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242 Chapter 240, Final Promotion
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Following the praise of the song and the two girls, the audience and netizens had to face a cruel and realistic problem in the next second.

     These two wild flowers, in the end still, one has to be pinched out mercilessly.

     There will be a flower that will not bloom in youth.

     It is the tutor Luo Yiming who is currently already stepping down from the chair and standing in front of the two who decides all this.

     "When I just walked to them, Chen Bing's body was still trembling."

     "And Bi Xia, it seems that he hasn't come out of music yet."

      "All right, two. The music performance is already finished."

     "What I want to say is that your singing today was very exciting, and it exceeded my expectations."

     "I believe Teacher Tian Zhen will be proud of you after seeing your performance."

     "No matter what the next result is, who will stay and who will stay, what I want to tell you is."

     "You are the best."

     "Just like the wild flower you sang. The dewy and clear flowers given to you by youth will witness the beauty of the music road with you."

     "No one can take those beautiful flowers from your palms. You are lucky and happy."

     "Thank you teacher." Bi Xia and Chen Bing said.

     "Bi Xia, you are only 16 years old. At the beginning of your musical journey, you have gained so many audience friends who love you. What do you want to say to them?"

     Bi Xia doesn't know how it will end today, but she is really afraid of facing failure.

     In her heart, she aspires to be the champion of the tremor class, and she wants to fight other teams for her tutor..."I want to say... I'm sorry... I might lose. Sister Chen Bing sings very well. When I listen to her singing, my eyes are dim with tears."

     I'm sorry.

     Melted the hearts of the audience and the audience in front of the TV.

     Bi Xia may be a little bit worse than Chen Bing.

     But this does not prevent those who like her, who firmly feel that Bi Xia is the best.

     "Bisha, Bisha, Bisha."

     The shouts of the audience can be heard at the scene.

     The voice of support made Bi Xia cry.

     She was 16 years old and couldn't bear such a scene.

     "Don't cry, Bisha, you haven't lost yet, we think you are the best."

     The audience's voice came again.

     Bi Xia shook his head: "No, I do not sing as well as Sister Chenbing. Although I really want to win, I really want to win every game for Teacher Tian Zhen who is receiving treatment in the hospital. Champion of good voice."

     "But I'm really not qualified, I can't sing well."

     "I hope the teacher can give this place to Sister Chen Bing."

     Bi Xia is serious. Her non-pretentious and sincere words made the audience appreciate this little girl more.

     Compared to Bi Xia's words, Chen Bing didn't say a word.

     If it wasn't for Luo Yiming's teaching, if it wasn't for that night.

     Chen Bing could not break out.

     Wouldn't Bi Xia be killed by a weak advantage and become a dark horse?

     She was struggling in her heart, and she knew that this duel was actually not fair.

     But always, Chen Bing's desire for the championship and greed for victory kept her silent.Luo Yiming was actually waiting for Chen Bing to say something, but she was silent.

     "Bi Xia, as a teacher of good voices, I have an obligation to tell you. The stage of good voices has no humility, let alone humility. We only use our strength to talk to singing."

     "Chen Bing, I believe that in this life, you will never have the second chance to sing together with Bi Xia on the stage of good sound."

     "I know you are eager to succeed. When you find me and ask me how to interpret this song, I am willing to share with you all the things you need, which happens to me to know. I hope to see you in the most sincere three minutes , The most exciting matchup."

     "Fortunately, this time your singing is indeed the best one since the rehearsal."

     "You did it, I'm very happy."

     "But the rules of good voice, you two there can be only one. Continue to stand on the stage of good voice and fight for the shaking class."

     "Below, please watch your instructor Tian Zhen singing and tell us the result in the end."

     Teacher Tian Zhen saw this singing in the hospital.

     On the hospital bed, Tian Zhen was very excited.

     Both of her students performed very well.

     Bi Xia and Chen Bing are together pk.

     That's it wonderful showdown that Tian Zhen is looking forward to.

     "The teacher is proud of you."

     "Bi Xia, when you sang, I felt that I was back on the stage of good sound, thank you for your singing."

     "Chen Bing, your progress is the fastest. I think after tonight, the audience and those who don't understand or are optimistic about you will agree with you. Not only do you look beautiful, but you have a good singing voice.""You two are my favorites."

     "It's hard to choose."

     Tian Zhen didn't want to sell her off. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she said with difficulty: "Who can continue to fight on behalf of the Zhenshi Ban."

     "My choice is... Bisha."

     The previous comment of the anonymous netizen was gradually confirmed.

     Originally, netizens thought that the last name called out was Chen Bing.

     But at the last moment, Teacher Tian Zhen said Bi Xia's name.

     Countless netizens burst into tears instantly.

     The kind little girl stayed?

     Did she really win?

     Bi Xia felt that she had heard it wrong, she was unbelievable, when Luo Yiming repeated the confirmation.

     Bi Xia cried again, she covered the mouth.

     Thinking that Sister Chen Bing might be sad, she hurriedly turned around and went to hug Chen Bing.

     Facing Teacher Tian Zhen's choice, Chen Bing's expression was frozen.

     Then a few seconds later, she cried.

     She wanted to succeed within reach, but just a little bit, she still failed.

     Seeing Chen Bing’s expression, Luo Yiming knew that she must be very painful now.

     Luo Yiming also called Tian Zhen to talk about this ending, and the two finally decided.

     Luo Yiming had to do this.

     Bi Xia is more popular than Chen Bing. Her kindness, inspiration, and hard work are more in line with China's good voice programs.

     As for the talent and potential of rap, Bi Xia is still better than Chen Bing.

     Good voice, the choice will not always be appearance or figure, but also to ensure true fairness and justice.Luo Yiming stepped onto the stage, faced Chen Bing, and patted her on the shoulder: "Chen Bing, I said, your singing is no worse than Bi Xia today. I believe you will still be when you step out of the stage of China’s good voice The most shining star."

     "Well, thank you Mr. Luo. I am very grateful that you taught me a precious lesson, that truth is good sound. Putting emotions into the song is good music. I remember it. "

     "Actually, there are so many beautiful music, I have not had time to listen to it, and the song "Wild Flower" has taught me that life needs to run continuously. I will race at the same time in the rest of my life. Thanks to Teacher Luo, I can hug you. A moment?"

     Luo Yiming opened his arms, and Chen Bing got into Luo Yiming's arms like a daughter greedy for his father's embrace.

     Gently patted her back, Luo Yiming said: "Chen Bing. Your high-pitched shout is your strong point. As long as you remember and put your delicate feelings into the song, you will become more The mighty Chen Bing."

     "Thank you teacher, I will, I will dig out my better voice, and I will work hard."

     "This is a gift from me."

     Chen Bing left, when the classic music footprintsinthesand sounded on the court

     When ipriseyou, the melody of i'malaysthere, the singing sounded.

     Luo Yiming seemed to review the good voices of his previous life.

     And this piece of music will make the reluctance of parting more vivid, appropriate and touching.
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