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225 Chapter 223 Bombing The Music World (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Yiming understood Li Ding's lack of confidence.

     Blueberry TV has maintained the highest ratings of 1.87 for n years. If there is a program that breaks 2, it is a milestone.

     Luo Yiming had confidence in his program, just as Luo Yiming was about to estimate the ratings.

     The office door was pushed open directly from the outside: "Director Li, come out, come out, the ratings of our "The Voice of China" have come out!"

     "How much?" Li Ding asked loudly.

     "The ratings are...yes...yes" At the crucial moment, Xiao Sun squatted.

     "How much is it, you are so anxious to me."

     "The average ratings are 2.2."

     "2.2? Why are you so familiar?" Li Ding was a little déjà vu.

     Luo Yiming smiled: "The Super Voice Girls on Mango Channel has an average ratings of 2.2. It's interesting, interesting, and even tied."

     "What are you doing, Director?" When Luo Yiming said 2.2 with certainty, Li Ding pinched himself severely. With the sound of "Oh," Xiao Sun yelled out.

     "It's true, I didn't dream, our Blueberry TV ratings exceeded 2. My god, this is so unbelievable."

     When Li Ding was still unable to extricate himself in joy, his internal phone rang.

     Director Zhao Feng's call.

     "Director Zhao."

     "Xiao Li, you did a good job of introducing the good voices of China. The ratings broke 2. Have you got the news?"

     Director Zhao said with a smile, Li Ding was even more happy: "I heard that. Our station finally has more than 2 shows.""Xiao Li, this is not just a program with more than 2 ratings. It is prepared to say that this program has the ability to compete with Mango Channel's Super Voice Girls for the championship this summer."

     "I have already thought about it. Today, we will convene a meeting for all the cadres in the station. Tomorrow morning, we will replay the Good Voice of China. Next Friday morning, we will replay the Good Voice of China again."

     "In short, we have to give China a good voice enough exposure time."

     "Also, the news will be announced immediately, making everyone in the station happy. Everyone's bonus will double this month."

     Although Taili and Luo Yiming have a good voice of China, the score is 37%.

     But marginal advertising, advertising revenue in the middle of the program, accounted for seven in the station.

     After this operation, the profitability of Blueberry Satellite TV is still more than any previous program.

      What is more important, the ratings broke 2, making Blueberry TV become Mango TV, the third TV trump card after Tomato TV.

     This kind of brand benefit cannot be bought for any amount of money.

     When the ratings of "The Voice of China" reached 2.2 and the news that the bonuses of all Blueberry TV employees doubled was spread in the station, Blueberry TV fryed.

     "I can't imagine that our Blueberry Channel also has a show with a rating of 2 above."

     "Yeah, this music inspirational program is really overwhelming. My mother cried when she watched this program."

     "This credit will still be remembered by Luo Dao."

     "Yes, the three directors of our Blueberry TV, how many leaders failed to do, were actually done by Luo Yiming! This gold producer Luo Yiming really does not have an undeserved reputation.""The ratings of 2.2 are tied with the mango channel next door. Unfortunately, we do not have ** them."

     "There is no **, but according to this trend, it is very possible to surpass Super Voice Girls and become a variety show watched by Huaxia First."

     Blueberry TV’s colleagues know better than anyone else.

     Especially the staff member of the Data Office, they studied the comparison of ratings in various periods.

     In the beginning, the ratings of Voice of China was only 1.68. What is this concept?

     That's because Blueberry Satellite TV's channel ratings are very rubbish.

     But raw, Luo Yiming relied on his good Chinese voice to continuously increase the ratings. Breaking 2.2.2. The peak ratings reached 2.67.

     The commanding height of the ratings has completely abused Mango TV’s 2.4, which is 0.27 points higher than Mango TV.

     For a while, the employees of Blueberry TV had an exuberant feeling thoroughly.

     And this time, watching the ratings comparison of the two programs at different times, the director of Mango Terrace Europe was vomiting blood with anger.

      Ten minutes ago, he called the leaders and backbone of the Mango Channel, including the person in charge of Super Voice Girls and the director of the center, Zhang Dadong, into the meeting room.

     "Our ratings have reached 2.2. This ratings is to preserve our face. But Zhang Dadong, you are the supergirl in charge. You know how much we have worked hard for this rating."

     "The ratings of our TV program are actually quite embarrassing. The ratings of "The Voice of China", which you despise, easily broke 2, and the highest ratings reached 2.67. Could you say there's nothing about it?"Zhang Dadong’s complexion ashen, on the way he came, he was still thinking about what reason would prevent the director from flies into a rage.

     "Director, I didn't expect the ratings of "The Voice of China" to be so high."

     Song Wendian Haha, the faction struggle in Mango Terrace, Song Wendian tried to defend Luo Yiming and Luo Xin at that time, but he failed: "Zhang Dadong. You couldn't think? That's not right, who was in front of the director at the time. Set up rhetoric, saying that China’s Good Voice is a rubbish show, and then he drove Luo Yiming away. Now, you tell the director you couldn’t think?"

     "Director Song, I..." Zhang Dadong was unable to respond.

     "Zhang Dadong, as far as the current trend is developing, we don't want to stick to the first period for several periods, and I am afraid that the second period will be surpassed by Blueberry.

     "Slap face. You told me that the program "The Voice of China" would definitely hit the streets if the program rules were not changed. You said Super Voice Girls is the best form of music audition."

     "But what's the result now? You have to be clear. When Luo Yiming started to make this program, it was on our channel. You forced him away."

     Zhang Dadong's face from white to green changed from blue to red. He knew that the director was really angry this time.

     "Chairman, I didn't expect that, I...I think maybe the Super Girls' Top 20 is not exciting enough, but with the advancement of the promotion game, I think we can still maintain the first place."

     Zhang Dadong wanted face, but Mr. Ou Trang also saw clearly what the person he chose was."Okay, Zhang Dadong, I'll give you a chance. In the second issue, if the ratings are still the first or the same as the good voice, you continue to sit in your position as the director. If you are overtaken by the good voice, then you can let Position, let Luo Xin and Luo Yiming come back."

      The high-level meeting of Mango TV was called Zhang Dadong heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     outside world.

     Tomato TV.

     Motivational TV.

     North Jing TV.

     Seeing that China's Good Voice had a rating of 2.67 on Blueberry Satellite TV, the highest rating reached 2.67, the person in charge who had contacted Luo Yiming also punched himself severely.

     Although the ratings of 2.2 are not high, why its influence is so great is that this music inspirational program is the first in China.

     The program "The Voice of China" tells everyone that singing is not only the right of handsome men and beautiful women, but ordinary people who have dreams of music can bravely pursue their music dreams.

     Good sound provides a truly fair music stage.
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