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219 Chapter 217, Good Voice VS Super Girl
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

In this video, Luo Yiming stood on the stage of good sound, singing Sun Wukong's song, which shocked him have nothing to say.

     This song is exactly what Luo Yiming used to sing in the opera accent, some of the lyrics are very amazing, let alone the shock of the song.

     The live sound and band accompaniment absolutely reached the top level.

     Nearly perfect singing and stage beauty, is this really the same one region/place filmed in that video?

     "Editor Meng, the official website of Good Voice issued a statement. Luo Yiming said that the place where he sang is the stage of Good Voice. The sound, band, and harmony are all good voice teams."

     "The sound designer is Fang Ge. He designed the sound for the Beijing Asian Games. He is the chief sound engineer for the top large-scale concerts in China."

     "The sound system built by Good Sound is all top-notch equipment purchased from abroad. Grid took a period of one month to build and debug, and the total cost was 30 million."

     Face-slapped, this group of officially announced data directly caused Meng Qi to suffocate.

     30 million.

     This number is beyond his imagination.

     What kind of music variety show’s investment is 30 million yuan on the sound, this is not the place where his video was exposed.

     "He also said..."

     Meng Qi's subordinates were silent.

     The former said anxiously: "What else did he say?"

     "He also said that this is the level of a real good voice, please don't believe what we said."

     "The rumors stop at the wise. I hope that everyone will not follow Jinghua Entertainment. They already took us to court and demanded that we pay the price."Fucked.

     This is being tricked by others!

     Meng Qi realized that afterwards, he realized that the good voice did not fight back at first, because he had already figured out a countermeasure.

     "Where's Xiaohu, call him to me, I want to ask where he found the video for me."

     Meng Qi looked for Xiaohu, and his subordinates replied: "Xiaohu resigned the day he got the video."

     "Resigned?" Meng Qi patted his thigh fiercely.

     The video he got, which contained sleazy sound and the surrounding audience who kept complaining, was not really a good sound scene at all.

     Xibei goods.

     Xiaohu resigned.

     Trembling, Meng Qi took out the phone and found Xiaohu's phone to make a call. He blankly stood in place for a long time, and the answer from the phone was that the call you were calling was down.

     Really pitted!

     On the Mango Terrace, Zhang Dadong just revealed his lofty aspirations and high ideals in front of the leaders during the day.

     The weak and loud voice is now under discussion online.

     He thinks that the premiere of the Super Voice Girls Top 20 on Mango Channel on Friday will surely crush the good voices of China.

     The senior officials in the station are also confident.

     Because the Voice of China has lost the qualification to compete.

     But unexpectedly, the wind direction of the Internet reversed at night.

     "Meng Qi, what's going on! I will let you Jinghua Entertainment get me the first-hand video, you can't give me a fake."

     "Now, I am embarrassed in front of the leaders. The premiere of the Top 20 Super Girls will be broadcast on the same stage as the Voice of China. When the time comes, it will not be as good as them. How do you give me a foothold in front of the leaders?""Brother Zhang, this was an accident, and I was also fooled." Meng Qi hated Xiaohu to death.

     "Are you being fooled? That means you admit that the video is fake?"

     "I gave you Jinghua Entertainment 1 million to buy this first-hand information, and now you lied to me, causing me to fight Luo Yiming on Friday. If I lose, what will my face be?"

     Zhang Dadong was naturally angry. When he was in Taili, he suppressed Luo Yiming everywhere according to his seniority, and finally succeeded in driving both Luo Yiming and Luo Xin away.

      Super Voice Girls could have allowed him to successfully become the director of the center, but this happened.

     After the official website of Good Voice released a high-definition video of the concert, it slapped everyone on the Internet who made sarcastic comments and didn’t like good sound.

     On the homepage of Good Voice's official website, people are constantly coming in.

     A big publicity link was hung on it: "Luo Yiming sang "Wukong", and watch the scene of China's Good Voice recording first."

     After clicking in, the huge "Voice of China" logo on the stage, the letter V and the hand sculpture proved to be the studio scene.

     The lead singer of Luo Yiming, the live band area appeared in the public eye for the first time. Although there was no editing, the effect was still amazing.

     Luxurious sparkling light effects.

     The sound effect of the world's best shock.

     The band is professional, almost an artistic accompaniment.

     Harmony troupe, camera team, four luxurious chairs imported from nowhere.

     If you don’t mention these Hardware Facilities, Luo Yiming’s singing will be fired up.

