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224 Chapter 222, Ratings Released (second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The deputy team of the Sandwich Support Group: "Brother Ming still didn't let us down this time. The sky-high priced oral advertisement of "The Voice of China" is the best proof."

     The paradise where net worms caught fire: "From this aspect of the advertisement alone, with a 100 million oral broadcast, Luo Dao has already won a round of "Super Voice Girls."

     An enthusiastic audience: "Such a high advertising revenue really refreshed my understanding of Luo Yiming's ability."

     Hardcore fan of Mango Channel: "I don't know if the ratings of "The Voice of China" can be worth such a high advertising revenue. To put it bluntly, it is just an oral broadcast. Brother Jiong and Brother Han disdain to say that. "

     "Yes, Luo Yiming doesn't want to be his host. There are so many everything in disorder, and the steps are too big to be careful."

     Jinghua Entertainment's official blog number: "As a person who has come, I advise everyone to be cautious in their words and deeds. This Luo Yiming's product, which time has everyone looked forward to?"

     "But after the results came out, when did you disappoint everyone again?"

     "So I think "The Voice of China" will definitely take off. Wait for the fire!"

     The likes from Beijing Capital Entertainment surprised the mainstream media.

     In fact, this is also the performance of Meng Qi's Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends.

     Blueberry TV, everyone's expected ratings will also be announced soon.

     Luo Yiming was called to the stage early in the morning, he was with Li Ding.

     "Director Li, are you watching it?"

     "There is no Luo Dao, but it's coming soon. I should wait a little longer!"

     Although there is a lot of praise from the outside world for the good voice of China.The sky-high price of oral advertising sponsorship was also confirmed this morning.

     But Luo Yiming was not to be muddled in the brain, and Luo Yiming's performance was super indifferent before the ratings.

     "Director Luo, based on your experience. How many ratings do you think we have guaranteed for this program?"

     On Blueberry TV, the ratings of their best programs have not broken 2, and the highest record is still 1.87 held by boys and girls on location dating programs.

     Li Ding dreamed of coming to a show with a rating of 2%. For Blueberry, it was a qualitative leap.

     Luo Yiming smiled and said: "It will come out soon, just watch it directly."

     "I know, but don't I have the bottom line? Yesterday, the station leader called me back, and they are waiting for me to get a reassurance. Tell me how many viewers our program pk "Super Voice Girls" can reach. "

     Li Ding was too nervous.

     Luo Yiming is not a god either.

     To be honest, he even knew that the music inspirational program of Voice of China is very popular.

     But the platform is different. Without the big tree of Mango Channel, the ratings of Zhejiang Satellite TV's best programs are only 1.87, and the ratings base is not there.

     Luo Yiming is hard to say.

     Not to mention the discussion between Luo Yiming and Li Ding in the office, at this time, the atmosphere on Blueberry TV was a bit solemn.

     Even if Luo Yiming created two super variety shows, the ratings for each of them are 2.5 upwards.

     But everyone still dare not relax.

      at this moment, another city.

     Zhang Dadong, who is also waiting for ratings, is constantly wiping sweat.In the battle last night, he was heart alarmed, trembling in fear, and the public relations department of Mango Terrace used strong fans and public opinion to recover some lost ground. But Luo Yiming's good tongue is like a blockbuster, and he is dizzying.

     It's okay if the ratings of "Super Voice Girls" are higher than the good voices in China, but if the ratings of Super Girls are not as good as the good voices.

     Then, the comparison between him and Luo Yiming and Luo Xin immediately became clear.

     Not only is his director out of play. And whether the position of the deputy director can be kept is a huge problem.

      look at the time, it's eight o'clock.

     Yesterday’s program ratings are usually transmitted from the big data center to their statistics group at this point, and then updated on the LED display at the gate.

     Zhang Dadong couldn't wait, so he assigned it to Master Wang of the central data monitoring team.

     "Pharaoh, have the ratings of Super Voice Girls come out?"

     On the way to work, Lao Wang was harassed by many leaders. He turned on the computer and said, "Director Zhang, don't rush, several leaders call me and let me reply to them.

     Waiting anxiously, Zhang Dadong once took the college entrance examination, but he was not so worried.

     "Come out, come out, Director Zhang."

     "What are the ratings?"

     "Low peak 1.8, peak 2.4, average 2.2."

     "Fortunately, it broke 2."

     Zhang Dadong's anxious mood calmed slightly.

     He knows that Blueberry TV’s program ratings have always been rubbish.

     The ratings of their best programs have not broken 2.

     Even if Luo Yiming's abilities are outstanding and his voice is good, public praise is good, but on a garbage platform, if you want to break 2 in a short time, there is not much possibility.In addition, the Super Girls Top 20 competition itself is not the hottest and most explosive time, and it cannot be compared with the phenomenal popularity of Super Girls in 2005.

     This rating has tied the first in 2004.

     Enough to win the voice of China.

     "The ratings break 2 is already very good, I think Director Zhang can have a little celebration." Lao Wang said.

     "I will inform the crew members of "Super Voice Girls" to celebrate in the evening. You should also report the good news to the leaders."

     "No problem, the leaders are waiting for my call."

     Suddenly Zhang Dadong thought of something again, frowned, and asked, "By the way, has the ratings of Blueberry TV's "The Voice of China" come out? What are their ratings?"

      as everyone knows.

     Voice of China and Super Voice Girls are fighting a pk battle this summer.

     Which one will win or lose is not just a battle between two satellite TVs, but also a contest between Zhang Dadong and Luo Yiming.

     Once, Luo Yiming's good voice in China was driven away by Mango Channel, and Luo Yiming set up another door to create a good voice in China this summer.

     The leaders of the station are bound to be equally curious about the ratings of good voices.

     "Blueberry TV has not announced yet. I am The specifics unclear, but I think that with the brand grade of Blueberry TV, this program is definitely not as good as our Super Voice Girls." Lao Wang said proudly.

      "All right, you can also pay attention to it. Once Blueberry TV’s ratings come out, remember to notify me."

     Li Ding and Luo Yiming ate melon seeds in the office.

     An internal hot spot called, and Li Ding looked a little ugly after answering the call."Director Luo, the ratings for Mango TV have come out, and their ratings exceeded 2 this time."

     Li Ding looked decadent as he had failed.

     He knew from his heart that as long as someone broke 2, the Blueberry TV program was dead.

     "How much is Broken 2?" Luo Yiming faintly pouted.

     "The average is 2.2. Although there is no official announcement, the source is very reliable."

     "Unexpectedly, our good voice has been so Bomb indiscriminately publicized, and the ratings of Super Voice Girls can still be so fierce. It seems that "Super Voice Girls" is really going to slap us on "The Voice of China"."

     Li Ding shook his head, but Luo Yiming's face was still as plain as water.

      Super Voice Girls has the basic ratings of the previous two seasons, plus the popularity of super girls last year. The ratings are actually very low.

     To say that Super Girl breaks 3 or above 2.8 ratings, he will think that the good voice of China will be relatively popular on the street.

     But the average ratings of 2.2, this standard in Mango Channel, is too bad, OK?

     "Director Li, don't be discouraged too early, isn't our ratings yet out?"

     "Director Na Luo, how many ratings can our "The Voice" have, can you...break 2?" Li Ding said Break 2, and his voice was as small as a mosquito.
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