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222 Chapter 220, The Birth Of A Good Chinese Tongue (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Never does not have one music program, when watching the program, can make the audience cry.

     It is what kind of songs and stories can achieve this kind of tear-gas effect.

     Good voice did it.

     Those who were still thinking about sound jokes shut up.

     Such a good voice of China is only the first student, her excellent, amazing show is already other shows to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up.

     Tan Weiwei chose Liu Huan as a tutor.

     The second one on stage is Ping An.

     One has never left.

     He sang handling a butcher's cleaver with ease in the a4 treble region, and proved with his strength what is worthy of being a good voice in China.

     Ping An chose Teacher Lin Zhixuan.

     The audience watched the two singers and asked their friends to join the team watching Blueberry TV.

     At this time, some of the audience who were still watching the singing of Mango Taiwan Supergirl began to take a look at Blueberry TV.

     "This little girl is only 16 years old, my God, can she participate in singing competitions at such a young age."

     "However, her name is so domineering, Bi Xia."

     Bi Xia, a rock fan with dirty braids and a pair of leather boots, stood in the center of the stage. Holding a golden microphone, she nodded to Teacher Liang Qiaobo.

     The music started immediately.

     No one knows how this sixteen-year-old girl will perform.

     However, she was on the stage, with her firm eyes that drew the audience's attention.

     That Bisha a few days ago was indeed not like that.

     But when Director Luo told him the meaning of this song.Said this song is the song of women's football, the song of hard work, and the song of dreams.

     Bi Xia understood this song.

     The Resounding Rose in the song is about the very enchanting Chinese women's football girls in our eyes.

     Because the men's football is too stable, the Chinese people put more hope for men's football on the women's football.

     This makes the women's football bear too much hope, overwhelmed, stand still without advancing.

     But in fact, football is a game besides competition.

     What Luo Yiming told Bi Xia is that the most important thing is that the rose has already bloomed and the fragrance is overflowing, which is enough.

     People should have dreams in their lives and strive for them.

     As for can win or not, after working hard, the result is not so important anymore!

     "Everything is good but intoxicated yesterday/"

     "Light bitterness is the taste of today/"

     Bi Xia used the spirit of women's football as her guide. She has a musical dream.

     She didn't want others to hear her voice saying her crow voice was terrible.

     She hopes to have her own music.

     She longs to be affirmed.

     Bi Xia let go.

     She had never yelled so presumptuously.

     When the sound rubs in the throat, it frustrates the sound.

     Rough, powerful and explosive openings will allow the audience to be taken aback in the next second.

     "Her voice is so strong."

     "Yeah, it looks like a subwoofer. No, it's louder than my subwoofer."

     "She actually chose to sing the inspirational song of Teacher Tian Zhen, Rain and Rain, Resounding Rose."Bi Xia is different from the two previous students in that her strong self-confidence and rock spirit make her very domineering.

     Staring at the chair of the instructor in front of him like an eagle, he seemed to declare war with his voice.

     In the audience, many viewers were very impressed by this song.

     Xiao Huang is a football fan. He will not miss every game of the World Cup, the Asian Cup.

     The men's football disappointed him again and again, but he chose to forgive.

     Tianjin, Women's World Cup 8-January finals.

     Women's football girls make every effort after winning and qualifying.

     The 60,000 fans in the "Water Drop" stadium agree by chance and sing the wind, rain and rainbow in unison with the beat, Resounding Rose.

     He can't forget the moving picture.

     He doesn't know if he still have a chance to see the men's football qualify in his lifetime.

     But every time he heard this song, he would feel be fired up.

     At this moment, Bi Xia's voice burst out...

     "Rainbow Resounding Rose /"

     "No matter how sad it is, no matter how painful it is to go back/"

     "Rainbow Resounding Rose /"

     "Once a Thief."

     "Smile proud of the world."

     "Never go back/"

     Bi Xia raised his voice in Yongzi, who never retreated.

     She faces up to the sky, sing at the top of one's voice.

     A fist punched out, as if to punch a big hole in the sky.

     On the stage, she showed maturity and self-confidence that crossed her age.

     The bass cannon is accented, mixed with band metal instruments, piano, and drums. When listening to the song, people can’t help but raise their lips and passionately.Rainbow, Resounding Rose, this song is the song of women's football.

     The fighting spirit has already penetrated people.

     But a sixteen-year-old girl sang this kind of fighting spirit with passion.

     The singing is flying, the dream is blooming in the heart.

     Make many people feel up here, down there.

     In every one's life, dreams are very important things.

     Perhaps everyone was afraid because the road to realize their dreams was full of thorns.

     However, this song will tell you.

     Please don't be afraid, the difficulties are not terrible. The reason why you are afraid is because of your timid mentality.

     You think you can't.

     You can actually defeat it.

     Stick to your dreams.

     Let dreams fly.

     Face the wind and rain.

     Flutter your wings!

     Stormy Rainbow Resounding Rose

     Heart is like water, passion is like fire and dreams are boiling

     Bi Xia continued to sing and was able to sing what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail's works to express his own understanding and taste. Bi Xia infects his tutor and every audience who listens to the song.

     The road is bumpy, with ups and downs;

     Life is like a month, with shortcomings and rounds;

     The water is as static as a mirror, and there are waves;

     The sky is also changeable, with cloudy and sunny.

     However, as long as you persist and dare to chase your dreams, you will become a Resounding Rose.


     Teacher Liu Huan pressed.

     Teachers Lin Zhixuan, Haring, and Tian Zhen, at the same time, three shots were fired in unison.

     Luo Yiming raised a thumbs up at Bi Xia.

     A 16-year-old girl has fulfilled her dream.she by no means deliberately imitated Teacher Tian Zhen. She sang exactly her own voice. It was her, a 16-year-old girl's perception and thoughts about this song.

     After tonight, the audience will remember a name and her name is Bi Xia.

     "Four turns."

     "Unbelievable, this was sung by a 16-year-old girl."

     "I think, compared to the original singer Tian Zhen, grandeur like rainbow, I don't lose at all."

     "Perhaps it's her rock enthusiasm. I feel that this song is heart-rending, full of positive energy."

     "Don't know why, after listening to this song, I remembered my former dream. If I persisted back then, I should be a painter now."

     "Dreams should not be given up at any time. In many cases, persistence is not terrible. The terrible thing is that when persistence, it is basically be of no interest to anyone. In fact, as long as you can get through that period, you may really succeed."

     At the end of the voice, this inspirational song once again made everyone's heart itch.

     The battle of the four mentors will be more interesting and exciting in the next few minutes.

     With Bi Xia successfully entered the team of Teacher Tian Zhen.

     Yang Zongwei entered the Harlem teacher team.

     Voice of China ushered in its first advertising time.

     It's almost time for Luo Yiming's three-second advertisement for the North Group.

     Spoken at a rate of 32 words per second.

     Luo Yiming was sure that this advertisement would definitely trigger hot discussions on the Internet.

     As another killer of good voices, the good tongue of China should be born tonight, right?
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