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230 Chapter 228, Crazy For Love
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Get ready, I'll be on stage right away to sing."

     Luo Yiming said a few words to Jin Zhiwen, patted him on the shoulder, and did everything he could. In the end, whether Jin Zhiwen could defeat his own demon, no one else could help him.

     Leaving from the lounge, only Jinsha is left in the lounge outside. In front of her is the scene in the studio. The four instructors have returned, waiting for the next player to enter.

     Jin Zhiwen is here.

     Wearing a blue and white striped T-shirt, with jeans legs rolled up, Jin Zhiwen walked while adjusting his breathing.

     In front of the crew, Director Luo tried his best to fight for a chance to re-enter the stage and had already infected him.

     He told himself that he must not disappoint Luo Dao.

     After checking his eyes with Teacher Liang Qiaobo, he returned to the stage again, completely changed.

     He is full of self-confidence, like a small burning universe, when the music is played, the singing is accurately pushed in.

     "I came from spring and you said to be separated in autumn/"

     It's still the melody of that song, but it's like a singer came up to sing.

     Liu Ruoying's voice is very delicate and pleasant, and the front is flat and straightforward.

     But Jin Zhiwen is different. He is the same introverted and reserved as Liu Ruoying, but the second sentence of autumn and separation is deliberately heavy, not a skillful pile, it is precisely the sound of thick metal friction, which makes people feel emotional. Following the sound, Zi began an emotional journey.


     "A boy or a girl?"

     As soon as the song started, the four instructors started talking.has to say, if the voice of Jin Zhiwen is not as good as Liu Ruoying for the first time, his skills and sincerity are much inferior.

     But this time, it was shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones.

     The audience watched the show all the way, although they recognized that it was the student who sang in front, they had questions in their minds, why he sang twice.

     But because the voice is so good, the clear and high-pitched voice directly penetrated into the bottom of my heart, far exceeding the original vocal, and the audience forgave him by default.

     The original version of being crazy about love is like an introvert who is not very good at expressing feelings secretly liking someone.

     The version of Jin Zhiwen is as if one day you learn that you and the person you like only have the last chance to meet.

     After being depressed for a long time, the story of 100 episodes in my heart suddenly broke out in final moments.

     Is this kind of feeling.

     Not to mention wanting to meet, it is to see the rivers and lakes goodbye, all emotions finally broke out unstoppable.

     Once this kind of feeling erupted, no one could suppress it.

     Jin Zhiwen’s singing sounded in the air, and his abundant emotions, like bullet after bullet, galloped freely in the air.

     Teacher Tian Zhen raised his hand high, he wanted to shoot.

     Teacher Lin Zhixuan stopped and said, "Listen again, don't rush to shoot."

     Teacher Liu Huan said: "Immediately chorus, I am very interested in the arrangement of his chorus."

     In the version of Liu Ruoying's song, her singing voice is very emotional, but the feminine gentleness, the cautious and solemn of love, makes the chorus and climax of the song, without the carefree and unrestrained feeling.The version of Jin Zhiwen, at least until now, makes people passionate in front, if the chorus can make up the part of the song that is not high enough.

     Liu Huan and Lin Zhixuan thought this song was finished.

     "I want to ask if you dare to love me like you said/"

     It burst, it really burst.

     Jin Zhiwen's treble changed the low-key, furtively emotion of the original song to another expression.

     Love must be said out loud, Jin Zhiwen’s singing makes people be fired up, and makes everyone want to love bravely once.



     Teacher Liu Huan and Teacher Lin Zhixuan turned around almost at the same time.

     "I want to ask if you dare to be crazy about love like me/"

     It was another heartbreaking sentence, and Mr. Haring took it.

     Except for Teacher Tian Zhen, this meeting was not filmed, and all three instructors turned their chairs.

     "Turn, turn, turn."

     Jinsha was in the lounge, looking at the footage in the studio, and shouted for Teacher Tian Zhen to turn around.

     But don't know why, how popular the song, how the audience was moved, Tian Zhen was indifferent.

     "What do you think?" At the end of the last sentence, Jin Zhiwen himself was crying.

     The three mentors turned around. Not only did he prove himself, he did not fail Dao Luo, and did not fail his girlfriend's love for him.

     He also couldn't bear, so the tears flowed down unsuspectingly.

     Three turns is enough.

     After Jin Zhiwen's singing ended, he won the voice of the audience."I think he sang the last sentence with tears." Lin Zhixuan commented impatient when the music ended.

