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241 Chapter 239, Reaping Fans (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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"What is left is...Zeng one."

     Luo Yiming would step off the stage, he hugged Zeng Yi, but raised Ai Yiliang's hand high.

     "This summer, the extremely grateful Ai Yiliang brought us the excitement, or what I said, there is no winning or losing at this stage, here is just the place where your musical dreams set sail."

     "Please remember her name, Ai Yiliang."

     The song of Ai Yiliang's audition was played at the scene.

     The hair is wet.

     Her singing will always remain on the stage of the first season of China's good voice.

     Luo Yiming is very sorry, such an excellent girl must eventually undergo a cruel pk elimination.

     Ai Yiliang was about to leave, and the audience at the scene and in front of the TV were a little reluctant.

     They even muttered in their hearts, why should Zeng Yiliang and Ai Yiliang be placed in a group of pk.

     But a good voice is to show you the most exciting content.

     In a touch of sadness, Luo Yiming sent Ai Yiliang away from the passage.

     The good voice that belonged to Ai Yiliang was over, and the duel of other students continued.

     The second to fifth group of battles are over. Netizens in front of the TV and on the Internet have already discussed in full swing.

     "From the first group to the fifth group, my favorite is the Zeng one. I think he is likely to become the champion of Tian Zhen's Zhen-style class and represent the Zhen-style class to hit the championship."

     "My favorite is also Zeng Yi. Maybe tomorrow, he will sing about life and understanding of life. If there is no shady voice in good voice, I think his voice is perfect and can be worthy of the champion of Tian Zhen. ""You said this too early? I remember that there was a group of students who didn't have a battle. In the first issue of Good Voice, she sang the teacher's Resounding Rose."

     "Yes, yes, you are talking about Bi Xia. Bi Xia is only 16 years old, but singing really has the style of Teacher Tian Zhen. I am optimistic about Bi Xia."

     The discussion among netizens was extremely enthusiastic.

     But an anonymous friend sent out a message: "Hehe, you still do not know. I watched the live recording of the fifth episode. Bi Xia was eliminated and another one was promoted."

     A passage from an anonymous netizen made the relatively quiet Internet suddenly controversy.

     "You what a joke. It's impossible for Bi Xia to be eliminated. I remember that the one with Bi Xia pk was a girl named Chen Bing, and that girl couldn't sing at all."

     "This netizen is definitely a lie. Bi Xia is so strong, she how can it be eliminated. The Chen Bing she said is just a little more beautiful, and there is nothing else extraordinary."

     "Good looking is an advantage, don't you understand in the entertainment industry? Although I believe in Director Luo, if Bi Xia is eliminated, I will doubt whether the good voice is shady."

     While netizens were discussing, the last group of students appeared.

     Bi Xia and Chen Bing.

     Both are popular students in the earthquake class.

     Today's Bi Xia is extremely domineering.

     Leather clothes and leather pants, with horns and braids, stood rashly on the stage. More than half of the audience seemed to be her supporters.

     With her pk is the long-haired beauty Chen Bing.

     With a t-shirt and a blue skirt, Chen Bing walks with fresh wind.The two sang the classic song Wild Flower by Tian Zhen.

     With teacher Liang Qiaobo's band accompaniment entering, Bi Xia first opened his voice.

     With just the first two sentences, she grabbed the audience's ears.

     no way.

     The voice was so familiar, it seemed that Tian Zhen had returned to the stage.

     In addition, Bi Xia's rough and boyish character is very consistent with her mentor Tian Zhen.

     Therefore, if you don't look at her face and only see the silhouette, many viewers will mistake Bi Xia for Tian Zhen.

     Teacher Tian Zhen is receiving treatment in the hospital, and Bi Xia also gave everyone a good and a hope.

     Suddenly the support from the audience was louder.

     The tone is beautiful and the lyrics are beautiful.

     Those who like Teacher Tian Zhen's songs will be immersed in Bi Xia's voice for the next second.

     "Such a nice voice, you told me that Bisha is eliminated, how can it be."

     "The first floor is right. Bi Xia sings so well, it is impossible to be eliminated."

