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221 Chapter 219, Cry If You Want To Cry
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After the interview with Tan Weiwei, Luo Yiming led the audience to shout slogans, "The Voice of China" officially began, and Tan Weiwei came on stage!

     Zhang Jie, Tan Weiwei, Ping An, Bi Xia, there's some left other students came to the theater today.

     When Tan Weiwei came on the court, Bi Xia shouted: "Weiwei, you are on the court! Wow, big legs, really domineering."

     "Looking at it this way, the stage of good sound is really high, and the next stage is completely abused!" Zhang Jie said.

     "Weiwei's first stage is to give a good voice."

     "After a while, the instructors will turn four times, and they will definitely burst the scene."

     Friends were all congratulating, Tan Weiwei just smiled slightly. After the recording that day, she was asked by Director Luo to make up some content.

     Tan Weiwei had never said anything in any competition, she said in a good voice.

     Tan Weiwei is not sure how the audience will react when she sees it and her mother.

     On the surface, she is a happy and confident girl.

     However, perhaps only she understood the heavy pain in her heart.

     Luo Yiming sat beside everyone drinking a drink, seemingly leisurely, Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters.

     But he really has concerns in his heart: "Don't be proud of everyone, whether you will abuse the next station, whether the scene bursts or not, depends on the audience's evaluation. It is not necessary to say it well."

     "En. What Director Luo said is that Director Luo can still be so calm now, he is indeed someone who came over."

     "Guide Luo must be veteran of a hundred battles, not to wonder at strange sights." Sister Bi Xia flattered.

     "..." Luo Yiming didn't answer with a smile.Tan Weiwei came on stage, facing the four back-to-back chairs, she picked up the microphone and sang the first song, which captivated many audiences.

     A song by Teacher Liu Huan is inseparable from you.

     Emotions and timbre are impeccable.

     "Sing with your back to the teacher."

     "It feels exciting to play this way."

     "Singing really well."

     "Why the teacher hasn't transferred yet."

     "Yes, fast forward."

     The audience in front of the TV has never seen such a music talent show.

     The tutors turned their backs, but Luo Yiming, the only tutor who turned around, had no choice.

     From the beginning, the groundbreaking gameplay of Voice of China attracted audiences.

     At that time, the mango stage was still singing in the spring of the little girls.

     Naturally, singing with Tan Weiwei is not at the same level.


     When the first chorus, the unfair lyrics of my husband and wife sang, Tian Zhen was the first to turn around.

     When the huge sound effect of the light was shocking, the audience all cheered: "Turn, she was selected by Teacher Tian Zhen."

     "Teacher Tian Zhen all-seeing knowledgeable pearl."

     "It's great, this chair must be super comfortable to sit on."



     While the audience was still experiencing the happiness in front, Teacher Haring and Teacher Lin Zhixuan shot the buttons at the same time.

     In the shot in the lounge, Tan Weiwei's mother stretched out her fists to celebrate.

     The audience generally felt that their favourite song hand was turned around, as if their identity was affirmed, and the substitution was super cool.The singing was particularly pleasant. When the second chorus ended, Liu Huan still did not turn around.

     At this time, the audience began to feel a little anxious.

     "Turn, turn, turn fast."

     "What are Liu Huan waiting for? Doesn't it take four turns to sing so well?"

     "Yes, I think it is better than some Professional Singer(s) singing."

     "Maybe... it hasn't met Master Liu Huan's requirements."


     "But today I cannot do without you/"

     "Whether you love me or not"

     Tan Weiwei's voice ended.

     The music also enters the last melody.

     The audience regretted that Teacher Liu Huan's chair did not turn.

     Just then.

     Teacher Liu Huan raised his hand and slapped the button firmly.


     "Four revolutions! Four revolutions! Teacher Liu Huan took it, and she was recognized by all the instructors!"

     "Yes, before the end of the music, Tan Weiwei got four turns."

     The mother in the lounge jumped up. She celebrated. The crying tears of joy made the audience feel sad for a while.

     Tan Weiwei stood on the stage, unable to let go for a long time, and briefly introduced herself.

     Luo Yiming asked: "Your family must be very happy after getting the fourth rank. Who came with you today?"

     When Tan Weiwei was 6 years old, her father suffered from liver cirrhosis.

     In order to make money and pay the tuition for Weiwei, he went to transport.

     And cirrhosis of the liver should not be overworked. Dad didn’t hold on for long to fall gravely ill, never to recover.

     On the 29th of the twelfth lunar month in 1997, Tan Weiwei took her hospitalized father home for the New Year.It was bumpy all the way. After returning home, his extremely tired father couldn't support it. New Year's Eve fell into a coma at noon and finally passed away.

