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212 Chapter 211, Chinese Good Tongue Advertising, 23 Concerts
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Vitas's high pitch is actually false, and he can sing the p4 combination.

     Over the years, he has persisted in his music dream.

     But the road to music was not easy. The band later disbanded due to practical reasons, and only Ping An was still making music.

     Today I can be recognized by five mentors.

     Ping'an was naturally excited.

     This turn around is the greatest affirmation for his so many years of hard work in the singing career.

     Ping'an can't calm down. Teacher Liu Huan will say: "This song, I heard it live when Celine Dion was singing in Las Vegas."

     "British singer Nickifrench released a dance version of this song in 2004."

     "Polish singer edytagorniak also sang a Polish version of this song, called list."

     "Furthermore, it is our teacher Lin Zhixuan at the scene. He has never left the Chinese version of his singing."

     "No matter which version, this song is very, very difficult to sing. When I listened to this song, my heart was tugging. But Ping'an, you are done."

     "In your singing, there's almost nothing about it. The treble is very beautiful. I think your version is comparable to Lin Zhixuan's."

     Liu Huan directly gave a fairly high evaluation.

     Using Teacher Lin Zhixuan to compare with Ping An, the audience cheered.

     Originally not calm, hearing Teacher Liu Huan's praise, Ping An's mood on stage became even more complicated.

     Teacher Lin Zhixuan was named. He was lightly smiled. It's time to talk about his views on this song."Ms. Liu Huan gave a good evaluation. This version of yours is beyond my expectations. I can give you a score of ninety points with a perfect score of 100!"

     "If you show this song to ordinary people, you will feel that it is a pure repetition of music. At first glance, it sounds nothing special. But this song is actually very beautiful, psychedelic and changeable."

     "From the weird and changeable electronic sound effects to the interpretation of traditional rock music styles, the chorus part changes every time.

     "To perform the changes, we use our chest. High-quality strong chest sounds will make the song resounding powerful."

     "Your chest voice is thicker. At this point, just say that you have to surpass me as a condition to sing this song."

     "So, in the part where you sing, some places are more explosive and penetrating."

     "However, there are some problems with your breath and breath. There's some left support. The traces of your technique are too heavy, and the listener's sensory experience is not optimal."

     "But... if you come to me, I can tell you how to sing such a song more shockingly."


     At the front, it's quite inspirational.

     It's kind of people must be looked at with new eyes.

     Can last sentence.


     It's all routines.

     Before, I said a lot of professional things, and in the end, I said the key to grab people.

     As soon as the conversation changed, Tian Zhen said: "Teacher Lin, I think you are very hostile. I really thought you were critically commenting. I didn't expect that you finally turned on. It was very subtle.

     puff.Lin Zhixuan said, "I don't dare to be a mentor if I don't have any talent these years."

     Luo Yiming smiled and said: "Since ancient times, comments have been so lonely, only the routines can get students. Teacher Tian Zhen, you are the first to press each time, but every time you press it, it ends. You are too weak to grab someone."

     Tian Zhen said boldly: "Yes. Yiming, or else, if you join my robbing team, you can't rob anyway."

     "It seems... very reasonable." Luo Yiming said teasingly.

     Everyone is ridiculing.

     Harlem can’t wait any longer. He has already missed Tan Weiwei. This Ping’an definitely wants to catch: "Actually, I really hesitate to take this shot. To be honest, you sang this song to Teacher Lin Zhixuan, so maybe you Will choose him."

     "But why I filmed it? You sang so well that moved me."

     "Since I want you to choose me, then I'll talk about how I like you, to the extent that somewhere."

     "I will hold a concert in Taipei next month. This year, I will hold 22 concerts in the Mainland. If you choose me, you are me 23 concert's guests."



     Harlem zoomed in.

     23 concerts.

     Luo Yiming pounced and laughed.

     Isn't it 32 games?

     Isn’t it the 32 games of Teacher Yang Kun?

     When the miscellaneous comes to you, it becomes 23 games.

     But I vaguely remember, as if you by no means 23 concert's thing.

     Harlem must use this gimmick to attract students. Speaking of 23 concerts, Ping An was really moved.

     Being a guest at the instructor’s concert is really quite interesting.The audience will help Harlem grab Ping An.

     23 concert's stalks were successfully activated.

     "I still said that, come to me, I will make your voice more attractive." Lin Zhixuan said.

     Luo Yiming said: "Ping'an, you must follow your own heart to make choices, well, it's time for you to make a decision."

     Lin Zhixuan and Luo Yiming's words made Ping An calm down again.

     "I have made a decision, thanks to Teacher Haring for preparing me for 23 concerts, but... I still choose my favorite teacher Lin Zhixuan."


     The feeling of winning is very good.

     Lin Zhixuan put the palms together before one to express his gratitude.

     Ping An also walked over to greet his celebration moment.

     Waiting for Ping'an to leave and meet and hug his mother, the photographer recorded the excited expressions of the mother and the son, and created a warm and inspirational scene.

     After the front two groups of players, Luo Yiming stopped the recording of the show.

     Luo Xin needs to communicate with the instructors about what the contestants will say in the next contest.

     For example, what is your dream?

     Luo Yiming also went to the next door at this time to record the first issue of the "Chinese Good Tongue" commercial.

     In the advertisement of the good tongue, Luo Yiming once again played at a super high level during the Northern Group.

     After shooting the commercial, Luo Yiming also did a psychological dredging work for the stage fright 16-year-old girl Bi Xia.

     Back on the stage of good sound, Bi Xia and Yang Zongwei followed on stage one after another. Both students sang songs to pay tribute to their instructors, after Harlem successfully snatched Yang Zongwei who sang Chunni.The audience was puzzled.

     "Is this show previewed in advance? Why is it that all the songs of the tutor are sung, and the tutor was selected in the end?"

     "Yes, the players are too strong, they are ordinary players, or already famous singers."

     "They met the mentor before, didn't they?"

     The singing of Good Voice students is a major highlight of the program, but Luo Yiming never thinks that this is just a music program. Paying tribute to the tutor is actually a tribute to the classic music.

     It's time for Luo Yiming to lift everyone's doubts.
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