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237 Chapter 235, Chen Bing Vs. Bi Xia, Shady Or Strength
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

That night, Chen Bing stayed in Luo Yiming's room for over an hour.

     When Chen Bing sang this wild flower the next day, it was as if he had changed.

     On July 20th, Voice of China's first session of PK in the tutor group opened.

     The first group of the duel is Chen Bing and Bi Xia.

     Teacher Tian Zhen who was absent from the recording, her swivel chair was empty.

     The camera specifically gave a close-up of the chair, plus Luo Yiming's introduction to teacher Tian Zhen's hospitalization, so that the recording began, and the sad atmosphere permeated the entire studio.

     "The trainees are ready, come on stage."

     Director Luo Xin was in charge of the scene.

     In addition to being the director of the Mango Channel, she also helped Luo Yiming manage the studio for the remaining time.

     Hearing the voice on the walkie-talkie, the live director asked the students to come on stage.

     Bi Xia came on stage with pigtails domineering, showing her kingly style, and the mature dress of leather jacket and leather pants, no one could guess that she was only 16 years old.

     And Chen Bing's long hair fluttering, T-shirt heated skirt, very feminine.

     She has a confident smile on her face, like a wild flower awakening in the wind, brilliant, fragrant, independent and strong.

     Compared with the two, the momentum is not weak.

     If Scales of Victory had been completely leaning on Bi Xia's side before, but today's Chenbing will bring the victory and defeat of the game back to the original point.

      who is stronger and who is weaker, who can advance, just watch the next song.

     The music from the band teacher gradually came in, the main piano accompaniment was played gently, the sand hammer was in the ear, and the drums were beaten slowly.

     The wonderful music began, and Bi Xia’s hoarse and miserable voice sang like wild flowers of be of no interest to anyone:"Who bloomed and lost the wild flowers on the mountain, quietly waiting for someone to pick it/"

     "I'm waiting for him like that flower, pat my shoulder and I will listen to your arrangement/"

     "The swaying flower needs your comfort, don't let it grow old while waiting..."

     Teacher Liang Qiaobo made little changes to Tian Zhen's version of this version of Wildflowers. This is also the result of repeated confirmation with Luo Yiming.

     The overall level of Tian Yan’s song is still the highest boundary among mainland female singers.

     The slow chords and the thick female voice, with a little melancholy, mixed with the vicissitudes of life.

      There's nothing about it fancy ups and downs, a simple song, with traces of mainland rock music on the style.

     This song is full of local characteristics.

     Interestingly, another diva, Hetian Clinic, also belongs to the "old singer" who is radiating the second spring.

     However, the one who chose a thorough Taipei style, Music Writing is the Taipei route.

     Tian Zhen's wild flower is purely made in mainland China.

     After Bi Xia sang the first part, the voice was almost a copy of Teacher Tian Zhen.

     But for a 16-year-old girl, Bi Xia could not understand the sadness of youth that it was difficult to stay. The emotional level of the song was slightly weak.

     After the song started, Chen Bing's mind actually recalled that he was in Luo Dao's room last night.

     A story he told himself, what he said.

     Director Luo said, "I always think that high school is a turning point in my life. When I grow up, I start to learn to think. At the same time, I also start the lonely sorrow that must be at that age.""I think it was an era without faith, so I have been looking for a voice to support me."

     "So one day, I demons and gods at work and bought a tape of the field clinic."

     "I came out of the video store, put on the headphones, and the sound rang out. I felt like I was stubborn."

     "What I heard happened to be the wild flowers of Teacher Tian Zhen."

     "The first time I listened to this song, I just felt that it was different from other songs. Later I found out that this song has become an addiction that I can't quit. It would be very hard not to listen to it.

     "Especially when you are alone, when a sense of loss strikes, when you are empty."

     "Wild flowers no longer seem to be flowers, they are no longer unmarried maiden eager to keep their youth, and they are no longer patients who miss the river."

     "But everyone who longs for it, longs for a beautiful life."

     "That is the release of my repressed desire!"

     "This is the Golden Age of my life, and I seem to have nothing to do, I want a lot, I want to go to the sky, I want to fly..."

     "But after all, the contradictions and difficulties can't be avoided. You can only confine yourself to a little effort and change in the current environment, and it doesn't seem to change much.

