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206 Chapter 205, The First Recording Begins (this Chapter Can Be Ordered)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Jin Zhiwen and her girlfriend Jin Lan fell in love in college.

     After Jin Zhiwen graduated in 2002, Jin Lan followed him to Beijing Development.

     The two have been in love for six years. They have been together for six years, stand by (sb). To be honest, Jin Zhiwen himself intends to sing this song to his girlfriend.

     After the Jin Zhiwen audition is completed, all the acceptance is over.

     However, Luo Yiming did not stop work at this time.

     According to the plan, the first issue of "The Voice of China" can be recorded here in five days.

     But there's some left questions, Luo Yiming wants to discuss with Liang Qiaobo.

     The two went to the lounge connected to the theater. In the lounge, Luo Yiming pushed a notebook he had prepared in front of Director Liang.

     "In the past two days, I have been studying the songs of these students. In the first four songs, I want to choose the classic songs of each of the four instructors, so I must burst."

     "As a tribute to the performance of the instructor, among all the students, I look at the four of them, Tan Weiwei, Ping An, Bi Xia and Yang Zongwei."

     "I chose a song from the instructors for them. What I need Teacher Liang to cooperate with is to complete the arrangement of these four songs. These songs are Tan Weiwei's singing of Teacher Liu Huan and cannot do without you."

     "Ping'an has never left before singing teacher Lin Zhixuan."

     "Bi Xia sings Tian Zhen's wind and rain, Resounding Rose."

     "Yang Zongwei sang teacher Haring's spring mud."

     "Four songs, I hope the teacher can send them to them tomorrow night. The day before the recording, I will personally ask them to accept the songs."

     Liang Qiaobo was a little blinded again.According to Luo Yiming, the good voice of China is not fair to all players.

     The traces of this production are too heavy, and once it is broadcast, it will definitely provoke attacks from the media.

     Luo Yiming knew what Liang Qiaobo was talking about before he even spoke. He said, "Teacher Liang, after these four students have finished singing, I will appear on the stage, indicating that this is a tribute to the instructor.

     "And China's Good Voice's competition system, competition rules, 4 plus 1 model, I will officially inform Chinese friends across the country at that time."

     Yes indeed.

     When Luo Yiming mentioned the 4 plus 1 model, Liang Qiaobo remembered it, as if the entire theater renovation, including the swivel chairs, had prepared four.

     So, where is this fifth mentor?

     "Oh, did Grid leave out your important mentor?" Liang Qiaobo said.

     "No, Teacher Liang. My tutor is naturally not at the same level as the first four. But speaking of it, my existence is also quite important."

     "A good show, an excellent host is very important, whether it is a variety show or a music show, there must be a host present."

     "The Voice of China, what I want to create is an inspirational music program. Where the four instructors are not sensational enough, I will naturally appear. And Teacher Fang has already prepared a position for me on the stage."

     "When you are recording the show, you will know that for the time being we will keep everyone secret."

     Luo Yiming said that Liang Qiaobo was even more curious.

     Good Voice of China, he originally thought he had mastered the whole process.But the existence of Luo Yiming, the fifth mentor, is a mystery to the good voice of China.

     It seemed that only Luo Yiming and Fang Ge knew the truth of the matter.

     "Teacher Liang, please trouble you to get these four songs. Four days later, I will find four singers to accept them."

     During a short meeting.

     Luo Yiming's Guanyuan Theater also welcomed guests.

     Chu Lanlan had already practiced the song of sorrow, she wanted to sing it again with Luo Yiming.

     Chu Lanlan is wearing a white sleeveless chiffon dress today, embroidered with a plum blossom of grow branches and scatter leaves on her right chest.

     When Luo Yiming just came out of the lounge, he happened to have a confrontation with Chu Lanlan.

     A little embarrassed, Chu Lanlan chuckled, closing the tips of her hair and said: "I...I came today to tell you that I learned your song. I just sorrow."

     Chulanlan was two years older than Luo.

     It is Luo Yiming's sister.

     But speaking of maturity, Luo Yiming and Chu Lanlan have a common language, and Luo Yiming's calmness can easily give Chu Lanlan a good impression.

     Teacher Liang was still behind and mistakenly regarded Chu Lanlan as Luo Yiming's girlfriend. Liang Qiaobo waved away and made Luo Yiming a little uneasy.

     "Have you learned?" Luo Yiming said after Teacher Liang walked away.

     "Yes, the song "Li Renshou" has to say, it's so nice. I never thought that adding opera into pop music can be so charming."

     "Hehe, in fact, the attractive ones are still to come..." Luo Yiming's good Chinese voice must not be the Chinese good voice copied from the Dutch version in his previous life.With his public praise of who is a hero and a big name, Luo Yiming will genuinely prove what the good voice of China is on the stage of good voice in China.

     What kind of voice is worthy of being called the good voice of China.

     "Could it be that you wrote a song again?" Chu Lanlan looked at Luo Yiming suspiciously.

     ", if I write songs so fast, am I not a song maker? It's just that I recently got a little inspiration in this aspect of music." Luo Yiming made excuses for himself.

     "Oh, I thought you were writing a song again. Did you know, I was sorrowful and I was confident that my instructor would choose me, but after joining the instructor team, I was a opera singer, and it was dangerous.

     The second round of Voice of China is the pk in the group.

     The instructor chooses the same song pk.

     No one can sing opera, so Chulanlan sings popular.

     An opera and pop singer is better than popular singing.

     Chu Lanlan is not dead.

     "Lan Lan, if you don't want to die, it's not a completely without way. For example, I am the chief director of this show. I can accept a little bit of unspoken rules."

     Luo Yiming's eyes blinked and he looked up and down Chu Lanlan in a chiffon skirt.

     Chu Lanlan hugged her shoulders in a hurry with those slightly wretched eyes.

     "You... What are you doing?"

     "It's said that if a man has money, he has the right to go bad. You don't seem to be the Luo Yiming I know."


     Watch Chu Lanlan become a little sheep get trampled on in seconds.Luo Yiming chuckled: "Fuck off, where did you want to go, I mean, you can invite me to dinner, and invite me to watch a movie. If I am happy, and inspiration comes, I will write you another song, and you may survive ."

     "Eating, watching a movie?"

     Chu Lanlan is single, this is really ok.

     "Then I invite you to dinner? Guide Luo."

     Luo Yiming was joking, even if Chu Lanlan invited him, Luo Yiming didn't have time to eat.

     A team of more than one hundred people took over two months to prepare.

     The initial investment of 50 million yuan has turned into a big stall, and TV peers across the country are staring at oneself, and the mango channel next door can't wait for its ratings to hit the street.

     The big exam is about to take place in a few days. How could Luo Yiming be in the mood to go to dinner?

     "You don't need to invite me. After the first issue of The Voice of China is widely acclaimed, I invite you."

     Chu Lanlan rolled the eyes, she knew that Luo Yiming was kidding her again.

     It seems that his future fate on the show depends on Luo Yiming.

     No way, as an opera singer, Chu Lanlan really doesn't like pop music.

     Say something okay.

     The two are go separate ways again.

     On June 15, Luo Yiming completed the final audition for the four singers.

     On the 16th, "The Voice of China" ushered in the first phase of recording.
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