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228 Chapter 226, At The End Of The Song, No One Turns Around (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The popularity is not enough. At what time, the ratings have exceeded 3%, and it is called a real hot show.

      Talk to oneself, Luo Yiming followed Lao Li to the reception hall and saw Xu Jiaying, the miracle in September, Jin Zhiwen was preparing for the competition nervously, not knowing that they would be talents in the music industry in the future.

     This kind of far-sighted makes Luo Yiming super satisfied.

     It is her girlfriend who accompanied Jin Zhiwen. He has been in love with Jin Zhiwen for 7 years. He sang this song for his girlfriend Jinsha to be crazy about love. This issue will also give the audience a bitch.

     "Zhiwen, today is your first sing, do you have any confidence?"

     After a brief interview, the camera was closed and Luo Yiming asked Jin Zhiwen.

     The newly adapted song is crazy about love, which is indeed difficult.

     It is not easy to understand the difference in a short time for those who have a little less understanding of music and are not in the professional field.

     However, Jin Zhiwen's repeated practice has digested this version of crazy for love.

     "I don't think I dare to say the four turns. If a teacher turns around for me, it should be done."

     "Singing I have confidence in you, but where is the good voice, not only the sound, I think the love story between you and Jinsha is also a highlight."

     "My girl has been in love with you for seven years. I think you should use your grades to propose to her on this stage."

     Luo Yiming certainly thinks that a simple confession is not enough to stimulate.

     If the sensation is in place, a man's romantic proposal to a woman is the most powerful.

     "The program team prepared this for you."Luo Yiming took out a box from his pocket next second, and inside it was a shiny diamond ring.

     Lao Fengxiang’s diamond ring is an advertiser introduced in the second phase of Blueberry TV.

     This one-carat diamond ring was sponsored by Lao Fengxiang for free.

     Luo Yiming happened to use this link.

     "I can't accept this."

     "Do you think you can't get it in vain? That's it. My good voice has a second season in the future. Maybe I will create other music shows. If you don't dislike it, join my team."

     "Of course, if you get a hit, and then my small studio wants to sign you, you can give me face."

     "Thank you, Director Luo, for your appreciation. I will not disappoint you."

     The current Jin Zhiwen is really a small person.

     But after the next week, Luo Yiming couldn't say how hot he was.

     Jin Zhiwen's musical literacy is not inferior to some well-known musicians, so Luo Yiming values him so much.

     After Jin Zhiwen and Luo Yiming had agreed, they interviewed several students, and the recording of the second phase officially began.

     The audience cheered and applause continued. The four instructors clapped together and turned their chairs.

     Luo Yiming sat on a crude wooden chair, and today's first student appeared.

     When Jin Zhiwen stepped onto the stage, the audience applauded.

     Jin Zhiwen took a few deep breaths and signaled with a nod with the band teacher Liang Qiaobo.

     The four instructors were listening quietly. They had watched the first episode and knew that the current recording order is not equal to the playback order.So the so-called first one is strong, it is the fourth-turn student, this concept no longer exists.

     Before the first chorus, there's nothing about it.

     Liu Ruoying's song is crazy about love. The former's singing skills are very delicate and the voice is full of characteristics, so almost none of the singers who have sang the song are as good as Liu Ruoying's version.

     This edition of Jin Zhiwen, so-so.

     The four mentors are not so optimistic.

     However, as in the first issue, the band’s performance is still super powerful, but with the usual level of singing in front, Luo Yiming feels that even when the chorus is ignited, this version of the love madness will have a great decline.


     Luo Yiming suddenly said.

     He stood up and gestured to the band, Liang Qiaobo directed the accompaniment to end in the next second.

     This will look at Jin Zhiwen on the stage, and Luo Yiming's seriousness has never appeared before crawling on his face.

     "Jin Zhiwen, what's your situation, you sing this song like this?"

     "This is a stage with good sound, please come back seriously. Pause his recording and change to another player."

     Luo Yiming, as the chief director, supposedly shouldn't do this as a mentor on stage.

     Ke Luo Yiming was quite disappointed with Jin Zhiwen's performance.

     The scolded Jin Zhiwen was aggrieved to death, in fact, before, he was very indifferent and calm.

     But suddenly he was told to propose to his girlfriend, and he might become friends on a music show with Director Luo.

     Jin Zhiwen felt that his life in North Drifting could end.

     He no longer needs to rent a house in the capital with his girlfriend, lodge under another person's roof.

     Thinking of a bright future, thinking of the importance of this song.His heart can no longer be calm.

     Therefore, the singing voice is one of his worst performances.

     Luo Yiming stopped in time and deliberately flies into a rage. In fact, he wanted to save Jin Zhiwen.

     If the chorus of the first time is really sung, no matter whether the instructor beats it or not, it certainly cannot be repeated.

     Let him reflect and calm down.

     Maybe that powerful Jin Zhiwen will come back.

     Jin Zhiwen went to the lounge and reunited with his little girlfriend.

     Girlfriend Jinsha encouraged Jin Zhiwen in the lounge.

     During this encouragement, Jin Zhiwen’s inner analysis was recorded by camera.

     In the infield, the second and third players have finished singing, and neither of them turned around.

     Before the fourth player came on stage, I heard that the players in front were all "finished".

     Under pressure, he slowly walked onto the stage.

     Therefore, to participate in The Voice of China, he is actually the same as Luo Yiming, who likes the new Peking Opera, the combination of opera accent and pop music.

      He wants to try these new Beijing opera songs by New Drunken Beauty, Wukong, Han Jiangxue, and Luo Yiming.

     This time, in order to make sure that the instructor turns around first, he deliberately chose a relatively stable mainstream song, an excerpt.

     The band teacher starts and the orchestra enters.

     Dai Quan sang the first line of the Peking opera "Qin Xianglian" when Chen Shimei was sent to Beijing for the exam.

     The subtle chemical reaction of Peking Opera singing and orchestral music surprised the audience and the instructor.

     "Does the singer sound good?"


     The audience started talking, Luo Yiming knew the song.However, just speaking of this Peking opera, Dai Quan's performance is still poor.

     When Huang Yue sang this song, the prelude of Peking opera directly found the accompaniment of the original song. Dai Quan had to sing it by himself. Luo Yiming knew that he wanted to show his love for Peking opera.

     Enter the main song.

     Dai Quan slowly found a sense.

     When the first climax of the chorus was sung, and there were not so many hateful dissatisfactions, Luo Yiming got to the point where the instructor could shoot the button.

     But the four instructors are obviously not too cold with this style of music.

     No one shot.

     The second chorus is coming, and all contemporary sings, if the world loses its colorful mask, will some people linger and regret it?

     His feelings are in place.

     The four demanding mentors remained indifferent.

     There is only the last paragraph of the whole song. The ending paragraph is relatively lonely. It is a song of nostalgia and nostalgia for the old, a little sad. Compared with the chorus, it is difficult to impress the tutor with these two sentences.

     Dai Quan knew that he might not have a mentor to turn around.

     In the last two sentences, he hoped for a miracle, looked at the four chairs longingly, and finally sang, "You take off the phoenix crown, I will wipe off the oil paint, and the red curtain is closed. This is... an excerpt."

     At the end of the song, no one turned around.
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