same experience.

     In this top-of-the-line sound system, the timbre of various musical instruments can be distinguished, and after being fused together to synthesize the sound, it produces a special sense of beauty.

     Coupled with the voice of the musician Jin Zhiwen, this song is crazy for love and can only be described in four words, which is super nice.

     "The harmony comes in now."

     The harmony band was found by Teacher Liu Zhuo.

     Good sound competition, good harmony orchestra is very essential.

     The second climax of the chorus was coming, and Luo Yiming let the harmony in."Harmony, one by one." Liang Qiaobo commanded.

     The four harmonized musicians entered the harmony process one by one in accordance with the main melody.

     Two people!

     There are three people now.

     All four have entered the harmony!

     When the harmony came in, Luo Yiming was able to accurately distinguish how many people were singing the harmony.

     When all the harmonies are pushed in, the male and female voices are singing different parts, which can be distinguished.

     This allows everyone to exclaim in astonishment.

     This set of audio equipment is really amazing, even a non-professional player Luo Yiming can become a music expert.

     After harmonizing, Jin Zhiwen's singing gradually improved.


     Luo Yiming was the first to press the big red button, and the rest of the chairs also turned around.

     Jin Zhiwen saw the four chairs facing him, and his excited voice trembled.

     Although this is not a real game, the shock that the teachers brought to themselves in this four rounds is really quite scary.

     After singing finally, Jin Zhiwen held the microphone and stamped his feet excitedly.

     One is that he has never sang so cool.

     In addition, this set of audio equipment is great.

     It is exciting to be able to sing here.

     After the audition, no doubt, all doubts disappeared.

     The audio equipment, camera, stage lighting, and the entire experience of the good sound competition process of China Good Sound are all luxury music packages that are not available in the entertainment industry and TV stations today.

     Luo Yiming got up from the chair and walked towards Jin Zhiwen slowly."The singer recommended by Mr. Liu Huan is really good, Jin Zhiwen, good voice welcomes you to join."

     "I think you should be able to get the quota for the sea election through train. What do you think?"

     Luo Yiming turned to look at Liang Qiaobo and Liu Zhuo.

     The two nodded frequently, "Jin Zhiwen can appear in the first place in a certain scene. I think his song is crazy about love can shock the four mentors."

     Luo Yiming said: "Then, we will officially welcome Jin Zhiwen to join. Director Liang, you can work with Zhiwen about the adaptation of his song, and strive to record it more beautifully than today's version."

     Liang Qiaobo nodded with a serious face: "Okay, I will definitely make Jin Zhiwen's singing a hot spot for a good sound show."

     "In addition..." After thinking of something, Luo Yiming added: "This song is called love crazy, do you have a girlfriend? If so, you can sing this song to your girlfriend, I think The effect will be better when it is broadcast."

     Story, there must be a story.

     When Luo Yiming said, Liang Qiaobo understood it.
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