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218 Chapter 216 The Most Violent Counterattack
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Yiming gave Zhang Jie a dose of reassurance. He hoped that Zhang Jie could perform steadily in the next show without any mood swings.

     Teacher Haring’s team, Zhang Jie has the strength to win the first place. The final battle between him and Yang Zongwei in the team is estimated to be a major highlight of the show.

     After the first recording was completed, Luo Yiming recruited a team from neighboring countries that had participated in the production of variety shows, as well as Luo Xin's veterans, to be responsible for the editing of China Good Voice.

     Editing takes a few days, this time, and the promotion of good voice needs to be vigorously promoted.

     Pepsi’s naming fee has already made up 10 million, and Luo Yiming has spent several million to continue promoting it throughout the network.

     "Ace producer Luo Yiming 100 million to create the strongest inspirational music program in China!"

     "Following "The Big Name Is Coming", Luo Yiming once again attacked, "The Voice of China" hits heavily. On Friday, July 1st, the prime time, Zhejiang Satellite TV Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave !"

     "The four major mentors support "The Voice of China" and build the strongest voice team in China!"

     Similar news actually started bombing the media in early June.

     Now, Luo Yiming's advertising and promotion stream, the depth of various channels, has numbed the senses of ordinary people, and even a little bit of resistance to the positive publicity of the program.

     A music program created by 100 million yuan.

     What kind of show is this?

     What are the rules of the game?

     Always say that this program is good, there is no related content, no video recording.

     More like every potter praises his own pot.

     The program team did not want to disclose a word.When the media came to Luo Yiming's studio, they were also ashamed.

      Must have faith be secretive, the more appealing people desire, and the popularity of good voices on the Internet is getting higher and higher as the broadcast day approaches.

     But all this was finally changed on June 25.

     "Jinghua Entertainment" suddenly broke the exclusive Inside News, and they got the live video of the first episode of Good Voice.

     Jinghua Entertainment uses a few words to describe programs with good sound.

     Such a revelation completely subverted everyone's perception of good voices.

     Numerous media in the same industry, as well as people who pay attention to good voices, have logged on to the official website of Jinghua Entertainment, and saw this crude video recorded in the next second.

     The video is full of noisy sounds.

     The audience around whisper to each other.

     The sound effect is extremely poor, just like an ordinary KTV.

     In this video, due to the poor location of the camera recording, only the players were sang, and I didn’t know what they were singing.

     After singing, the instructor commented, the contestants thanked, and then stepped down and see you again.

     Poor sound!

     Poor dance!

     The quality of the audience is poor!

     The level of players and instructors beg to differ.

     I originally thought it would be the good voice of China in the conscience program. When such a video came out, the whole country did not know how many viewers were disappointed.

     "Ma Dan, this is the "The Voice of China" made at a cost of 100 million? I think 50 million of it is the appearance fee of the tutor!"

     "Luo Yiming knows how to brag, what's the difference between this and ordinary music programs? It's incomparable with Super Girl.""I used to have confidence in Luo Yiming. He said that he would create a new music program, but it disappointed me too much."

     "The strongest voice picks, or only believe in the Super Voice Girls of Mango Channel. This summer, it's the right thing to chase Super Girls with peace of mind."

     When the whole network criticized good voices, strangely, a large wave of netizens turned around and praised Super Voice Girls.

     Naturally, this was Zhang Dadong's behavior in Mango Terrace. This kind of demeaning opponent and raising himself, Zhang Dadong would not do it, he would find a lot of help from the navy.

     After Jinghua Entertainment, Entertainment Coordination published a Super Voice Girls, which is the highest level of voice audition.

     Perhaps it was too disappointed with the good voice of China. All the netizens went to the bottom of the article to like and support and comment positively.

     The negative comments are precisely criticizing good voices.

     "Luo Yiming is probably because Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent! His good voice can't be compared with Super Girl."

     "The rubbish show, after leaving Big Mango, Luo Yiming's level was immediately exposed. It is better to watch Super Voice Girls with peace of mind."

     "Super Voice Girls, there are a lot of beautiful beauties. We can feast one's eyes on."

     Netizens have contemptuously.

     With the continuous fermentation of this video.

     Some celebrities in the entertainment industry who did not understand the complete truth also jumped out to say a few cool words, and then reposted this video.

     View Garden Studio.

     No matter how noisy the outside world is, Luo Yiming is still sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms.

     Leisurely and contented.

     In fact, what he fears most is that Jinghua Entertainment will not make a move.

     Then, the attention of China's good voices cannot be raised.After the video was exposed on the Internet, the entire network was seeking the voice of China.