     "Tian Zhen's song, I have listened to it for many years. She is in the style of blues and country rock. Such a song is performed by Tian Zhen with very personal characteristics, bold but gentle."

     "Bi Xia's singing is a bit worse, but a 16-year-old girl is already very good."

     With a touch of sadness, a stubborn voice, and imitating the teacher's singing, Bi Xia scored seven points.

     Not only the audience, netizens affirmed her.

     Several instructors on the field recognized this girl.

      This time, it's Chen Bing's turn.

     In the beginning of this song, Chen Bing is just standing obscure and unknown in the corner.She was thinking about some things, she was reflecting on what Director Luo said to her, and she was thinking about what she had done in the past twenty years.

     How long should we continue to live with such attempt nothing and accomplish nothing?

     Of course, she didn't want to be a wild flower without desire.

     She wants to bloom in her limited life.

     I saw that the girl with fluttering hair didn't care about wearing a skirt.

     Standing with his legs wide open, almost half-squatting, raising his head, a voice bursting into a person's ears, but also a little sad.

     The secretion of dopamine and hormones is temporarily disturbed.

     Many people can't tell that this sound is actually coming from the person's throat.

     Staring at a pair of affectionate eyes.

     Hold the microphone in your hand.

     Scream with amazing vitality singing.

     She really seems to be like those flowers that emerge and perish on its own in the lyrics.

     Although there will be some desire for self-pity.

     But in the end still exudes the vitality of couldn't think.

     "The strong you I long for"

     "Always appear at night"

     "I can't resist I can't wave you away"

     Bi Xia was infected by Chen Bing's voice.

     She also worked hard, roaring.

     To live, we must try our best to bloom.

     It should be like a strong, unbeatable wild flower.

     Although the fragrance of years will become faintly discernible with time, the desire of the two girls, the determination, the heart that no longer wanders, and the brave pursuit of dreams, must have been the most beautiful in time. .I don't know when it started raining outside.

     The sound of rain went into the house through the gap in the window.

     "I want to ask him if he knows my heart, don't let me wander around in anxiety, how much I have to change for you so that you can stay, I am waiting anxiously for you in hope, but I didn't see it..."

     Singing makes audiences, netizens, and media musicians who pay attention to the good voices of this issue all ask this kind of question in the mind.

     Am I the flower that makes you stop?

     Am I the flower that made you camp?

     Am I the flower that makes you delighted to (do sth, idiom)?

     I'm trying to become what you want.

     But you... just... so... silently... left.

     "Who bloomed and lost the wild flowers on the mountain"

     "Quietly waiting for someone to pick it"

     "I'm waiting for him like that flower"

     "Pat my shoulder and I will listen to your arrangement"

     After singing, the two girls thought of their teacher, themselves, and family.

     Thinking of them holding together lose one's voice from crying in pain.

     Compared to the first battle, perhaps tomorrow, the wildflowers of the two girls' duel are more extreme saturation and make people hear one's heart's content.

     Some viewers could not help the sadness in their hearts and secretly wipe the wet corners of their eyes.

     And this song of passion, tenderness, melancholy, and vicissitudes of wildflowers.

     It really touched the depths of the heart.

     "It sounds good. I have never heard such a moving, touching, uplifting, and disappointing song.""When I was in junior high school, at an ignorant age, I fell in love with teacher Tian Zhen's music. I bought four of her genuine albums. I listened to her songs and I was hurt. Today, although it is not teacher Tian Zhen singing, I Wounded again."

     An editor of a music magazine: "The first time I listened to wildflowers was on a wedding car a few years ago in the winter. The driver was a stuffy bottle. I didn’t know and couldn’t talk about it with the other two people in the car. I turned on the car recording. Song."

     "This song seems like the moment of dawn, which brought me to contemplation from a depressed environment."

     "The first time I listened to this song, I didn't hear the lyrics very clearly. I just thought the sound was very special. I was very moved."

     "Today, I heard the chorus of two girls, and I feel that the feeling of being in the car that year has returned."

     The audience, netizens, and media musicians applauded this wild flower.

     Not only the mainland, but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the good voices of the fifth issue are harvesting fans.
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