     ""Wukong" is Luo Yiming's latest opera-tone single, right? This song brought me to my childhood."It sounds good, especially the sentence called a Buddha, turning my head without a shore, the singing of Peking Opera made me kneel."

     "It sounds good, the world of good and evil is true and false, the dust is scattered and unclear, and it is difficult to tell. The lyrics are so good! I heard it in my heart, Luo Yiming is really talented!"

     "Who said that Luo Director Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent, I am his mother. This Nima is definitely the world's top sound and stage, professional-level singing."

     "I look forward to a good voice."

     "Pray for lossless music downloads of this song. I like it so much."

     Anyone who entered the official website and saw this video fell in love with this Wukong.

     While asking for lossless audio sources, everyone is also speaking for the good voice of China.

     "This sound effect is so bad, the investment of 30 million is only for music."

     "Jinghua Entertainment is a black-hearted media, and his videos are Xibei goods at first glance, so irresponsible.

     "I care about these entertaining dogs. They are too irresponsible to speak. For self-interest, it's shameless to be too him!"

     "The rumors are cool for a while, the family crematorium."

     There are powerful legions on the Internet to help him open new paths.

     Luo Yiming watched the comments of netizens on the official website leisurely this time.

     In the next second, he asked the technical team to provide the free audio download of Wukong's song as a benefit to the majority of netizens.

     "Niu break. The lossless sound source is here, it's free. Dao Luo is really awesome."

     Netizens have watched the shocking video, and at the same time discovered this good-sounding Wukong.

     A good voice proves that oneself pure is one thing. Wukong's high transmission speed and public praise have become a network force that surpasses the list.Everyone is promoting this Wukong for Luo Yiming on blogs and on the Internet.

     The first version of Good Voice is bound to Wukong, which also enables Luo Yiming to achieve one move, two gains.

     Just a few hours later, the search hot words on major websites became the Voice of China and Wukong.

     And the insiders who reposted China's good voice porn program on their blog before, this will all change their tone, and sincerely say sorry to Luo Yiming.

     The ignorant is not guilty, and Luo Yiming expressed his understanding.

     Only, Luo Yiming's attitude towards Jinghua Entertainment is still strong.

     After questioning Meng Qi by the senior management of Jinghua Entertainment, Meng Qi sweat all over the face. For this news accident, it was the worst meal he had eaten in his life.

     "Leader I understand, I will withdraw the news, and I will post an apology to Luo Yiming's studio tomorrow."

     "People's court summons are all delivered to you, do you think an apology can solve the problem?"

     Meng Qi held his glasses, and he felt 10,000 grass-and-mud horses stepping on his heart, and his desire to die was gone: "Leader, I will go to visit and pray for them to withdraw the accusation."

     "...I must ask for their forgiveness, and I will bear any loss, and Jinghua Entertainment will not be affected..."

     Meng Qi then took the initiative to withdraw the fake news and published a publicly apologize letter. He bought a plane for the next day and flew to Beijing to chat with Luo Yiming about how to spare Jinghua Entertainment.

     The next day, looking at Meng Qi, who took the initiative to come to the door, Luo Yiming did not overbearing as before.

     In fact, Luo Yiming just used Meng Qi and Jinghua Entertainment to play a deep propaganda for Good Voice.Now that the good voice is about to be broadcast, Luo Yiming has no time to fight him, and reconciliation is naturally necessary.

     "Let me tell you this, I can withdraw the prosecution. Everyone is in the entertainment circle. If you don't fuck me, I will definitely not fuck you."

     "Jinghua Entertainment is a well-known discipline inspection committee in the press. I don't want to see any negative news about me, including my team, in the future."

     "The news about me and my team broadcast by Jinghua Entertainment must be positive. We sign this kind of gentleman agreement."

     "This is the first. Second, Jinghua Entertainment has a lot of professional photographers. For me, I will need these talents in the future. In the next three months, please help me train some photographers. I need ten."

     "After three months, I will accept without question."

     "If the technology is not good enough, you continue to train me to make up the number of people."

     Meng Qi was planted in Luo Yiming's hands.

     But in order not to let the company back the lawsuit.

     Meng Qi agreed to Luo Yiming's request.

     Ten master photographers, let Jinghua Entertainment train them first, and bring them when needed.

     Luo Yiming is also the first layout for outdoor variety shows.

      Unconsciously, July 1st has arrived, and Good Voice will officially start at 7:50 tonight.

     The Mango Taiwan next door will start the first promotion match of the Super Girls Top 20 meeting at 7:35.

     This is also the first official confrontation between the two programs.
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