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208 Chapter 207, The Fifth Instructor (Let’s Post It Now)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"It's been a long time, friends."

     Many of the talented fans come from the Sandwich Support Team.

     After leaving the Mango Channel, Luo Yiming has no new shows. Last month, the big names came to the Mango Channel to end.

     Luo Yiming can be said to be vanish without trace on the screen for a month.

     The audience supported him so much and gave him high-five cheers, and Luo Yiming felt that the glory of the host had returned!

     Producers and directors are both honors behind the scenes, but only the presenter can enjoy the present compliment on stage.

     Whenever the applause and cheers rise, there will be a kind of pride, a kind of honorless glory in the heart.

     Luo Yiming likes this kind of feeling.

     "Over two months of preparation, the Voice of China finally eliminated all difficulties to meet with you. The next step is to officially start recording. Please cooperate and call out the name of our sponsor."

     "Pepsi is my sponsor. "Break through the desire and dare to be the first" is the brand spirit of Pepsi, and I think this is also the spirit of our good voice in China."

     "So, I want to ask everyone to cooperate. I said breakthrough desire, Pepsi. You say dare to be the first, the voice of China. Is it okay?"


     The ad word is domineering.

     The audience loved it.

     Luo Yiming returned to his serious face and shouted into the camera: "Break through the desire, Pepsi!"

     "Dare to be the first, the voice of China!"

     The audience shouted loudly, being led by Luo Yiming's high-pitched voice, dare to be the first, the slogan of China's good voice sounded in the theater.The enthusiastic opening electronic music sounded in the next second, the lights flickered, and the studio instantly became a splendid stage.

     "The global Chinese audience and overseas audiences, hello everyone, this is the world's first inspirational music talent show."

     "I've been exploring a show that really uses sound to measure players, how can it be done? Throw away looks, body, and appearance. Use sound to reach the audience's heart."

     "Just a few months ago, I thought about it. A purely music show, this stage, only uses voice to talk about heroes. So there is a good voice in China."

     "On the stage, there are four revolving seats. On these four chairs, there will be senior music instructors in the Chinese music scene to choose a truly good sound for us."

     "Below, let's welcome the owner of the chair, four big coffee mentors, they are Teacher Liu Huan.

     Luo Yiming deliberately lengthened his tone.

     After calling out Teacher Liu Huan, many people in the audience were still mouth opened wide in surprise.

     With braids and a slightly blessed figure, Liu Huan walked up with a smile, thanked everyone for your support in applause, and finally sat down on the chair with his name, there was a grand general style.

     "Teacher Tian Zhen!"

     Tian Zhen has her unique and atmospheric dance steps, energetic and bustling, which are related to her personality.

     An exquisite red evening dress is the latest model of Peacebird women's clothing.

     It also heralds the good voice of China tonight, and a good start.

     "Next, Teacher Haring!"The little Asian king Haring is responsible for making things funny and adjusting the atmosphere. On the stage of the good voice of China, Luo Yiming also needs the interaction of Teacher Haring with him.

     Harlem waved his hands to greet everyone with a bright smile and rock gestures in his hands, full of activity.

     "Bull nose. Harlem is here."

     "Yes, Taipei singer. It seems that the good voice has done his homework."

     "I like it very much Mr. Haring's love song."

     "It's too much, isn't it f4?"


     "Finally, please, Teacher Lin Zhixuan!"

     The audience was shocked again.

     Lin Zhixuan, who sings the single love song.

     Is he here too?

     Lin Zhixuan is very pious and shows strong self-cultivation. He put his hands together on the field and nodded all the way to thank the audience.

     After all the four tutors were seated, amidst the cheers and whistles of the audience, Luo Yiming continued: "Tonight, there is another unqualified tutor who will appear next to the four music tutors. He will accompany the four Chinese music tutors. The senior mentor of Tan looks for a real good voice."

     "Another one, who is it?" The audience looked forward to it.

     Unqualified tutor.

     What a stalk.

     When the audience was curious, beside the four swivel chairs, there was a mechanical creak, and then a big hole slid on the floor, and a simple wooden chair slowly rose out of the stage.

     This chair is the four-legged red chair made at home. It has a backrest, but there's nothing about it. Other processing, all wood.

     Compared with the four chairs next to it, it was a humble one.

     puff.A viewer sprayed directly.

     Because this picture is a bit too bleak.

     The four instructors couldn't hold back either. Although they knew this stalk, Luo Yiming was too funny.

     In order to conceal everyone, Luo Yiming did not come up with this plan during the acceptance. Only he and Fang knew about this.

     Therefore, including the band and staff members, they are all very impressed to see this scene.


     "So, who is the owner of this chair?"

     After Luo Yiming turned off the microphone, he simply inserted it into his trouser pocket, and walked towards the chair. The feeling of cheapness suddenly made the audience laugh heartily.

     "It's Brother Ming."

     "Sure enough, it is him. I know from the shape of this chair that he enjoys such a good chair."

     "From my visual observation, the fraud of this chair is 80 yuan."

     "I heard people say that the four chairs the teachers sit on are 800,000 yuan, eighty yuan and 800,000 yuan chairs, really different."

     The audience had a lively discussion.

     But Luo Yiming smiled and didn't feel the difference in his chair.

     Sitting down, Luo Yiming was full of Ah Q's spirit: "Have you noticed that my chair has an advantage, he just can't turn. In other words, when all the students sing, I can see them intuitively. "

     With Luo Yiming's innocent and innocent expression, he didn't arrogant for half a second. Haring said: "But have you noticed another problem? Your chair doesn't have a button. In other words, you can't choose if you see it."


     The audience was happy again.Putting Luo Yiming there, you can only see if you can't choose, this tutor is too bad.

     "..." Luo Yiming nodded and shook the head again, whether he can choose or not, at what time can choose, this will not know until the show starts.

      has to say, the opening Luo Yiming brings back the familiar feeling in his show, humorous, funny, include impromptu comic material in opera performance, and Luo Yiming's sensational and inspirational.

     Although there is still not seen this aspect, the good Chinese voice is called inspirational music talent show. Naturally, Luo Yiming's deep and affectionate style will continue to develop.

     This is probably another conscience show that people look forward to and follow.

     Let's get started, Director Luo.

     All the audience at the scene shouted to start the show, Luo Yiming made a funny sentence, isn't the show already started, let everyone the whole room roaring with laughter.

     Putting away the funny face, Luo Yiming picked up the microphone again: "The world premiere of "Pepsi, The Voice of China", now officially...begins!"
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