     "Like a flower swaying in the rain, I am afraid of whether it will wither in this cold rain. I hope someone can pick it up, someone appreciate it, or lie gracefully in a vase."

     "Sometimes when the will is not firm, like wild flowers, I am eager to ask if there is still beauty in this world worth waiting for."

     "Before listening to "Wild Flower" I will answer not necessarily, but after I listen to this song I will say yes, and there must be.""The most beautiful thing is to fill up all desires and extinguish the fire in the heart with the satisfaction of desire."

     "From then on I felt that I found faith, found pleasure, found my guidelines for listening to music."

     Chen Bing thought of Luo Yiming's long conversation with her by his side last night.

     In my early twenties, I always hope to live a chic life, without too many fetters and not too many worries.

     But too many factors hinder the ideal of fullness, and even suppress these beautiful ideals.

     The world is so big, I want to see it, but I don’t have enough financial ability, Insufficient experience, and I am stuck at 200 square metre under my feet;

     Don't be embarrassed by the status quo and want to do something, but don't have enough resources

     Want to get emotional comfort but can't find a person who can talk intimately.

     Sora guards the great youth and seems to be working hard every day to change a little bit for the "he (she, it)" who will pick wild flowers, but time is killing patience.

     This is suffering!

     Chen Bing seemed to feel the mood of wild flowers, and the karma fire accumulated in her heart spread from her chest to her whole body at this moment.

     With the flames that burned all over her body, she raised her head, raised her fists, and shouted to God:

     "I want to ask if he knows what I think/"

     "Don't let me tentatively linger in anxiety/"

     "If this desire exists, don't wait any longer/"

     "Because the fire is in my heart/"

     "It burned so hard for me/"

     Lived, cried, rejoiced, sorrow, pity, sorrow.

     The last is strong and independent.Our each person is a wild flower that lives in longing.

     Perhaps the best day is the countless hopes of wild flowers wandering in anxiety and waiting anxiously.

     Chen Bing sang it out.

     When her voice cut through the sky, the hearts of the audience were shocked and their heartbeats could not help speeding up.

     The lyrics are appropriate, the artistic conception is difficult to level, and the soft voice brings out passion.

     It is okay to say that it is bold, but it is also okay to say that it is gentle.

     Originally, wild flowers should be like this, both tough, reluctant, and gentle and fragrant.

     "Chen Bing sings well."

     Harlem is not very familiar with this wild flower, but good music has a wonderfully similar feeling of beauty.

     Chen Bing's wildflowers, Harlem sounded particularly comfortable.

     "It's not bad, but during the rehearsal, I went to listen to Chen Bing's singing. It was not like that at all. It seems that she has put a lot of effort into understanding this song."

     Teacher Lin Zhixuan analyzed.

     Luo Yiming sat on a wooden chair.

     Last night, his words worked.

     But the special counseling given to Chen Bing made Luo Yiming a little apologetic to Bi Xia.

     Bi Xia was obviously shocked by Chen Bing's voice. She grew up in the countryside and seized an opportunity with great difficulty. She couldn't lose the game.

     Teacher Tian Zhen is still lying in the hospital. She hopes that she can be a champion with a good voice for her.

     Bi Xia is stronger when it is stronger.

     The stubborn voice hit the next second, and she tore the faintly sad world created by Chen Bing's song to be even more sad.

     Let the storm come harder.

     The sound contest has just begun from the second song.Two people say you, me.

     The chorus part staged the greatest excitement.

     They express the waiting of wild flowers, the hope and love of countless simple days, all in the song.

     A woman half the sky.

     Stand at each end of the ring.

     Chen Bing and Bi Xia held up the entire world belonging to women.

     Flowery woman, don't wither in the vase of hope, and bloom your beauty.

     "I am waiting for him like that flower/"

     "Pat my shoulder and I will listen to your arrangements/"

     The final tone is scattered.

     The harmony of the two became a swan song.

     The music of the band teacher ends.

     The audience is still immersed in that musical dimension.

     Some people who wake up first know that after this wild flower, one of the two girls will eventually leave this stage.

     But... they are reluctant to let anyone go.

     Both girls are amazing.

     The audience was wondering why the instructor had put them in a group.

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