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227 The 225th Chapter, The Second Period Starts Shooting, Xue Zhiqian
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Xiaoxue took the task and stepped into the door of the Shangteng entertainment company. From outside, she could see several newly drafted singers staying in the company with nothing to do, with a blank expression on her face.

     Jia Qing was the top six in the My Type Show last year. Compared with other singers, take things as they are and don't want to change the mentality, Jia Qing participated in the My Type Show just to prove himself.

     Did not see Xiaoxue's arrival at all, Jia Qing, with his back to Xiaoxue, said to the other singers: "Brothers and sisters, President Chen attaches great importance to artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan and is not optimistic about our inland artists at all. Are you in no rush ?"

     Jia Qingyi said, Senior Brother Yuan Chengjie said: "Why not worry, but worrying is good. We are all signed, and the contract is clearly written, unless you are not afraid of the compensation for termination and the lawsuit. Otherwise, you can only stay obediently and honestly and pray that the new boss is not what you said."

     Yuan Chengjie duplicity, although persuading the junior sister to take the risks of termination, Yuan Chengjie is already looking for a lawyer to consult related matters in private.

     He couldn't stay in Shangteng waiting for his fame to be exhausted.

     After Yuan Chengjie finished speaking, Guan Zhe, who took part in the my-style show last year, said: “I heard that President Chen intends to sell our company. Now the company’s accounting losses are particularly serious. If the company gives a mainland boss, we still have a chance."

     When everyone was discussing, a man sitting in the corner didn't say a word, but his head was spinning fast.

     05, Xue Zhiqian won the runner-up debut of the My Type My Show with his own Yellow Leaf Maple Leaf.Last month this year, his first album "Xue Zhiqian" was released. It can be said that he is in better condition than his seniors.

     Although he is not famous yet, Chen Yaochuan helped him release his first album.

     However, the sales volume of the first album was not good. Originally, the influence of the My Type Show was not great, and the company did not spend any money to promote it. Compared with the singers of Super Voice Girls, the My Type Show's singers are very bad.

     Chen Yaochuan told Xue Zhiqian about the current situation of Shangteng Entertainment.

     The company has no money to continue to support these old people. Tomato TV's new self-portrait show barely maintains. When it is time to accept new students, Xue Zhiqian's lifespan may be over.

     Xue Zhiqian was very upset and wanted to go out to get some breath.

     Stunned and walked down, he banged directly on Li Xiaoxue who had just entered the door.

     "You, are you? Who are you looking for?" Xue Zhiqian looked up and asked, looking up at Xiaoxue.

     "I'm looking for you Mr. Chen."

     The appearance of Xiaoxue attracted the attention of everyone in the house in the next second.

     "We, Mr. Chen, are not in the company lately. You should call him?" Xue Zhiqian was about to leave after speaking.

     "I am the director of The Voice of China. Didn't Zhang Jie participate in our show? If Mr. Chen is not there, who of you can give me his contact number."

     Speaking of being the choreographer of the Voice of China, many people in the house have their eyes brightened.

     Zhang Jie, as a master brother, went to sign up for good voice, and apprentice sisters knew how much, and then they paid attention to the good voice of China.

     When they saw Luo Yiming, the gold producer of "call the wind and summon the rain" at the Mango Terrace, their hearts once began to stir.Of course, apprentice sisters are waiting to see the game between the company and Zhang Jie.

     And the Good Voice Studio came to the head office for fear that they would negotiate with the company.

     "I have Mr. Chen's call, I'll give it to you." There was an explosion in the air, and the young and beautiful Jia Qing jumped out. The next second she rushed directly in front of Xiaoxue, said with a grin: "You are China Good voice choreographer, the host of this column is Luo Yiming, right?"

     Jia Qing is a small fan of Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming, who is as calm as a mountain and warm as the first sun, has made achievements in the entertainment industry, which little girl in the entertainment industry does not like? Do not want to be able to make him.

     "Yes, the host, producer and director are all Luo Yiming."

     Jia Qing's face was pink-like intoxication and admiration. The heart she wanted to meet Luo Yiming was undoubtedly exposed.

     "Then you give me Mr. Chen's number."

     Jia Qing gave Chen Yaochuan's phone number to Xiaoxue.

     Going out with Jia Qing altogether, the two chatted about the current situation of the Shangteng entertainment company.

     Knowing that the current Shangteng Entertainment make progress only with great difficulty, Chen Yaochuan also hopes that the players of the third My Type My Show will be redeemed, and Li Xiaoxue probably knows the fate of the Shangteng Entertainment Company.

     This summer, China Good Voice and Super Voice Girls pk Intensified, it is impossible to have another outstanding music talent show.

     In this situation, the selected players can only be embarrassing.

     In the previous life, the third I-type I show indeed so.

     Except for choosing a Weiwei, the other players did not have any sense of existence in the entertainment circle in the following years.The good voices in the first issue received rave reviews. Yang Taiping called and congratulated Luo Yiming.

     Yang Taiping talked about program cooperation at the front of the phone, and later Yang Taiping talked about it. In the future, all matters concerning sponsorship and cooperation will be handed over to his daughter, Yang Hui and Luo Yiming.

     As a businessman, Yang Taiping wants to strengthen his friendship with Luo Yiming, but as a father, he knows that his daughter has a good impression of Luo Yiming, and hopes to do something for the two young people.

     Luo Yiming didn't think much about the follow-up matters of sponsorship cooperation and additional advertising fees.

     Luo Yiming is looking forward to establishing a personal friendship with Yang Hui who is good-looking and intelligent.

     After the phone call with Mr. Yang, Luo Yiming arrived at the second stage of the recording of The Voice of China.

     The climax of the first episode was when Zhang Jie complained about his situation after singing on stage.

     The good voice of China, the story beyond the voice is very important.

     Compared with the first period, the singer's singing ability is not weak, and the sense of story is strengthened in this second period.

     In addition, the second issue will have an explosion that has never been heard in the good voices of previous lives.

     Luo Yiming, the fifth mentor, will play his role in this scene.

     Therefore, even Luo Yiming himself is looking forward to what the audience will say when this episode is broadcast.

     The number of students participating in the selection of good voice recording has increased by eight, a total of 20 students.

     Jin Zhiwen, Chu Lanlan, Dai Quan, Wang Xiaowei, Wang Xiaohai, and Xu Jiaying who have not yet formed the miracle of September are all in this issue.For the second recording, staff members and tutors are already familiar with each other.

     The second batch of 20 contestants and their family members came to the interview area in advance. With the popularity of the first period, the contestants were very excited to participate in this program.

     For the audience, the blind selection is very exciting and beautiful.

     You never know what type of player the next player is.

     I don’t know how many mentors will fight for him head broken, blood flowing, everything’s everything is full of unknowns, this is good-looking.

     The ratings of the first episode were comparable to 2.2, and Luo Yiming was really not very satisfied.

     Traditional and Network Media’s responses were a bit strong, but the effect of the program was really not ideal.

     For a new program, the first issue is unable to discern, so Luo Yiming must ensure that this second issue is as exciting as the first issue.
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