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216 Chapter 214, How To Play Next (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Zhang Czech Republic contained his grief.

     Turn grief and anger into strength.

     Let his voice soar completely in the sky of music.

     "This is the real good voice, this is the real good singer."

     Luo Yiming said this sincerely and affectionately to the camera.

     He clenched fists, the camera captured this picture, and when it is broadcast, it will definitely infect many viewers.

     Harlem has not thought several times before, and must win a student.

     But Zhang Jie, his singing gave him impulse, that is, whatever the case, Zhang Jie must be snatched off.


     "I didn't understand until dawn/"

     "It's the tears confluence/"

     "This sea/"

     Zhang Jie sang perfectly the second chorus.

     After singing, Zhang Jie's tears flowed down.

     That singing that was close to breaking the sound became a pity on Zhang Jiehao's voice stage.

     He blames himself, he regrets, that is, as a Professional Singer(s), he took out some feelings that shouldn't interfere with his singing too much.

     Four turns.

     He felt ashamed.

     "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't sing well, I... I don't deserve the teachers four turns."

     Zhang Jie saw this stage very sacred, especially Luo Yiming's tribute to his tutor, and his words of tribute to classic music are still in his ears.

     Make him think that his singing is terrible.

     "No, Zhang Jie. You sing this song better than it was two years ago. Remember me?"Harlem interrupted the former, he directly called out Zhang Jie's name, which surprised the other instructors.

     "Harlem, do you know each other?" Tian Zhen asked first.

     "Yes, two years ago, in another show, I was a judge, and Zhang Jie was the champion of that competition."

     "Zhang Jie, if I didn't remember correctly, did you make the ep of this song?"

     It was originally a good memory, but reality is always unbearable to recall.

     "Yes, I've been out." Zhang Jie replied lightly.

     "You are already a professional singer, I am curious, why did you choose to have a good voice?"

     There is too much sadness in my heart. Since Zhang Jie has a good voice, he doesn’t want to hide it again: “Speak out, maybe you don’t believe me, the teacher. I have not sung in the year from 2005 to 2006. Any performance."

     "I became the forgotten person in music."

     "The good voice in China this time is because I want to continue to return to the stage and continue to use the voice on the stage to prove that I can. Prove that I can still sing."

     Harlem nodded and said, "You did it. About music, what is your dream?"

     Zhang Jiezhen has not thought this problem. Perhaps, he almost wanted to become a music successor in the Chinese music scene.

     However, he failed.

     He will be cautious and solemn this time.

     "My dream is now very simple. I can sing on the stage and enjoy the feeling of singing. Through singing, I will buy a suite for my parents and give the keys to them personally."

     Zhang Jie smiled.In 2007, Zhang Jie said these things when he participated in the fast boy competition.

     He is a filial and good boy, and he hopes that through his singing, "poor" families can live less hardship.

     "Very good. I like it very much your voice, clean and clear. In my team, I especially need your voice. I hope you can come to my team."

     Tian Zhen's eyes were red, and Haring started to grab someone. Tian Zhen said: "Your advantage is to sing love songs. Your feelings are very delicate. Therefore, Mr. Haring may not be suitable for you. I think you should find a female tutor. ."

     Tian Zhen was a little excited, and the audience would have questions. Luo Yiming asked hurriedly, "Tian Zhen, did you cry?"

     Lin Zhixuan confirmed: "She cried."

     Tian Zhen shook her head: "No."

     Harlem joked, "You have too dry eyes, right?"

     Tian Zhen not without reason: "In fact, for every song, listening to his lyrics is listening to the story. This song of the Big Dipper’s love, I didn’t hear the love and love, but I thought that I used to pursue music. The days of drifting."

     "My tears are not for you, but for my own. Every musician has experienced a bumpy ride. This is actually a gift for us to grow up."

     "I can't confuse the players with tears."

     "But you are really great."

     The atmosphere was a little sour, Luo Yiming smiled and said, "Teacher Tian Zhen, What do you know?! Is it called the tears of a crocodile?"

     "Yi Ming, I likened you to a crocodile." Liu Huan didn't think the excitement was too much.Tian Zhen said: "I don't know, I only know that my team needs you, Zhang Jie."

     The robbing has become fierce, and Haring realized at this time that the biggest rival was Tian Zhen.

     He not to be outdone said: "Zhang Jie, if you pay attention, you should know that I was the first to turn around by pressing the button. In fact, from the moment you speak, I can tell it is you."

     "I have 23 concerts this year..."


     "Here again?" Tian Zhen said sarcastically.

     Harlem is in deadly earnest: "But what I want to say is that the 23 concerts are not important. The important thing is that I want to take you through the world of music. In fact, you should know that the first part of the concert After the chorus, you have a pitch problem."

     "But what surprises me is that the treble behind you is not affected. After the timbre of the front is closed, the next treble can be completed so amazing."

     "I like it very much challenge, I want to make you a shining star on the good voice of China."

     "The fate that we missed in 2004, I believe, is God let us continue the fate today."

     "I said so much, you can consider the rest for yourself."

     Harlem has never been so focused and serious in the previous robbing sessions.

     Not only Zhang Jie himself was a little surprised, but the other instructors all saw that Harlem was really moving.

      "All right, Zhang Jie, choose, time arrived."

     Luo Yiming finally gave Zhang Jie the right to choose.

     I visited the four instructors, each of whom was a big man in the Chinese music scene, senior.No matter who he is with, Zhang Jie can learn the field he has not entered before.

     "I love music, and I think the meaning of music in my life is like the sun."

     "I used to be an optimistic person, but the silence of this year has burdened me with too much negative energy. I don't like myself like this. I need to change."

     "I need to be with a happy tutor who smells of the sun, I choose Teacher Haring."


     When Zhang Jie said happiness, the sun, Harlem had realized that it was himself.

     When his name was finally spoken, Harlem stopped/stood excitedly.

     The love music of Big Dipper sounded.

     Zhang Jie welcomes his celebration moment.

     In this scene, many live audiences were very happy and really happy for Zhang Jie.

     After Zhang Jie passed, ten more students appeared on stage, and the recording of the first episode did not end until 7 o'clock in the evening.

     Fifteen groups of trainees took turns playing, all trainees turned around and took nearly ten hours of recording. Except for the camera and the band, the trainers were the most tiring.

     Fifteen groups of students, the first five groups are all four turns, although the quality of the players behind is a little worse, but the sound is not enough to make up the story, and none of the students has nothing to watch.

     When it is officially broadcast, except for the order of the top four, the recording order of the remaining players will be disrupted.

     Luo Yiming stood on the stage and thanked the audience for their support: "All right, thanks for your hard work, everyone, please exit in an orderly manner under the guidance of the staff member!"

     The four instructors need to leave some additional footage.

     Make a perfection to this episode.But before the audience was finished, Luo Xin's voice came from the staff member monitoring channel: "Yi Ming, come to the security room, a media reporter took our recorded video!"
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