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232 Chapter 230, Next-door Class, Poor Vision
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Wu Chong yelled, hugged his head and bent his knees, and fell lazily on the sofa: "Dad, if she sings well, I can sign up next year too!"

     "Don't look down on other people's little girls, maybe they are very strong!" Wu Enbo hummed.

     Xu Jiaying, from Taipei, calmly stated in the previous tidbits interview that she loves music and won prizes in the campus song contest.

     But her small body and her appearance are basically unable to make people think of how strong her music is.

     Rap and singing are good, at least they should be tall, or have a bigger belly, so that they can be more vigorous.

     Audiences who don't know much about music like Wu Chong are not very optimistic about this little girl.

     However, something that no one expected happened.

     Xu Jiaying was on the stage. As soon as the string music began to flow slowly, Xu Jiaying immediately led the people into a slow sorrow.

     Just sing the first sentence and conquered everyone.

     The silence is full of loneliness, the voice floats out, and it is very powerful.

     Xu Jiaying moved Lin Zhixuan with her mellow and clear voice, and set a record that the instructor turned around in the first five seconds.

     The moment when Lin Zhixuan shot the lamp, Wu Chong clenched fists and waved it. Xu Jiaying, the little girl, was too powerful. Wu Chong hadn't thought, her voice could be so nice.

     Wu Enbo on the side of the sofa said excitedly: "Yes! Lin Zhixuan's decision is too correct. There is a force in the quietness of this song, which is very profound."

     "I don't have to ask you to come back/"

     "Just when another person is watching the sea/"Xu Jiaying relied on this lost sandbar to win the championship in the campus song contest. She performed this song countless times on other stages.

     But performing him on the stage with good voice still gave Xu Jiaying a different experience.

     Lyrics, I don't have to ask you to come back, and there is no straightforward narrative that I want you back like those mainstream songs.

     It’s the expression of take an alternate route that you can go, but I only think of you when I am alone watching the sea.

     The sadness after being broken in love jumped out, leaving the young friends deeply moved.

     "I don't have to ask you to come back/"

     "Just to open the memory again/"

     "Blank except you/"

     "Who else can teach me love/"

     Xu Jiaying put one of her hands on her chest, and she moved in small steps in peace.

     She pacing on the stage is not nervous, but her unique stage performance.

     This kind of performance looks bad visually, because there is no typhoon, but it is this shyness and introversion that reflects her simplicity and simplicity.

     "That's enough."


     Harlem raised his hand high and pressed it down like a wind, and he patted it.

     After that, Teacher Liu Huan said, "It sounds good." He also took a picture.

     Teacher Tian Zhen pressed the button one last time, and the four instructors made another four rounds, giving the second phase of Good Voice a good start.

     "Sure enough, the first players are all capable players."

     Wu Enbo said: "I'm sure. Tomorrow, I will suggest to the leader to try to successfully buy the right to broadcast the sound of the network."At the same time, the audience, all over the country, were moved by the little girl's low voice and strong performance.

     A song of Lost Sands, there's nothing about it story, simply proved herself with music, Xu Jiaying received the greatest applause support.

     "I choose Teacher Lin Zhixuan."

     In the fight, Xu Jiaying chose Lin Zhixuan.

     In order to grab this student, Lin Zhixuan also promised to carefully select a good song suitable for Xu Jiaying's voice in the group pk.

     The sound of the second episode still maintains a high standard.

     Basically, the program there's nothing about it, nonsense and advertisements, but only occasionally when a few multi-transfer students make choices, commercials are inserted.

     It's not like the TV next door, which caused a lot of scolding when the TV series was inserted in the commercial.

     Xu Jiaying made a good start, followed by Jin Zhiwen, September Miracle, Zeng Yiming appeared one by one, bombarding the audience's ears in turn.

     In addition to Jin Zhiwen, who gave everyone a warm story, Zeng Yi, the miracle in September, all used singing, and they were fans of the stage performance.

     In the second episode of Good Voice, seventeen students were selected, Luo Yiming's fifth tutor was established, and he also had his first student Daiquan.

     The team of mentors is getting bigger.

     Xu Jiaying, Jin Zhiwen quickly became an eye-catching character.

     After the show was broadcast, the two assumed more than 40 searches!

     The miracle in September, Zeng Yiyi's attention is gradually increasing.

     After watching the second episode with his father, Wu Chong took out the phone and chatted with his friends after returning to the room.

     Everyone talked until the middle of the night, and for the second round of students, they also made a championship prediction.Wu Chong really likes to sing, especially Xu Jiaying's singing gave him an impulse.

     He was motivated by the students of Good Voice, thinking about practicing with great concentration for one year. Next year, if Good Voice is still there, he will definitely sign up for this program.

     This night, Wu Chong’s dreams were all singing, the flashing stage lights, and the top band at his side accompaniment.

     He held the microphone high and sang and conquered tens of thousands of audiences.

     The next day, Wu Chong woke up, the college entrance examination was over, and the scores came out.

     His admission notice was sent to the school, and today he went to get it back.

     When he came to school with his bag on his back, he found that many classmates had arrived, and they were all talking about the good sound program of yesterday evening.

     "Wu Chong, did you watch China's good voice last night?"

     "Of course I watched. Did you watch it?"

     "Nonsense! My favorite show is China's Good Voice. If you don't watch him, it's out of date. By the way, which player do you like best?..."

     Wu Chong had a good voice with his friend last night, so when the topic opened up, he was the central figure.

     Talking about the dribs and drabs of your favorite players, everyone takes pleasure in sth and feels the simple happiness.

     It's not just students like Wu Chong who are talking about China's good voice.

     Many office workers are in the space, blogging circle and the status is updated every minute, all kinds of nonsense.

     Nowadays, in the no matter what circle, if you don’t talk about the good voice of China, it is easy to be regarded as marginalized.

     After the second episode of Good Voice was broadcast, the official ratings came out.This time, the ratings were based on 22, directly adding 098 ratings, and the final ratings reached 318.

     This data has infinitely equalized Luo Yiming's high ratings on Mango Channel.

     This result is close to last year's Super Voice Girls.

     In the first year of this year, the ratings of national music programs are recorded.

     Both Jin Zhiwen and Xu Jiaying are on fire, and in this issue, the discussion behind the "star" singer has gradually followed up.

     His history has also been turned out by everyone.

     A once has a richer resume than other singers.

     In 2002, he created the first domestic online musical "It's a mistake to love you", and its theme song "When I Love You Again" set a record of tens of millions of listeners.

     This issue of Fireworks Hot is a song composed by him and his former agent in 2004 to commemorate the first anniversary of his death.

     Many people say that Zeng Yi didn't perform to his highest level.

     Looking forward to seeing him perform later.

     Some netizens also found out the history of a person who participated in Hunan Satellite TV's "Super Boy" in 2003, but failed to qualify for the audition.

     Although I can't find the video of the audition, netizens still searched the website to find out the comment of a judge at that time.

     "There is a player who still has some problems with pitch, and your stage appeal is not good. Although you can sing well, if you are forced to advance, it is like pulling a general from a short man, so I'm sorry, you didn't pass."

     Zeng one failed. In fact, netizens understand that the super male voice wants to choose good looking.Once a person looks ugly, it is called stage infectiousness.

     Singing is good, but it can also pick out some problems with pitch.

     But if you ask him what the problem is, the judge can't tell.

     The super male voice failed and did not advance in the audition.

     Haha, what about now? Someone once turned and came to China for Good Voice, a show where success is judged by sound.

     In the second episode, Turn 4, the instructors rushed wildly. This don't tell me it's not proves that the show next door is so poor-sighted?
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