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234 Chapter 232, Luo Yiming, Commissioned Instructor (second More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Chen Yaochuan, who just slipped out of the official website of the Voice of China, put his left hand on the table and his right hand on his chin.

     He fell into a long contemplation.

     A few days ago, he met with Li Xiaoxue of Good Voice Studio.

     The other party intends to acquire part of the equity of Shangteng entertainment company, occupying more than 30 percent of the shares, and becoming the actual head of the company.

     Shangteng entertainment company currently has no other resources except for some singers who make my debut.

     It can be said that Shangteng entertainment company is a shell company.

     Chen Yaochuan is not optimistic about the singers of my style show.

     He was afraid that he could not let go of the so big plate in his hand. Someone would take it and become the controlling shareholder.

     He felt that he could simply sell the company directly.

     Just yesterday, he and Luo Yiming talked on the phone for the first time and opened up the price in their hearts.

     One billion, Shangteng Entertainment Company can package it to Luo Yiming.

     Including dozens of signed singers from the company.

     A bus, a Toyota SUV, and an office with more than 200 square meters.

     Facing Chen Yaochuan's lion's big mouth, Luo Yiming only said one sentence and folded it in half.

     Half-fold, that is Luo Yiming's 50 million at most.

     In fact, the valuable resources of Shangteng Entertainment Company are precisely these contracted artists.

     Chen Yaochuan's pricing is also based on the compensation for breach of contract by these artists.

     Artists like Zhang Jie and Xue Zhiqian would pay as much as tens of millions in compensation if they breached the contract.

     But he is meowing fifty million, Chen Yaochuan is not reconciled.He rejected Luo Yiming, and...there was no more.

     Today, I accidentally browsed the official website of the Voice of China and saw so many netizens supporting Luo Yiming, Chen Yaochuan was stimulated.

     "Luo Yiming is so formidable. The programs he created and the network broadcast rights were sold for 60 million yuan, but he bought Shangteng Entertainment. He didn't want to make one billion, so he gave me 50 million?"

     Chen Yaochuan was naturally jealous when he saw people making money.

     And the singer Chen Yaochuan does not want to continue to receive such a rubbish audition of my type.

     He wished to throw the Shangteng entertainment company out now.

     Unfortunately, Luo Yiming seems to have little interest in Shangteng Entertainment Company.

     He never took the initiative to contact himself.

     A billion, Chen Yaochuan actually knew that his company was not worth so much money at all.

     In the current mess, someone can pay 50 million for the acquisition, and it is already Amitabha.

     In the psychological game with Chen Yaochuan, Luo Yiming has the upper hand from the very beginning.

      With 50 million’s acquisition funds, Luo Yiming believed that it would be worthwhile to buy variety celebrities like Zhang Jie, Xue Zhiqian, and Liu Wei, as well as idol actresses such as Jia Qing and Qi Wei who immediately entered the company.

     He is not in a hurry.

     On the way to the acquisition of Shangteng, the most important thing he lacks is time.

     His main energy is currently still on good sound.

     The good voice recording of the first four phases was completed, and from the fifth phase, it was a pk battle within the team.

     According to the plan, the team of Teacher Tian Zhen was arranged for the first pk.Two days ago, Tian Zhen would completely come to the base to train and practice with his students.

     However, as the official game approached, Tian Zhen suddenly couldn't get in touch in these two days.

     This morning, Luo Yiming received a call from Tian Zhen's mother.

     Tian Zhen was diagnosed with chronic thrombocytopenic purpura by the hospital, which is a blood disease.

     Tian Zhen needs to perform three large and small operations in the next two months.

     Therefore, she apologized to Tian Zhen for not being able to continue participating in Good Voice.

     Luo Yiming had expected this call.

     When he matched the timeline last time, Luo Yiming had a hunch.

     Teacher Tian Zhen may record all the good voices without any means, and finally go to the peak night to watch the final match of the top four.

     I told Tian Zhen's mother to take good care of Teacher Tian Zhen, and Luo Yiming hung up the phone.

     But afterwards, Luo Yiming didn't think about giving up Teacher Tian Zhen.

     He immediately notified the camera crew, Lao Li, and called all the members of Teacher Tian Zhen's shaking class to visit her in the hospital.

     Beijing Union Hospital.

     Tian Zhen, who was lying on the hospital bed, was already haggard and wasted a lot.

     Although wearing long trousers and long clothes, the red spots on the neck and face are still clearly visible.

     Tian Zhen faced the students and Luo Yiming, but she didn't care about her health.

     Just said that after the first operation, I tried to go back and record the good voice of China.

     When speaking, she was very firm, but physical pain caused her to struggle with her expression.Teacher Tian Zhen is a confidant elder sister who is very kind. When she said her heart-warming words, all the students in the earthquake class shed tears.

     "Tian Zhen, I brought the students to see you. I just want to tell you that if you take good care of your illness, they will sing for you on the stage, perform well, and win the championship trophy for you."

     Luo Yiming whispered in her ear while cutting the fruit for Tian Zhen.

     As the captain of the shaking class, Zeng Yi said: "Director Luo is right. Our shaking class will definitely win the final championship."

     Bi Xia clenched his fists and said: "Tian Zhen, you can recover from illness with peace of mind. If you are in the team, you can group us now and choose the song. We can call to communicate. The shaking class will win."

     Bi Xia is a little girl, her ideas are innocent.

     Tian Zhen knows that when he stays in this hospital, many times, he can't keep in touch with the outside world at all. More often, without the freedom to act independently.

     "Yi Ming, I will have an operation next week. If the operation is successful and the recovery is good, I will return to good voice before the fifth episode."

     "But... if you really can't go, you can find another mentor for them. They are all excellent children. I don't want to be ruined in my hands."

     Chen Bing said: "No, Teacher Tian, we only talk to you."

     Ai Yiliang said: "Yes, we think no teacher treats us better than Teacher Tian Zhen."

     The student and Tian Zhen have been in contact with the base for a few days, and already have that teacher-student relationship.Luo Yiming will pass the peeled apple to Teacher Tian Zhen, said with a faint smile: "Teacher Tian, a good voice from the very beginning determines that one of the tutors is you, and this position will not change. Yours That position, if you don’t come back, it will be empty."

     "... But in the team pk, there must be a teacher, and moreover, I will give them guidance these days..."

     Luo Yiming directly interrupts and said: "There is me."

     "Tian, if you don't dislike it, I will help you watch your group of students."

     "Yes, Director Luo can look at us." Zeng Yiyi said.

     "Zeng, below, let Teacher Tian Zhen choose songs for you."

     Luo Yiming had a little idea about how to play the Chinese Voice.

     Although the departure of Teacher Tian Zhen may make the good voice tutor group look a little embarrassed.

     But precisely because this departure may be able to burst out the students' greater and more terrifying power.

     Tian Zhen acquiesced.

     She hadn't thought many songs and thought for a minute.

     Tian Zhen chose two songs.

     One song she chose for Zeng Yiliang and Ai Yiliang, Maybe Tomorrow.

     One is the wild flowers she chose for Bi Xia and Chen Bing.

     Tian Zhen asked Luo Yiming to choose other songs.

     Moreover, during this period of time when he was absent, Tian Zhen asked Luo Yiming to help take care of the children in the earthquake class.

     To a certain extent, Luo Yiming became the commissioned tutor of the field clinic team.
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