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243 Chapter 241, Good Voice's Official Battle Song (first More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The fifth episode of the good voice broadcast ended, and the ratings of the next day broke 4 for the first time, causing controversy in the media industry.

     The Voice of China has more success labels.

     Throughout August, the first ten issues of Voice of China met with the audience one after another.

     For the five consecutive broadcasts, four instructors have selected their Four Great Custodians.

     Luo Yiming has set off another bloody rain and foul winds in the Chinese music and entertainment circles!

     The ratings of these five issues have not decayed, and have been stable at 4.04.3.

     Each instructor has his own star student. Compared with the Tian Zhen group, the Harlem group, the Liu Huan group and the Lin Zhixuan group, the reputation and attention of the students are not weaker than the earthquake class.

     When they play, the instant ratings will exceed 4.5.

     Among the several episodes of the program, Shou Harlem has the highest ratings.

     The average ratings of his current program exceeded 4.28.

     It surpassed the 4.2 national ratings maintained by Super Voice Girls last year, becoming the strongest phenomenon-level variety show this summer.

     Four Great Custodians, Zhang Jie, Yang Zongwei, Zhang Yunjing, and Jin Chi of the Harlem team.

     It is also generally considered by the audience that it is the strongest existence of the four mentor teams.

     At least two of them are capable of winning the annual championship.

     The mud and sand washed away with the waves, and finally the beautiful rocks at the bottom of the river finally appeared in front of the audience.

     And the students fought all the way, and finally reached the final 16-to-4 arena.

     Can you become the strongest champion player in your mentor's mind? Can you represent the team and become the top four in the country?

     From the eleventh issue of Voice of China.September 2nd will be the broadcast time of the eleventh issue of Good Voice. Immediately after the broadcast of the tenth issue, Luo Yiming summoned the top 16 contestants and recorded them in the studio’s newly built recording studio. The sound of the top 16 battle song.

     In fact, as early as last week, the remaining top 12 students had already learned this official battle song.

     After Liu Huan's team's semi-final battle came to an end, Tan Weiwei, Zhang Lei, Jin Zhiwen, and September Miracle came to the recording studio.

     This official battle song Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart was recorded by Luo Yiming in the eighth episode. Harlem teased him, saying that good voice students should have their own song.

     Ask Luo Yiming if he can create a song suitable for good sound.

     At the instigation of Liu Huan and Lin Zhixuan, Luo Yiming took out this song Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart.

     Now, the song has not been released on official TV or other channels. What Luo Yiming wants is to wait until the good sound of the first ten episodes ends, and find a suitable time to let it meet with the audience.

     Early in the morning, the girls team came to the recording studio.

     The six girls Xu Jiaying, Zhang Yunjing, Tan Weiwei, Bi Xia, Jinchi, and Chu Lanlan came together. They received music training and learning at the base this period of time, and they chose to live under the same roof like sisters.

     The six girls lived in a bunk bunk similar to that of a student. During the break time of the recording, they always teased the crew for being too stingy.

     "Good guide Luo, good teacher Liang."

     "Director Luo, there are ten shows, what I want to say is, at what time can the crew stay in a hotel for us?"Zhang Yunjing has a bold voice. She saw Luo Yiming and Teacher Liang Qiaobo talking in front of the recording studio and shouted as she walked.

     Jin Chi immediately smiled and said heartily: "Yes, Director Luo, the ratings of the good voice are so good, the advertising revenue is definitely good, we strongly request to go to the hotel to be comfortable."

     Two of the six sisters spoke, but the other four did not speak.

     "Are you serious?"

     Seeing Luo Yiming's in deadly earnest look over, Jin Chi hurriedly stabbed Tan Weiwei in the arm, meaning, didn't we reach the united front in the dormitory?

     Why don't you talk.

     Tan Weiwei's personality is similar to Jin Chi and Zhang Yunjing, being the tallest among several girls.

     Tan Weiwei felt that this time could not be retracted.

     "Director Luo, we are serious. Although we live in that dormitory is very good, it is convenient to communicate with our sisters. But the recent training, the intensity of study is too great, our bodies are a little unable to endure/hold on any further."

     "So, I dare to ask Mr. Luo Yiming to let us go to the hotel and press a ride comfortably?"

     "I think the sisters should think the same as me?"

     Tan Weiwei will aim at Xu Jiaying and Bi Xia. They are more embarrassed, and Tan Weiwei is most afraid that they will not stand firm.

     Bisha nodded.

     Xu Jiaying followed nodded.

     The two girls respect Luo Yiming very much, and they really dare not mention "public funds" consumption in front of Luo Dao.

     The six girls are good-sounding treasures. Luo Yiming has a safeguard (sth) for their promotion more or less.After working so much for long time, Luo Yi had the idea of taking them out to play for a while, but for now, he had to do two things for him first.

     Luo Yiming thought for a few seconds, smiled, said: "No problem, it's not easy to get a massage. You have recorded the song today, and I can massage you myself."

     "What?" Tan Weiwei first mouth opened wide.

     She seemed to hear something she shouldn't hear.

     "Director Luo, we are all girls, you give us a massage, are you sure about the without other idea?" Jin Chi teased.

     Luo Yiming was playing with these girls, but he still pretended to be very calm: "I will give you a massage, no charge, you still suspect that I want to eat your tofu, really tired."

     "Teacher Liang, tell me, how do these girls think like this?"

     Luo Yiming the thief cries thief, Liang Qiaobo and him are men's camp, naturally agree: "I also think their thoughts are not pure."

     Just at the girl group when attacked, the rest of the girls all had sarcastic expressions, but Chu Lanlan was very calm: "Director Luo, then let's record the song quickly. After the recording, I want you to give me a massage."

     Chu Lanlan is different from the other five girls, her music style has been controversial on the way to the promotion of Good Voice.

     But everyone hadn't thought, and she was unique in connecting with Luo Dao's massage.

     Luo Yiming smiled triumphantly. Chu Lanlan and him are privately comrades-in-arms, alliances, and her agreement should be to fight for the welfare of other girls.

     Luo Yiming said lightly: "Okay, let's record the song first. After recording the song, let's talk about the massage."After teasing with the six girls, the boys are in place one after another.

     The official battle song Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart was recorded in the studio for more than four hours and finally completed.

     At noon, invite the Good Voice students to have dinner.

     That night, Luo Yiming arranged a five-star hotel in Beijing to reward the staff members with good voices.

     The trainees Jinchi, Tan Weiwei, Zhang Yunjing and others who proposed to massage were all asked by Luo Yiming to work overtime and learn music with the teacher.

     The girls were too tired to sing before they were put back into the dormitory.

     In the end, only Chu Lanlan and Luo Yiming were left on the field.

     Chu Lanlan recently participated in Good Voice, and the promotion of the new Peking Opera has not been launched in depth.

     But in the good voice, every time she sang, it was a performance with opera elements.

     Chu Lanlan invisibly contributed to the spread of the new Peking Opera.

     But she knew that this was all related to Luo Yiming's help.

     From the first song Li Renjian, to Wukong's duel, all generations won.

     Then the warden, New Drunken Beauty.

     She has the label of New Peking Opera, and also the label of Luo Yiming.

     Most of the songs she sang are Luo Yiming's songs.

     "Lanlan, won't you go back? That's all for today's practice."
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