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209 Chapter 208, The First Four Turns? Singing With Life
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The lights flickered, and the chairs of the four instructors turned back to face the auditorium.

     Luo Yiming is facing the stage.

     The audience burst into the warmest cheers.

     This show’s 4 plus 1 tutor lineup is impressive.

     The show is very creative.

     I don’t know how the students’ abilities are.

     The audience in the studio was looking forward to the discussion. It took a while before a girl opened the door and walked in, and the first player appeared!

     This girl is tall.

     They are also very pretty.

     He has short hair, big eyes, exquisite appearance, and a silver necklace on his chest, which gives a sense of fashion.

     After taking the stage, the audience immediately cheered.

     The four instructors can't see the players at the moment. They don't even know whether they are male or female. Relatively speaking, they are relatively calm.

     Luo Yiming will be busy signaling everyone to be quiet.

     The song Tan Weiwei wants to sing is the song of her instructor Liu Huan, and this song is arranged to be the first to sing, and this song has a different energy.

     It is precisely able to interpret the spirit of a good voice from songs.

     Luo Yiming is very nervous, it can be said that he is even more nervous than Tan Weiwei.

     Whether or not this song can be sung well is too critical for the recording of this issue.

     Luo Yiming made Tan Weiwei steady and stood in the center of the stage, the latter was really worried.

     Yesterday, what Director Luo said to her was still in his ears. This song is a song that cannot be sung without you, but it is a kind of life.

     A tortuous life.Too many stories, put in this song, sing out my own life feelings, sing out the audience’s tears, and sing out the audience’s past.

      grand and magnificent, straight to the heart.

     Tan Weiwei shoulders too many missions.

      Takes a deep breath, closes the eyes, Tan Weiwei uses the method Luo said, trying to recall the ups and downs and difficulties encountered in the process of growing up.

     In 1998, he was admitted to the Music Faculty and studied under Lanka Dolma.

     In 1999, he was awarded the title of Top Ten Singers in Sichuan.

     In 2000, the five cities singer contest gold medal.

     In 2002 and 2003, he also won awards in the field of singing.

     But even if she wins the prize every year, she is still neither hot nor cold. As the only daughter in the family, her parents think singing ignoring one's duties.

     In fact, until this year, the money Tan Weiwei made from singing was just as much as her parents said, better than going to work.

      From childhood to maturity encountered injustice, singing without a good voice, but no chance to bloom. Good voice of China, I must sing this song well.

     Turning sideways, Tan Weiwei nodded towards the band teacher.

     Liang Qiaobo gave her a hint, and the singing began immediately.

     The drum sticks lightly hit the hi-hat and the piano sounded slowly.

     This is a very soothing music.

     Tan Weiwei held the microphone in her hand, closes the eyes, and sang.

     "You opened your arms...melted me/"

     The voice was very soft, like clouds floating in the sky, but with just this sentence, the expressions of Tian Zhen and Teacher Liu Huan changed.

     Because this song is exactly the song composed by Liu Huan.And this song, low in the front and high in the back, is very difficult to sing. The voice is very young, and the two senior tutors are not sure she can sing well.

     "You crumbled me with your fingertips"

     The voice is still low.

     "You instigated the situation to take me away/"

     The energy in the sound was released little by little, and it seemed as if the pushing force could be felt in the calm, like the waves before the tide.

     After singing three sentences, the expressions of the four instructors have also changed.

     If the pure accompaniment just makes them feel shocked, then the girl's pure voice, after singing the previous few sentences, can hear that the girl's strength is not simple.

     "It's fine." Tian Zhen said to Teacher Liu Huan.

     Liu Huan, who wears a black peaked cap, has not replied. He has been in the music. He knows that the difficulty of this song lies in the chorus.

     That is, the following sentence can be heard, the ability of the singer.

     After Tan Weiwei sang the third sentence, her eyes opened, her hands suddenly squeezed, and her body squatted slightly, and the voice came from her throat.

     "You made waves and abandoned me"

     The voice in front was still relatively low, and Tan Weiwei's voice broke out completely when this sentence was sung to the word I who abandoned me.

     The long sound is like a volcano about to erupt from the bottom of the sea, the agitation contained in the calm, and the hoarse shouting sings out all his past years.

     A suffocating sound.

     It broke out suddenly.

     Both of us...too unfair/When my wife and my wife sang unfairly, the sound of the front low and the high back, coupled with the drumbeat of the live band, came out in a sudden ups and downs, and was interpreting the abandoned angry shout.

     A piece of gold that has been buried in the sand for too long, but today see the light again, shining brightly. Tan Weiwei will prove that I can, I can do it.

     The body curled up into a ball, Tan Weiwei had to carry the high pitch to the end.

     Love and hate/

     All controlled by you/

     But today/

     I can't do without you/

     Regardless of you/

     Do you love me

     Tan Weiwei is somewhat hoarse but full of tenacity, and some low but passionate metal-like female voice rises again, like a howling wind and torrential rain.

     Every note in her voice is like a bomb, bombarding the listener's ears.

     The twisted faces, the ugly bodies curled up together, the song tearing the heart and rending the lungs must have the story of tearing the heart and rending the lungs.

     When the audience heard this, tears didn't feel like they started to roll in their eyes.

     After years of washing and grinding, how many promises follow the wind, and how many past events are carved in chrome.

     The one he used to be, he didn't know where and where. The promise is inseparable from you, and it is destined to be humble.

     "It sounds good."

     "She is a singer with a story. Every singer who has been truly loved by music will say without regret: ‘I can’t live without you, whether you love me or not!’

     "'You control love and hate', this line of lyrics is too painful." A girl's tears flowed out.

     From Tan Weiwei's singing, she heard not only the song, but the despair of life.words exceede 5100After turning the swivel chair, Harlem, Lin Zhixuan and Teacher Tian Zhen can listen to songs with another feeling.

     The song continued to sing, but until the second chorus was finished, Mr. Liu Huan still did not press the button.

     Luo Yiming knew that Mr. Liu Huan didn't press it because the song was his work, and the version performed by Tan Weiwei was the version of the previous Aunt Huang Qishan.

     This kind of singing is more tearing, more aphrodisiac, and more terrible.

     Can Mr. Liu Huan approve it?

     Do you like this interpretation?

     It is the key to whether he turns or not.

     "Turn, turn, turn."

     Tan Weiwei sang to the end, and what slowly flowed in the singing was the golden comprehension after the years passed. Although it was painful, she could comfort the audience.

     A lot of the audience’s tears have already flowed down, and they sincerely put their hands together in prayer, hoping that Teacher Liu Huan will turn around.

     In the lounge, Tan Weiwei's dad and mom kept yelling, not understanding her daughter, but they still came to watch the game.

     When they heard her daughter singing hysterically almost with her life, the parents' fists were also waving high in the air, shouting: "Turn! Turn! Turn!"
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