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213 Chapter 212, A Tribute To The Classics In The Name Of Music
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"Now the four instructors have a student of their own, and all four students have chosen the teacher's song to sing."

     "The Voice of China, now the real start!"


     Luo Yiming's words made the audience almost bewildered.

     what's the situation.

     Could it be said that the four students in front were really for show, not good-voicing students.

     Everyone was puzzled. Luo Yiming had moved from the chair to the center of the stage, holding the microphone and facing the camera.

     Luo Yiming has a face and a figure, and it is no exaggeration to say that he is a highlight of the show.

     In such a column, Luo Yiming must sublimate and improve his value.

     The good voice of China, his host, must be characteristic.

     "Actually, the four songs of the four students were arranged in advance by our program group." Luo Yiming said neither too fast nor too slow.


     With this sentence, the audience was in an uproar.

     "Sure enough, it was rehearsed. My heart was broken."

     "Yi Ming, you can tell this, his show is really different from other people's routines."

     "Give the songs to the players, arrange everything well, rehearse n times, and let them sing. But we thought it was these singers who were so formidable, and felt cheated."

     How many four mentors know a little.

     But the real reason, the four instructors were also puzzled.While everyone was complaining, Luo Yiming continued: “The Voice of China music program is not only a process of amateur players chasing their dreams, but also a journey for students to learn from teachers, pay tribute to teachers, and pay tribute to classic music."

     "When you hear such a charming singing, you will be intoxicated in the music. Being touched by the music, we hope that you will be grateful for the music and for the musicians who work hard for the music."

     "So, the show deliberately selected these four songs. In addition to paying tribute to the four instructors, it is also a tribute to all the good music and classic music."

     "The Voice of China is to provide a mainstream stage for people to truly hear these outstanding works, and at the same time to recognize these lovely and respectable musicians behind the music."

     "Ms. Haring’s spring mud, when we listened to it, we felt that we were walking in the spring breeze~ After the rain, the fragrance of the soil soaring high into the air, and people’s thoughts flowed soothingly, as if the morning sun was bathed with dew, and the stream was gurgling, fragrant Green grass, the remote village is faint, making people feel peaceful, quiet and peaceful...

     "Ms. Lin Zhixuan's never left the middle string music gently rippling, as if coming from a distant horizon, suddenly the string music flew in the highest range under the pluck of the wind instrument, soft and graceful, especially the high range continued The sound of the music makes people soft and heartfelt, the most affectionate, giving people a feeling that this song is only in the sky."

     "Tian Zhen's "Rainbow Rainbow, Resounding Rose" has sung many people's hearts. I seem to have seen women's football, women's volleyball girls, fighting for medals, who says that women are inferior to men. A song full of positive energy. Songs can bring energy to this society very many very many.""Teacher Liu Huan can't do without you. It's like the first time I listened to Zart's "The Wedding of Figaro" by Andy in "Shawshank's Redemption."

     "The holy and high-pitched high-pitched voice pierced the clouds and cracked the silk, and was stunned by the people who have been imprisoned for a long time. The feeling of beauty, the desire for freedom, and the yearning for fairness are the same for each person.

     "People look up at the blue and boundless sky, beautiful feelings drifting around with wonderful sounds, the camera slowly rises, shakes, and innumerable living beings are looking up in the square, so focused, so affectionate."

     "There are no criminals who are wicked beyond redemption, and there are no tyrannical prison guards. People return to equality and harmony. People find the ultimate and origin of life."

     "This is music. In the world of music, it is equal. Music can fill the world with truth, goodness and beauty, bring harmony and warmth to the family, and ease and relax everyone's soul."

     "Thanks to the music, but also to these musicians, so the Voice of China has just begun. We owe four mentors and the musicians of the band."

     "Then, Please allow me, on behalf of the good voice program group, thank them. Please also the audience friends at the scene to say something with me, teacher, you have worked hard."

     Everyone hadn't thought.

     Luo Yiming's so-called beginning is like this.

     Yes, good music overwhelming majority is created by people.

     Such beautiful music should give these musicians a little applause and thanks.

     There was applause.

     The cheers rose.Some audience members shouted that it was hard work. When thank you, the four instructors and the band teachers all stood up and thanked everyone.

     "Ms. Liang Qiaobo, can you let the band show us?"

     Luo Yiming gave the camera to the band area.

     Liang Qiaobo said: ‘Okay. "

     "Piano Liu Zhuo, guitar Luo Shan, Cannon."

     Liu Zhuo played the piano, Luo Shan, the captain of the Cobra Band played the guitar, and Canon began.

     A piece of classic music.

     Liang Qiaobo continued: "Drummer, guitarist, bassist, electronic music, beyond band Glorious Years."

     With the familiar music of Glorious Years sounded.

     The tear ducts of the audience were touched again.

     Beyond is the youth of a generation.

      Loving You, wide sea and sky, Glorious Years, endless emptiness, earth, when the music sounded, many people sang to the music.

     It seemed, as if I saw Jia Ju standing on the stage again, playing the guitar vigorously, shouting the sentence that after a lifetime of hesitation, confidence can change the future, and ask who can do it.

     At the end of the music, the applause was warm again.

     "Music is alive. Listening to your favorite music, your mood will follow every note. Music can change a person, it mobilizes people's emotions, and makes people vent their happiness and anger, sorrow and joy."

     "I miss Jiaju, miss the beyond, pay tribute to the classics. Maybe we will do a special music show in memory of the beyond."

     "Music is our common language for every person, quietly sharing the joy and relaxation that music brings to you. I think we are all the same.""The Voice of China, this musical journey, I hope that everyone can forget the sadness and pain."

     "Real fuse together with music."

     "Let's ask the next player to come on stage."

     Luo Yiming's show is still a familiar recipe and familiar taste.

     If initially, the audience did not smell the inspiration of this music show, which is different from other music talent shows.

     Ke Luo Yiming's tribute to music and the emotional grasp of tribute to classics suddenly sublimated the foundation of China's good voice.

     "Good-looking, good-looking."

     "I knew that Luo Yiming's program was not bad."

     "However, the first four players chose songs in advance, so how about the level of the first student who is really good voice?"

     "He won't be scumbag, is his standard ten blocks down?"

     "In that case, China's good voice might disappoint me."

     When the audience was discussing, Zhang Jie was already in a good mood.

     The shackles of the Shangteng entertainment company and their own snow storage will have to be resolved sooner or later.

     Participate in the competition first and let the instructor choose yourself.
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