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231 Chapter 229, The Second Issue Is Broadcast, Network Broadcast Rights? (For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The next second, Jin Zhiwen awkwardly took out a box from his pocket. The box was Lao Fengxiang's jewelry box.

     Seeing Jin Zhiwen take out this exquisite little box, the audience guessed what would happen next.

     Jin Zhiwen excitedly said: "My girlfriend has been following me for six years, and has been with me. She feels that I am not a romantic person. In six years, I have never been romantic. Today, I want to be a romantic. Thing."

     "I want the tutor I chose to be a witness today and accompany me backstage to propose to her."

     "Okay." The instructors were moved by Jin Zhiwen.

     The audience is also looking forward to seeing the moment when Jin Zhiwen proposes.

     Looking forward to that scene.

     "Start your choice." Luo Yiming said.

     "When I came here, the tutor has always been firm in my heart. I choose... Teacher Lin Zhixuan."

     "Come on Jinzhiwen, welcome to join my team!"

     When Jin Zhiwen chose Lin Zhixuan, the four instructors went backstage together.

     When standing side by side with other mentors, Luo Yiming noticed that Sister Tian Zhen was a little uncomfortable.

     In that session just now, she didn't have a button, and basically did not speak.

     Luo Yiming leaned over and asked, "Tian Zhen, are you okay? I don't think you are feeling well."

     Tian Zhen thought that she was too tired to record, and waved her hand, "Sorry, it may be really tired, or should I go take a break and we will record again?"


     In order to ensure that the instructor is in the best condition, all staff members and instructors enter the break time, and Mr. Lin Zhixuan goes to the background to make up some pictures.Two hours later, recording continues...

     After the second program was recorded, only three of the 20 players did not enter the four mentor teams.

     Two were eliminated and one entered Luo Yiming's rise from the ashes team.

     Among the outstanding students, Xu Jiaying, September Miracle, and Zeng have performed well.

     The trainees of the second phase will also stay in the training base of Guanyuan for the next a period of time, get to know First Term Student, and then group the trainees according to the instructor, and select the temporary monitor of each team.

     After the recording, Luo Yiming personally drove Tian Zhen home.

     In the car, Tian Zhen's face was worse than when she was recording the show.

     Tian Zhen didn't know what was wrong with him, suddenly her spirits were so bad.

      Recently, she had some tiny red spots on her body. Tian Zhen initially thought it was an allergy and didn't care much.

     But when the program was recorded, it suddenly went dark in front of him, and Tian Zhen had a foreboding that there might be something wrong with her body.

     "Yi Ming, there may be something wrong with my body. I have to go to the hospital to check it, but I won't be delayed for the third recording. Don't worry...."

     Luo Yiming almost forgot, the former teacher Tian Zhen had a blood disease.

     That serious illness consumed her reputation in the singing industry, and only then did another female singer become a sister in the mainland.

     Now she is mentally wrong, very probably may be pre-morbidity, Luo Yiming is on this timeline.

     Naturally, the sooner the disease is diagnosed and treated, the better. Compared with human life, the recording of good sounds is naturally the latter."Sister Tian Zhen, if you feel unwell, you must go to the hospital for a checkup. Don't worry, I will help you watch the training of the base singer. I believe you can return to the team earlier. As the only female tutor, you are very important. of."

     Tian Zhen nodded and smiled brightly: "I know! Thank you for being clear. The Voice of China program is the best music talent show in my opinion. Of course I don't want to fall behind."

     "Moreover, I recruited one of my favourite song players today. He has the same name as you. I think it looks like a champion, but I will see him win the championship."

     "You have to wait for me to come back!"

     Luo Yiming said boldly: "We must wait for you to come back!"

     Luo Yiming also admired this singer once.

     He was born in the Family of Musicians.

     Both his parents are actors in the Han Opera Troupe, and he has been influenced by good music since he was a child.

     In 2002, he had revealed outstanding talent in the music circle, and in 2004 and 2005 he signed with different Record Companies.

     In the end, they were ruthlessly buried because of their poor appearance.

     In 2006, a Zeng one turned to be behind the scenes. The Voice of China program was also the last effort made by a Zeng one for oneself.

      He couldn't think. With a song "Fireworks Hot" to commemorate the younger brother, he won the turn of Tian Zhen and Haring. In the end, he chose Tian Hou Tian Zhen.

     At the end of the two sessions, there were eight or nine Good Voice students under each tutor.

     After Tian Zhen went to the hospital for an inspection, the inspection report should be obtained in three days. The third and fourth phases of the good sound program were recorded on July 6th and July 7th.The recording of the fourth phase of Good Voice has been completed, and 13 students of Good Voice under the four tutors have reached their quota.

     Luo Yiming successfully recruited Zhang Lei in the fourth period, who none of the four instructors chose.

     So far, the first part of the grouping of Good Voice students has officially ended.

     Among the shouts of the audience, at 7:45 pm on July 8th, the second period of good sound was broadcast, and the alleys were empty!

      Brand-new mode's music audition has aroused the interest of more and more audiences.

     Those who did not catch up with the first live broadcast all watched the rebroadcast during the rebroadcast period, and I did not accidentally like the show.

     At the beginning of the second episode, the audience in front of the TV fell into the show.

     Especially some young people, if they do not watch the good voice of China, they are afraid that they and their friends will not have a common language and will be excluded.

     Sohu Video is the largest video Web Portal in the Mainland, and Sohu Podcast is a live broadcast platform they opened in 2004. In addition to some self-made programs, Sohu Video will introduce many television programs and broadcast live on the Internet.

     As the pioneer of network broadcasting platform, Sohu has long been optimistic about this market.

     They have been preparing to introduce a TV variety show this year, which will be broadcast on the online live broadcast.

     The good voice of China gave them impulse.

     Content editor Wu Enbo and his son Wu Chong sat in front of the TV, discussing something enthusiastically about good sound programs.

     Wu Chong has just taken the college entrance examination in June today. When he is under high pressure, listening to music is always the favorite way for young people to reduce stress.

     At the moment when there is no good voice, he will desperately search for songs on the Internet.But since the good voice of China, the hot songs and good songs the students sang in it have given him great benefits.

     He doesn't have to try songs on the charts anymore, he can directly use it.

     "Son, we want to introduce the television program to live broadcast on the podcasting platform of Sohu Video. What do you think will be the number of clicks for this program if it goes online?"

     Wu Enbo values the views of young people today.

     After all, it is their students who are active on the Internet.

     "Dad, if you can watch the live broadcast online, it would be much more convenient for me as a student party. There is no TV in the school! I think the broadcast volume must exceed 10 million."

     Wu Chong has no concept of numbers, but he thinks it must be very popular.

     "This show really gave me a different impulse. As a content officer, I think "The Voice of China" doesn't care about the appearance, just listening to the sound form is very interesting."

     "Yes, Dad, the show has started, I won't talk to you anymore, you can figure it out!"

     At the beginning of the show, Wu Chong had no time to take care of his father. He stared at the TV and saw the V sign for stretches and unfolds.

     The next five mentors were in place, and the first to appear was a thin little girl.

     "From Taipei? I'm 22 years old this year. This should be a fresh graduate, right?"

     "So skinny, she said she was the champion of the campus singer contest when she was on campus, right?"

     "But looking at her quiet appearance, she doesn't look like a liar."

     Every student of Good Voice has more or less grooves and controversies, and Xu Jiaying is no exception.Holding the golden microphone approaching the infield, Xu Jiaying told herself that she must grasp this stage well.
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