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240 Chapter Two Hundred And Thirty-Eight, Once One, What Is Ai Yiliang Left Behind?
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The pk sequence of the officially aired students is disrupted.

     Zeng Yiliang and Ai Yiliang face off, maybe tomorrow, this song is just a deep reflection on life.

     The two students walked onto the stage with heavy expressions on their faces.

     During the recording, Luo Yiming emphasized the importance of the duel to Teacher Tian Zhen.

     Zeng Yi and Ai Yiliang are songs hand-picked by Teacher Tian Zhen.

     Whether you can sing the song well, get the teacher's approval, and let the teacher's condition stabilize and get better, both students know that their song might really change something.

     Tell yourself to make every effort.

     Tell yourself to fight for the championship on behalf of the earthquake class.

     The piano sounded, Ai Yiliang adjusted her breathing, and she sang first.

     "The sea as far as the eye can see, invisible...where is the end..."

     "Deep and attractive, my heart."

     "I'm in the waves,"

     "Wandering, love sometimes fluctuates high and sometimes low/"

     "Push me forward, every day."

     Ai Yiliang sang the first passage, which has already demonstrated her good singing skills.

     Although they all have a gentle tone, the small ups and downs of the song, like the surface of a lake in a breeze, can still hear a little change!

     "I used to indulge and enjoy,"

     "In the end, there is nowhere to escape."

     "The more heartache, the happier."

     "The more you want to be happy, the lonely."

     The voice of female voices is relatively high, and Ai Yiliang's tune is a challenge for boys.However, Zeng Yi sang the phrase "The more I want to be happy, the more lonely", he completely without lowering the pitch, but raising a key instead, which made the audience have to notice him.

     Zeng Yi was an unassuming ugly man with a lot of potholes on his face. He participated in a lot of competitions and he was a round trip.

     In the music industry, one has ever released an album, signed a company, and wrote songs for others, but in the end, it was still not recognized.

     A boy who insists on pursuing his dreams, he wants to go further and further on the road of dreams, but... the reality is too cruel.

     He fell covered all over with cuts and bruises.

     Finally, on the stage of good voice, Teacher Tian Zhen didn't dislike him and turned around for him.

     The moment he saw the instructor turned around, the big boy once cried.

     I thought that after turning around and seeing this kind of self, Teacher Tian Zhen would abandon him.

     However, not only did Teacher Tian Zhen not have him, but he also trained him as a champion student.

     He likes to study music with his teacher, but his illness finally did not allow the teacher to leave enough time for a good voice.

     As the lyrics write, once a person hopes that "maybe there will be you tomorrow", and Tian Zhen will be his own teacher in music.

     Thinking back to visiting the teacher a few days ago, Teacher Tian Zhen repeatedly advised sb earnestly to himself in the hospital ward, and watched the scene of him enduring pain and making a strong smile on the camera. One of them wanted to cry and wanted to ask, God, Why do you treat your teacher like this.

     "maybe tomorrow,"

     "there is no one."

     "Come with me."


     "maybe tomorrow.""And you."

     "Start with me."

     "Until the end ."

     One once was a tribute to the mentor.

     You in the lyrics are the teacher Tian Zhen who was once the one who said.

     When all feelings are integrated into the song.

     Together with the piano's accent, ingeniously overlapping, struggling with fate, wrestling with the heavens, the three keys that are raised continuously, and the treble is not the slightest hoarse.

     Zeng Yi is so powerful that the audience on the scene and the audience in front of the TV are dumbfounded.

     "This student is terrible, and his voice is terrifying."

     An enthusiastic viewer of Blueberry TV has recently become obsessed with good voices. He and his friends have also predicted who will be the champion.

     But in his list, absolutely no this man named Zeng Yi.

     But today, Zeng Yi refreshed his understanding.

     This song may be tomorrow, and it is obviously far stronger than his previous firework song.

