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223 Chapter 221, Sky-high Advertising (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Director Luo is going to talk about that ad slogan, everyone can listen to it carefully."

     Luo Xin has watched the edited film, so she reminded everyone before the scene that was about to appear.

     When Yang Zongwei chooses a mentor, Luo Yiming appears in the camera.

     There was a Pepsi drink on the table behind him, and he was wearing a costume with the Peacebird logo.

     In the next second, he said like a machine gun: "North Group, a leader in auto trade services, "Buy cars in installments", "One-stop service", "Leasing on behalf of purchases", "Trade-in", leading the mainstream automobile consumption fashion pioneer. Northern Group is the best choice for car dealers to engage in business activities. "

     Advertising without warning!

     With 67 words in this passage, it is still a bit confusing.

     Ke Luo Yiming spoke at a rate of 323 words per second.

     Everyone was stunned.

     Is there such a long string of lines in five seconds?

     "Director Luo, what is this tongue, so fast." Bi Xia said.

     Tan Weiwei said inconceivable: "I don't think the four people in front of us can sing as wonderfully as yours."

     The audience in front of TV sets across the country were all silly at this moment. Luo Yiming's advertisement did not take the usual path, and it burst into good sound instantly.

     The Northern Group he said will be replayed in the next few days, including online videos, which will definitely catch fire.

     Pepsi and Peacebird clothing will follow the exposure, and the popularity will rise.

     "This product is definitely on and off. How can the host say such a fast advertisement.""Crazy...Luo Yiming is really crazy. His good voice doesn't take the usual path, and he's also perfect for advertising."

     "Luo Yiming speaks like a machine gun, I am God."

     "Speaking too fast, I only heard one North Group clearly, which seems to be a car maker, but I didn't hear the others clearly."

     "No! I want to watch the replay tomorrow, and I have to calculate his speaking rate."

     "Welcome to "The Voice of China". Since then, Luo Yiming has a new name called "The Good Tongue of China."

     The audience were all conquered by Luo Yiming, and his speed of speech was really not superficial.

     If you don’t practice hard at this speed, it’s absolutely impossible to speak so smoothly.

     Luo Yiming's oral broadcast not only showed his good host qualities, but also demonstrated his responsibility to sponsors and advertisers.

     Nowadays, advertising sponsorship and advertising mode are very single, and many advertisers are trying to attract audiences in different ways.

     However, people who don't have any thought about it, using super fast oral broadcast to complete the promotion.

     At first it sounds not very clear.

     It is precisely this kind of stand out from the masses that makes the advertisement gain attention.

     Three seconds, the whole paragraph forms a coherent whole.

     The leaders of the Northern Group watched this issue of China’s Good Voices and waited for this moment.

     In just three seconds, the roof ads of 50,000 cars in 33 cities across the country were exchanged.

     Some senior leaders of the Northern Group did not approve of this transaction.

     Under tremendous pressure, Liu Meiyun and the chairman contributed to this cooperation.

     The vice president of the opposition, Liu Liu, his eyes flashed red when he heard this advertisement.At the meeting that day, he was still arguing with Liu Meiyun, but the advertisement of Luo Yiming exploded, and the effect, the leverage, made him unable to respond.

     This is more powerful than the several-minute advertisements they used to do on other TV stations.

     Only then did Lao Liu understand the truth. The advertising competition is not the length of time, but the attraction!

      blah blah Less than five seconds of oral broadcast, 67 words, 323 words per second, this ability, professional hosts may not do much.

     Luo Yiming is done!

     "We only made this advertisement for one period? I think we should talk to Luo Yiming, and we will continue to win the oral broadcast for the second period."

     Chairman Li called Liu Meiyun.

     However, Liu Meiyun looked helpless.

     "Duo Luo said at the time that he only gave us one issue. The second issue of this good tongue advertisement, he wants to bid, I think, this oral broadcast, at least 10 million."

     Liu Meiyun is not a fool. The free roof advertisement for 50,000 taxis for a month is based on the daily market price of 3 million, and the cost price is 300,000, which is 10 million a month.

     Ten million is the most basic sincerity if you want to get the second episode of this oral broadcast.

     "Ten million?"

     "Ten million, it may not be able to win. I predict that the good voices of this issue will be popular. By then, the companies bidding for this oral broadcast will fight very fiercely." Liu Meiyun researched the market So many years了,many superficial changes but no departure from the original stand.

     Luo Yiming's program is on fire. This oral broadcast is definitely a must for businesses.At the same time, all companies and businesses that are keen on advertising have all focused on Luo Yiming this time.

     Because the production of "The Voice" exceeded 100 million.

     In the online "lawsuit" with Jinghua Entertainment, Good Voice followed and surpassed the popularity of Super Girl with a strong posture before it was broadcast.

     Nowadays, Luo Yiming’s good tongue broadcasts amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

     Let the good voice once again ride the dust.

     If the ratings of this program pass 2.

     It will be the highest ratings for Blueberry Channel.

     I will eventually have the strength to compete with Supergirl in the ratings in the future. You die, I live.

     Undoubtedly, those advertisers who were keen to invest in Mango Channel before are all on the sidelines.

     Without ratings, there is no attention.

     No matter how good you speak and no matter how good you sing, no market equals zero.

     Once the ratings rise, they will definitely consider switching to Blueberry TV to buy this wonderful oral broadcast.

     There is also a comparison between Super Girl and Good Voice on the Internet. Those diehard fans of Mango Terrace, after the fermentation of Good Voice public praise, set off a war to maintain Mango Terrace.

     Supergirls of 2005 have blogged for the top 20 supergirls this year.

     The original advantage, with this wave of resistance on the Internet, slowly becomes subtle.

     A night of bloody rain and foul winds and dark battles.

     On the second day, the online battle continued.

     During the hot discussion on the Internet, the ratings of the two companies are finally ready to appear at the call.However, before that, the Northern Group, which occupied in the right place at the right time, first came to Luo Yiming's studio, and wanted to continue to buy the second phase of good tongue broadcasting.

     But Liu Meiyun did not stay in Luo Yiming's office for 20 minutes, so she walked out with head and face filthy with grime.

     At this time, the official website of Voice of China updated a content.

     Regarding Luo Yiming's good tongue verbal advertisement in "The Voice of China", the second to sixth issues were packaged by Pepsi Cola for 50 million.

     The oral advertisements from the seventh to the eleventh period were obtained by Peacebird Clothing, and his price was 45 million.

     The final round of Voice of China’s finals will be on a larger stage without oral advertisements. Thank you to all businesses for supporting China Good Tongue. See you in the second season.

     The sky-high price of nearly 100 million yuan, good tongue broadcasting, once again caused a whirlwind on the Internet.
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