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211 Chapter 210, Rank 4 Students, One More
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

After hesitating for a long time between the two mentors, Tan Weiwei finally said: "I chose... Teacher Liu Huan!"

     In the end, Tan Weiwei chose the original singer of the song she sang, Teacher Liu Huan.

     Although I don't know if Teacher Liu Huan will be too serious, Tan Weiwei decided to follow him to study.

     Liu Huan thought there's nothing about it. Hearing that Tan Weiwei chose him, he won a good start.

     Rarely, he clenched his fists, screamed yes.

     Liu Huan got out of the chair, and saw the other instructors shaking their heads, disappointed.

     The audience applauded, the lights flickered, and the chorus accompaniment of "I Can't Leave You" sounded, and the celebration session arrived.

     Luo Xin has been directing the monitoring switch until Tan Weiwei walked into the lounge and hugged her parents.

     The joy, celebration, and touch of the whole journey were recorded by two cameras.

     "Yes, the effect of the first student is very good."

     "Continue to cheer the infield."

     In the monitor headphones, Luo Xin's voice came. Luo Yiming was on the stage, and the heart he had just suspended also fell.

     Tan Weiwei did not let him down. This girl can get the runner-up of Super Voice Girls, and she does have some strength in singing.

     Tan Weiwei's tears on the stage are still under control.

     But when I went backstage, when my father said sorry and held her in his arms, the latter’s tears were large and landed, basically unable to restrain.

     In the studio, the second player is about to debut.

     The four mentors turned around and were still discussing."Brother Huan, you have found the treasure. No matter who this student will confront in the future, he will be a strong enemy."

     Haring said: "The little girl really sings very well. A good voice is for such a player. I am looking forward to the next one."

     Luo Yiming smiled and said: "Brother Haring. The students with good voice are very powerful. But if you have not thought, students who behave too well, the four of you will definitely grab you die, I live."

     "If you don't want to use a strategy of robbing people, if there is no student to choose yourself after a match, then it will be embarrassing?"

     Harlem then realized: "Yes, the four of us will fight for outstanding students. If we can't fight, it means that someone else has taken away a strong opponent. What about the finals?"

     "Yi Ming, it seems that I really have to think of a little strategy."

     Haring and Luo Yiming's ridicule, the chairs of the four instructors have been turned back.

     Then the second student took the stage.

     As soon as this player appeared, the audience was the same exclamation as the previous one.

     With confidence, Liu Huan said, "Is it another girl? Soprano?"

     Tian Zhen agreed: "I think she looks very imposing. If she hadn't brought a group of relatives and friends, she would have been either a handsome guy or a beautiful woman."

     Harlem said with a bit of pain: "The audience can still see it. I suggest that the program team simply give each of us a blindfold so that we don't have to suffer so much."

     Lin Zhixuan silent, the last good voice player, he really wants to pull into his camp.

     However, despite his professional evaluation, Tan Weiwei chose Liu Huan.If this student is still a good student, Lin Zhixuan must grab it.

     When the music started, the prelude was not gentle and graceful.

     Rush, the electronic sound effects have some rock music style.

     When the other three instructors were still listening carefully, Lin Zhixuan's ears suddenly moved, and his fingers were lifted slightly, and he heard it. This song...

     "I have loved and lost the sweet and astringent taste of love/"

     "Get rid of the trick of fate/"

     "I know what I want/"

     After singing it out, Harlem extends a finger to Lin Zhixuan next to him.

     This song is called Never Leave, and it is the song "isurrender" sung by Lin Zhixuan's Celine Dion.

     This song is difficult to sing, how high the treble part is, it has reached a4.

     The sound of a4 is beyond the "Glorious Years" in "Today there is only the remaining shell" in the word [的] is a4.

     Lin Zhixuan never left this song, but there were many a4 high notes.

     The female voice and child voice have higher vocal tract and throat, so when CD is singing this song, her high pitch is enough.

     Lin Zhixuan sang this song. His tune removed the physical differences between men and women. The two versions are on the key.

     It can be roughly determined to be the same level of difficulty.

     After Lin Zhixuan covered the song, it became popular again in Taipei.

     When Harlem pointed at Lin Zhixuan, the latter became cold.

     He was wondering what kind of young man it was that he dared to challenge his song and never left.When Ping An got this song, he was initially repellent, because he didn't think he could sing this song well.

     Although I have never complained in front of Director Luo, I talked to Teacher Liang Qiaobo about arrangement, timbre, and volume, and called Ping An very painful every day.

     This song does not mention the version of Lin Zhixuan.

     Why doesn't Ping'an know that the original version of this song will have contestants choose this song as the repertoire for almost all American auditions.

     Including kellycrkson among American idols.

     In this version of Teacher Lin Zhixuan, he has the highest quality high range at the height of a4, so the whole song teacher is still very proud.