     "The range of this song is quite wide. A-mei sang this song, and the live version was very difficult, but this one did not see the difficulty in singing. He is terrible."

     Xu Hui was originally an artist in the Taipei music scene. He has many students who can sing high notes. He is optimistic about his voice on the Internet. In this issue, I found this Zeng one.

     He felt that in the interpretation of this song, once did not lose Amei.

     Ai Yiliang also heard the power in Zeng Yi's song. It was not a show of skill, but a real use of affection. He was singing his own experience and singing his own voice.

     His treble has probably reached the limit that a male voice can reach.And what's more terrifying than the high pitch is that I can hear the moving and the life from the singing!

     "Maybe tomorrow, only you, start with me, until the end".

     A healthy person may not realize that one day death will suddenly come.

     But for those who are sick, how much they miss this World.

     They still want to live a few more days, just like the grandmother who brought her up since she was a child, she hopes to see herself dreams come true on the road of music one day, but she... is gone.

     Ai Yiliang is not willing to lose!

     In the second chorus, in her thin body, she sang her own understanding of perhaps tomorrow.

     Although it is no longer death, the kind of struggle and cry of illness.

     But it is also on the road of dreams, fluctuate, the ups and downs of life.

     Singers are a very emotional type of person. They can't even blend in with their emotions and can't move their singing. They are destined to be bad voices.

     But Ai Yiliang and Zeng Yi both managed to impress themselves with singing, and moved the audience.

     The first group of duel, the other three instructors all hadn't thought, it will be so enjoyable.

     For such a difficult song, the two students performed a professional master-level singing capable of producing records.

     Conquered everyone.

     Once the singer had finished singing, his eyes were red. When he turned to face the audience, tears were already on his face.

     Although Ai Yiliang did not cry.

     But she sang this song very well.

     She felt that she had never confronted a person so cheerfully in her life.

     "One once, you seem to be crying?"After singing, Luo Yiming asked Zeng who wiped his tears.

     "This song, I sing and cry because I think Teacher Tian Zhen is really kind and I hope she is healthy."

     "So many years, on the road of music, I have not been recognized by any teacher. Teacher Tian Zhen is my good voice teacher and my lifelong teacher, just like singing in a song, maybe tomorrow, there will be you , Accompany me from the beginning until...the end."

     Luo Yiming said: "It must be like this."

     "Ai Yiliang, like Zeng Yi, this may be the last part of your speech on the good voice stage, what do you want to say, with your family, or with your tutor, and the audience?"

     Ai Yiliang seems to know the result of the duel.

     In this scene, Zeng Yi sang above her.

     If he can represent the shaking class to hit the championship, Ai Yiliang thinks it would be a good decision.

     "I grew up in the mountains, playing with boys and fighting every day, which made my personality very hot. After work, when I was stressed, I liked to smoke. This habit is very similar to that of Teacher Tian Zhen."

     "When I went to see her in the hospital, she said that her illness was related to these bad habits and asked me to quit smoking."

     "I am not a person who loves life. In my world, as long as there is music, I am very happy."

     "But on my journey of good voice, I have no regrets even if I leave. I will quit smoking and I will listen to Teacher Tian Zhen. I want to say to Teacher Tian Zhen that you will be well and we will all be well. "Luo Yiming stopped/stood, he said: "Life has given us some ups and downs, but it is these ups and downs that make us suddenly understand a lot of things."

     "I want to tell the students in the earthquake class and other groups that the body is the most important thing. If you want to sing, you must first have a healthy body."

     "Maybe the stars and singers of Boundless Radiance you are looking for now. But they really have it all and enjoy this kind of aura."

     "In fact, they missed it. When they were an ordinary person's, they could sing and sing on ktv with their friends without completely going out. Simple, direct and plainspoken."

     "Remember, don't forget your original intention, and always have it. In the music road, leaving does not mean failure, and staying does not prove success. Below, Ai Yiliang, once the first, you two's pk, is left behind..." u
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