     In addition, Luo Yiming's former conscientious producer status, he spent 100 million to build a music inspirational program, and finally it was such a sparse program.

     Netizens have turned from love to hate, and they have also pursued the entire network's attacks.

     In the past, there were people who didn't know the good voice of China, but now, this music variety show, I am afraid that no one knows.

     Feeling that it was time, Luo Yiming gathered the mentor and the band again.

     He felt that using his own concert to prove oneself pure, restore the theater's sound, stage art, and professionalism of the band, is the best way to fight back.

     The first recording is over, and the second recording will usher in Chu Lanlan on behalf of the contenders.

     Chu Lanlan will sing and sorrow.

     As the creator and singer of Wukong in his previous life, Dai Quan, Luo Yiming felt that it was necessary to give birth to Wukong's song now.

     Li Renshou and Wukong, the two songs Luo Yiming are both on the stage of Good Voice for the new Peking Opera, the new form of music.

     Give it to Chu Lanlan and Dai Quan to perform together. When it is broadcast, I believe it can burst out with rousing excitement.

     With Liang Qiaobo and Teacher Liu Zhuo, get the music ready.

     The four instructors seated, Luo Yiming do for oneself, sang a song of his latest "produced" Wukong.

     This song is a test of the band and its sound capabilities.

     The camera team Lao Li, the sound director Fang Ge, and the Music Director Liang Qiaobo are perfect sth that is already outstanding for the recording to ensure top-level production on site.

     After the concert, the four instructors all turned.At the scene, all the good voice participants erupted into long-lasting and warm applause.

     After recording this video, Luo Yiming immediately ordered: "It's time for us to fight back, Xiaoxue, published a statement on our "Voice of China" official blog, accusing "Jinghua Entertainment" for walking rumors."

     "Professionals from some well-known domestic law firms put pressure on Jinghua Entertainment."

     "Publish a statement on the official website, and reserve the right to trace back the law against groups, media, individuals, and laws that discredit China's good voice.

     Luo Yiming will definitely fight this battle.

     Moreover, the more fun you play, the more lively the better.

     When the official blog came out, Jinghua Entertainment did not accept as correct after seeing it.

     This is just a statement.

     Any studio statement is loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain.

     They are eager to gain some attention.

     A few hours after the information on the Good Voice's official blog, Jinghua Entertainment broke the news again!

     "According to Insider, "The Voice of China" is an old-fashioned program, which is not at all the new structure that Luo Yiming said created a new structure for music audition."

     "According to a staff member of Mango TV who did not want to be named, Luo Yiming's program on Mango Channel is not his personal wisdom. The good voice of China is what Luo Yiming has achieved after leaving Mango Channel! "

     This unspoken implication, that video is the true level of Luo Yiming.

     Netizens thought that Luo Yiming was a big cow.

     Who is the hero and the big name is coming is a rare good show.

     Both programs were produced by Luo Yiming himself.However, Jinghua Entertainment's revelation also took out the rhetoric and remarks of the insiders of the Mango Channel, which immediately denied Luo Yiming's previous achievements.

     That is, the show is good, thanks to Mango Channel.

     The Voice of China is Luo Yiming's first show.

     As soon as the news came out, netizens made complaints about Luo Yiming's original master-level productions, which turned out to be the credit of Mango Taiwan.

     No wonder, many producers are not the mango dregs.

     In fact, it is backed by a big tree to enjoy the shade.

     Otherwise those big names, how can it be promised to come to the show.

     Just like this, dare to call for 100 million investment? I really don't know, what is this one hundred million?

     Netizens attacked.

     Jinghua Entertainment plays very high.

     At least they once again led the public opinion and caused the whole network to discuss the good voice of China.

     Jinghua Entertainment does not think that a good voice can make much waves.

     But I don't know that that night, the official website of Good Voice issued a solemn statement.

      The not too many routine is simple and straightforward. He took "Jinghua Entertainment" to the court and was extremely rude.

     The head of Jinghua Entertainment, Meng Qi, was instantly silly when he saw this news: "What's the situation, the good voice didn't even make a phone call? Just take us to court, this is not the right way."

     The senior management of Jinghua Entertainment also feels that this matter...the rhythm is problematic.

     Meng Qi took a closer look again, the largest Law Office in the country, the statement is very tough, not like a joke at all.

     "I'm going, it's really a subpoena. Shouldn't it be reconciled after a few days? What is this routine."Entertainment Express is depressed here, but the good voice is still fighting back.

     "Editor-in-chief Meng, look, their official website has released a new video!"
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