     "Moved," Haring said.

     "Very touched, we applaud for you." Teacher Liu Huan applauded appreciatively.

     Harlem smiled and saw that Jin Zhiwen was still wiping his tears and his glasses were crooked. He joked: "All right, first straighten your glasses."

     "Then tell us what's your name."

     Lin Zhixuan said, "You calm down first. I'm too excited. I'm too excited to follow your music."

     "You just sang that woman so passionately, but now you cry again."

     "We all want to know your name."

     Jin Zhiwen wiped away his tears and said, "Hello everyone, I am from Jilin, and my name is Jin Zhiwen."

     "how old?"

     Jin Zhiwen said: "I am 25 years old."

     "Where are you now?"

     "I am drifting in Beijing, I am a music arranger."

     "We turned around for a reason. Liu Ruoying made a very clear image for this song."

     "But when he sings, his image is more vivid."

     "The passion and passion are all expressed."

     "He has his name already."

     "So when everyone is singing, don't think about it, whoever I want to learn to sing this song, just sing your own."

     Haring will notice that Luo Yiming seems to have tears in the corners of his eyes, and said: "Yiming, are you crying?"

     "Are you moved by him, or did a bug fly into your eyes just now?"

     puff.Harlem is really responsible for being funny.

     From the second time, as soon as Jin Zhiwen opened his voice, Luo Yiming's mood was not right.

     It's because Jin Zhiwen sang right this time.

     In the second episode of Good Voice, Jin Zhiwen is a major highlight. In order to present a good program effect, he asked Jin Zhiwen to sing again, which is a game in itself.

     Obviously, he was right.

     "I'm a very emotional person. I'm crazy about love. This version sounds good to me. I always watch him sing, so it's not the same as your experience."

     "I see the state of his singing on stage, he has been clenching his fists tightly. I think there are too many, such unsatisfactory and grievances, he hopes to sing through singing. I can see him on the road of music So Many years of struggle, I am thinking, if there is no such kind of platform for him, where will he be."

     "So, when he was on the stage, he was in a competitive state. He sang and wanted to ask if you dare. It was a kind of cry from his soul. He wanted to prove himself and ask God for a fair deal. Kind of struggle."

     Luo Yiming's experience is similar to that of the audience.

     What the eyes see is not deceiving.

     Jin Zhiwen's singing seems to be his experience.

     Sing of the unevenness of his life.

     "Why do I have tears flashing, I am really moved."

     "You changed a song by Liu Ruoying. I have never heard someone change Liu Ruoying's song like this. It is powerful, passionate, but also wronged and unwilling. I admire you very much."

     Teacher Liu Huan said: "I want to ask, did you change this arrangement yourself or did you change it?"Jin Zhiwen said: "The teacher actually gave me a version of this song, but I didn't follow the teacher's. This song is an arrangement I drove out overnight."

     "This is a song that is hidden in my heart, six years."

     "The reason I am so excited today."

     "Because, maybe everyone doesn't understand the work of arranging. The work of arranging is really depressing and really tired."

     Jin Zhiwen roared, his voice hoarse, and his tears fell again unable to control, like a child for a while.

     The audience only knows that listening to a good piece of music is particularly enjoyable, but they really don’t know how much effort the musician has to make behind a good piece of music.

     And for such a song, if this is not the case, Director Luo asked Jin Zhiwen to sing a second time. It is very likely that there will be no current situation.

     The audience understood Luo Yiming.

     I understand why, Luo Dao is willing to give Jin Zhiwen a second opportunity.

     He is a music arranger and he is most qualified to realize his revenge and ideals at this stage.

     "Then this song has another meaning in my heart. My girlfriend and I have been together for six years. This song is my repertoire for her."

     "I think she has suffered more grievances and pressure than me."

     "I'm very willing to lose my temper because of work, and play a child's temper, and then she is very persistent by my side to make me happy."

     "Afraid of my uncomfortable, afraid of my unwell."

     "Always take care of me.""I am here, I want to tell my girlfriend, I sang this song for you. I hope you heard it and like this song. I want to be crazy about love."

     I want to be crazy about love. It is a confession of love between Jinsha and myself in the past six years. In life, there are many couples like Jin Zhiwen. They face all kinds of difficulties in reality, but some do not have Jin Zhiwen. And Sands is so lucky.

     It's over, it's over, so, crazy about love, shout out, let many audience feel as if it had happened to oneself.
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