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244 Chapter 242, Everything Is Ready, Only Owed To Girlfriend
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The familiar Luo Yiming, on the way to help her, had already warmed the heart of a girl who longed for love.

     Today, she said that she wanted Luo Yiming to have a massage, and that was her suggestion to Luo Yiming.

     A girl bravely said to a boy, you can give me a massage.

      If this is not the case at the time, she really be too shy to speak one's mind.

     "Yiming, the sound is better than this. I know the next game. I will definitely lose. In fact, it's nothing if I fail. I'm just sorry, I'm sorry."

     Chu Lanlan looked at Luo Yiming full of tender feelings, the fragrant sweat from her forehead ran down her cheeks, she turned her face shyly and wiped it lightly.

     Luo Yiming didn't know the love in the little girl's heart.

     "Lanlan, you have performed very well. There are still two weeks, I think, you can fight for it, who knows what will happen before the end."

     "Yiming, I came to the good voice, I am because of you."

     "Your help to me is unforgettable. I want to know that besides we all love the new Peking Opera, I...I have other places without other that can attract you?"


     Luo Yiming didn't realize that Chu Lanlan's conversation with him had some affection that only men and women had.

     But Luo Yiming is not a fool.

     Ask him, I have nothing about it. There's nothing about it. The place attracts you.

     This cliff is the rhythm to love.

     Luo Yiming panicked.

     Chu Lanlan, speaking of it, Luo Yiming had a good impression of her.

     The figure is very upright, and although not stunning, it is very attractive.

     Bright eyes have the agility of a Peking opera person.However, the impulse of passionate love is fine, saying that Luo Yiming and her will enter another stage in the future. Luo Yiming lacks the feeling of feel a rush of excitement.

     "Of course you have something that attracts me. I have a lot of things that I need to learn from you on the path of the new Peking Opera art dissemination."

     "No, Yiming, I am not referring to these."

     Luo Yiming nodded, stretched out his hand, and stopped the words behind the former: "Lanlan, I think I know what you are going to say. The good sound show is not over yet, I think we should put the most energy into the show."

     "I can't give you anything. I think, I'll write a song for you. The prison division, you sing well, the 16 breakout game, I adapted this for you, the new song is called me The life of you."

     "Lan Lan, you will be my best friend. In my life, there will be traces of you."

     "Let's not talk about anything else, shall we?"

     Chu Lanlan understood.

     She is somewhat sad, but Luo Yiming admits that he will be in his world. Chu Lanlan feels that she and Luo Yiming are not without possibility.

     I'm not sad again.

     The good sound program has completely made Luo Yiming. Lying on the hotel bed, in the deep night, Luo Yiming began to think about some personal relationship issues that he had not thought about before.

     Zuo Yan was an object she had admired in her previous life, but time and space changed. In this life, Luo Yiming slowly lost that feeling.

     Liu Yifei, Yang Xiaomi, these all are smash hit stars, body, appearance, actress halo, previous life, they have had a desire to conquer themselves.But in this life, the intersection of myself and them, there is no longer the desire of the previous life.

     The entertainment industry is complicated. As a female star in the entertainment industry, Luo Yiming has a deeper understanding of this circle, but really dare not love it with his heart.

     When it comes to what kind of woman attracts him, Luo Yiming is not Wanwan, of course he also has a yearning for love.

      Good-looking and intelligent, star temperament, and a little bit more fun, just like women like Dong Qing and Li Sisi.


     Luo Yiming suddenly thought of it, Dong Qing seemed to have this time already entered CCTV, because the next show, Luo Yiming wanted to cooperate with CCTV, it happened that the host of this show in the previous life was Dong Qing.

     Not to mention the conquest of Dong Qing, it is not bad to be able to get to know her and co-host the show.

     Fangge has done many large-scale activities including the sound engineer of the Spring Festival Gala, so Fangge is very familiar with the hosts of CCTV.

     Let Fang Ge help him introduce Dong Qing's acquaintance, and Luo Yiming closed his eyes to rest after the latter agreed.

     As the media's attention to good voices continues to heat up, after turning down several Network Media and TV stations for interviews last month.

     Luo Yiming finally agreed to the media today and will hold a press conference tomorrow.

     On August 29th, Luo Yiming drew out one day period alone and arranged the Guanyuan Theater as the site of a small concert and press conference.

     The Sohu podcasting platform specially sent a person in charge to conduct an online live broadcast for Luo Yiming’s questions about the media about Good Voice, answering the public and the official battle song release of Good Voice.In fact, as early as the day when the 10th issue of Voice of China was broadcast, Luo Yiming stated that the official battle anthem would be held in a small conference when the top 16 was born.

     Yesterday, after Luo Yiming formally published Information Publishing on the official website, he was also a colleague of the studio to invite some media.

     This online live broadcast attracted a lot of people. Due to the boom in China’s good voices, Sohu’s video podcasting platform increased the number of new registered users by 4 million.

     This time I can cooperate with Luo Yiming again, and the cost of holding the conference is basically borne by Sohu Video.

     Although four million users are compared to the Chinese population, minor magician in the presence of a great one.

     But this data is actually very scary.

     In the past year, the number of users of the Sohu video podcasting platform has only increased by 16 million, and in just two months, good voice has reached the one in four of podcast videos throughout the year.

     Han Yongdong, the person in charge of Sohu Video, made sufficient preparations for this online live broadcast.

     Luo Yiming and his team also finally ensured the normal order of all links.

     There are two hours left before the press conference.

     Luo Yiming communicated well with the Good Voice students, and he came to the scene.

     This press conference was held in a studio remodeled with three stages of 200 square meters.

     The studio does not sell tickets to the outside world except for invited media, good voice staff members and employee family members.

     Han Yongdong was at the scene, docking with Sohu Video’s technical consultants to ensure the smoothness of the online live broadcast."Director Luo, apart from the release of the Good Voice Battle Hymn today, to answer questions from media reporters, what else is there an important link?" Han Yongdong wanted to understand the main content of the press conference.

     Luo Yiming said earnestly: "At present, these two are the main content. However, there will be uncertainty in the live broadcast. I think the students with good voices may eventually face questions from fans."

     "These are all right." Han Yongdong said.

     "Where is the network on the theater side?" Online live broadcast, the network is naturally critical.

     Han Yongdong nodded and said: "The network is stable and the speed is very fast. We have arranged two technicians in the management group, and can support at any time if there is a problem."

     Yang An smiled, then... everything is ready, all we need is an east wind.
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