     "My mother came with me."

     "Where is your father?"

     "My dad..."

     Tan Weiwei learned to drive when she was 13 years old. At the age of 16, she started running with her father for transportation, and the father and daughter took turns driving.

     Tan Weiwei felt that in a few years, she would be able to support this family, and her father could rest.

     However, Dad couldn't hold on.

     In the camera, the tearful mother said: "Weiwei's father left on New Year's Eve when she was 17. Weiwei has always felt guilty for his father, so she didn't mention it in front of others."

     "I believe my dad came to the scene today. He heard the song I sang in another one region/place. Yes" With tears in her eyes, Tan Weiwei pretended to be strong and answered Luo Yiming.

     "The other one region/place, your father?"

     "His father is gone, I think so." Tian Zhen said.

     "I'm sorry." Luo Yiming expressed regret in a hurry.

     "It doesn't matter..." Tan Weiwei smiled bitterly the next second.

     It's almost ten years.

     She rarely mentioned her father to others, because she felt ashamed of him.

     Once she went to deliver food to the father of a sports car, and happened to see a picture of singing on TV. She said to the father who was eating while watching TV.

     "What does she sing. Dad, I don't think I can sing as well as myself. She's all on TV."

     After listening to her, my father was shocked, and then threw the eating bowl over and hit her.At that time, her father thought she was so arrogant at such a young age, and she would have it in the future.

     But the actions of the poorly talkative father made the rebellious daughter, since then, hated him and stopped calling his father.

     She couldn't shout another word until her father left.

     Thinking of the past, Tan Weiwei's tears flowed down: "I always feel that my father has not left me."

     "I can't forget the New Year's Eve in 1997. He had been in a coma that night."

     "When there is a tear in the corner of his eye, and the tears are over, he may let go, and he is gone."

     "He let go of all his attachment to this world."

     "But, I don't put it down. Before I fall asleep, I think he will wake me up. He has been by my side."

     "In order to make up for my regrets to Dad, I also wrote a song called Wake me up before I fall asleep."

     "Can you sing this song?" Luo Yiming asked gently.

     Tan Weiwei stabilized her emotions and raised her head as if she saw her kind father on the horizon.

     "New Year's Eve, it's raining."

     "There is a tear in the corner of your eye."

     "You can't talk anymore."

     "Listen to me calling Dad again."

     "You gave me the guitar."

     "I want to sing for you again."

     "But you leave this time."

     "Never come back."


     "Hey is your name."

     "Forever only belongs to you."

     "The truck you drove."

     "Forever only belongs to you."At this point, Tan Weiwei's voice was choked up, tears streaming down her face, Tan Weiwei was already crying.

     In front of the TV, if your tear-gas effect is not enough, when Tan Weiwei's half of the song wakes me up before I leave.

     Everyone’s tear ducts were triggered, and they were no longer able to control their emotions. Everyone broke down in front of the TV.

     This inserted story successfully brought tears to the audience.

     Luo Yiming said: "Weiwei, because you think you owe your father, that's why you sing so hard."

     "Today, you proved yourself in a good voice, and proved that your words were not nothing serious."

     "Four turns, you did it, you can proudly tell your father, Dad, I am your daughter, I am Tan Weiwei."

     Luo Yiming and Tan Weiwei have the same experience.

     He can understand the sadness of it.

     "Well, I am Tan Weiwei, and I am Good Voice student Tan Weiwei."

     Tan Weiwei said these words domineeringly, tears still on her face, but the determination after the tears and the ambition to hit the good voice champion were also revealed.

     All good voice students have a hard time on the road of music.

     Seeing Tan Weiwei's story, watching the tears on her face now, but desperately pretending to be strong.

     Everyone in the Guanyuan Theater was so sad that they couldn't stand it for a while, and they wiped their hands to the corners of their eyes.

     Luo Yiming came to Tan Weiwei and patted Weiwei's shoulder lightly: "You are a girl, you don't need to arm yourself so strong. If you want to cry, Luo Dao's shoulder is always given to you.Tan Weiwei couldn't stretch it anymore. The suffering in her heart needed to be released. So many years, she spit out that emotion on the stage of good voice.

     She wants to cry happily tonight.

     Hug Luo Yiming round and round, Tan Weiwei trembles slightly in Luo Yiming's arms.

     Luo Yiming hugged her back tightly and gave her warm support.

     Needless to say, only one hug, a shoulder for crying, is enough.

     Luo Yiming then asked everyone to work hard together, and other Good Voice students rushed in and hugged again, as if Dao Luo was everyone's relative.
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