     It's not anyhow that a singer can sing a4, even if it does, the high pitch of several places is kept at a4, which is terrible.

     Until the day of the final audition, Ping An and Luo Yiming met.

     When Director Luo said that emotion and volume could be used to supplement the lack of treble, Ping An found the correct way to open this song for him.

     Today, whether we can succeed or not depends on now.

     Singing a few sentences in front, the opening is the sound of nature, making all the instructors including Lin Zhixuan amazed.

     Lin Zhixuan heard this young man's voice thicker than his own in the monitor headphones. In fact, one of his shortcomings as a singer is that his voice is relatively thin.

     This makes it impossible to perform some very grand and magnificent songs.

     I haven't left, because of its thinness, it lacks the impact of volcanic eruption.

     Lin Zhixuan is looking forward to it and expects this young man to do it."I look at the mountains in the distance but miss the turning intersection/"

     "Turn back suddenly realized that you were waiting for me and I never left/"

     "I look for the end of the sea but ignore the winding river/"

     "When I a boat going against the current /"

     The chorus of the first paragraph is here.

     At first, Ping An's voice was quite steady, the warm love song, the ups and downs were flat, like running water.

     At the beginning of the second paragraph, his voice was indeed as expected by Lin Zhixuan. His voice became thicker, and it began to bring excitement in the flat.

     Finally, when I sang where I was a boat going against the current, all the emotions were in place.

     The sound is not broken.

     There is no noise.

     There is no tremor.

     The performance is perfect!


     Tian Zhen was the first to take another photo, i-ant-you turned on the lights, she turned around expectantly to wait to see the players.

     Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a cute bald head, handsome, and indeed handsome.

     But because he was singing the high notes, his distortion and hideous appearance made Tian Zhen feel a bit scary.

     Ping An didn't care who the chair was turning around. He was still in emotion, and his voice rose again by an octave.

     "You walk with me by my side/"

     Lin Zhixuan raised his hand and wanted to shoot, but as I walked with me, Ping An didn't choose to sing the high notes. Perhaps the boy was afraid of breaking the sound, and he still had concerns in music.

     Lin Zhixuan put his hand down again.

     "Turn around."

     The audience shouted and turned.

     Finally, as Teacher Lin Zhixuan didn't press the button, there was a loss.From the point of view of the audience, this song, sung like this, is super awesome.

     "Ikno I am too rich because love satisfies all/"

     "Every loophole in your life, you will fill the seams with sincerity/"

     "Rightno from this moment I want to hold you in my arms/"

     "I will sing an exclusive love song for you with double tenderness/"

     "Please listen to me/"

     Crazy, sing crazy!

     In Tian Zhen's eyes, the picture he saw was a boy who has been singing crazy in the world of music.

     He was on stage, completely letting himself go.

     It can be said to be hands dance and feet trip.

     The second chorus rises up again, and Ping An accompanies me this time to walk the four-character word, no longer a falling tone, but a rising tone.

     The long tone did not drop in tone, but the supporting voice climbed higher and higher. Finally, his treble reached a4, which was infinitely close to the original version of Teacher Lin Zhixuan.

     Teacher Lin Zhixuan is an admirer of live singing. Sometimes when the state is not good, Lin Zhixuan can't sing this sound on the spot.

     But the young man just sang like this, his voice was thicker than his own.


     Lin Zhixuan would definitely grab this student with this sound.

     He can't wait.

     Press the red button directly!

     "Returned, Teacher Lin Zhixuan turned." The audience said excitedly.

     But just half a second later, Teacher Liu Huan and Teacher Haring pressed the red button at the same time.

     Then, almost not bad, the three chairs rotated towards Ping An.

     "Four turns, four turns."The treble is not over, and a pleasant journey of sound continues.

     "Happiness and anger, sorrow and joy, those who bind me are no longer a baby/"

     "Let my world be happy with you as the axis, you are happy and sad, you are sad/"

     "Great, this sound."

     Luo Yiming couldn't help standing up and applauding for Ping An.

     In the next second, Liu Huan, Lin Zhixuan, Harlem, and Tian Zhen are all stopped/stood.

     The third chorus, come on.

     Luo Yiming was in the position of instructor, and he was sung by Ping An to be fired up. What is rare is that this is the first time that Ping An has sang so steady and domineering in the a4 high range.

     This version, with the exception of some flaws in the breath change, is more explosive and impact stronger than Teacher Lin Zhixuan's version.


      hard to believe.

     When the third chorus, Ping An finished singing perfectly, after the whole song was over, the four instructors stood there and did not respond for a long time.

     The audience are also stupid.

     I was sung by the students in a daze, stupid.

     How enchanting is the interpretation of Ping An's song, is already unable to find out.
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