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245 Chapter 243, Come Prepared, Find Fault (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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7 o'clock in the evening.

     200 studios in Guanyuan Theater.

     Luo Yiming and the creators of Good Voice of China appeared in the camera.

     Everyone sat in turn, Luo Xin, Liang Qiaobo, Fang Ge, Lao Li, Luo Yiming sat in the middle, and greeted everyone with a smile: "Media, netizens watching the online live broadcast, hello everyone, I am you Luo Yiming, his old friend."

     "Recently, I have been busy with the recording and other work of the Voice of China, so I have not been able to participate in the invitation from the media."

     "Today, holding this online conference, first, the official battle anthem of the Voice of China is available!"

     "In addition, it is also a concentrated answer to some questions from the media and netizens."

     Since Luo Yiming posted the news of today's live broadcast on the official website, everyone is waiting for today's live broadcast.

     The hardcore fans of the sandwich support group headed by Yang Hui have already been waiting in the comment section of the online live broadcast.

     Tonight, as long as there is a black Luo Yiming, a good voice of black China.

     They will brush it down instantly.

     Therefore, as soon as the live broadcast started, fans would type in the comment section of the live broadcast to express their support.

     "Director Luo, you are the most handsome."

     "Director Luo has worked hard, it's enough to remember us."

     "Director Luo, it sounds great."


     Luo Yiming doesn't know the praise on the Internet.

     After drinking and straightening up, Luo Yiming said, "Now, I announce the official start of the Good Voice network conference. First of all, we will send the Good Voice team’s battle song, Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart.With that, Luo Yiming raised a piece of cardboard in his hand, on which the five words "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" were written.

     "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart, haven't we heard this song?" the media said.

     "A new song? Director Luo created it himself?" Doubts on the Internet.

     Luo Yiming said with emotion: "This song, it should be said that I crafted together with the good voice team. It is not my own wisdom."

     "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart, just like the title of the song says, every student with a good voice comes to the stage to pursue his musical dream."

     "But at the beginning and the end of pursuing the dream, we hope that the students will have a sincere heart. Do not forget the original intention and move forward."

     "The official battle song of the Good Voice team, this Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart, for everyone!"

     Luo Yiming yelled out his voice. When the free and easy manners he presided over made netizens feel refreshed, the band's drum beats.

     The first person to appear in the camera is Zhang Jie, wearing a cool black suit, looking at the camera and singing the first sentence: "Where is the world full of flowers?"

     After Zhang Jieji defeated star student Jin Runji, his popularity rose again.

     Now it has overwhelmed the popular students of the other three groups and became the player with the highest support rate of Good Voice Network.

     "Zhang Jie is a champion."

     "The battle hymn was the first to sing, and it was really amazing."

     After he finished singing, Tan Weiwei, the second most popular online singer, sang: "If it really exists then I will definitely go."

     "I want the highest mountain to stand there." Xu Jia greeted him."I don't care if it is sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces." Yang Zongwei and Jin Zhiwen sang together: "Living hard to love even if the liver and the brain are on the ground."

     "Don't ask anyone to be satisfied as long as you are worthy of yourself."


      Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart This song expresses a person's persistent pursuit of dreams and persevere unremittingly.

     The full emotions in the song sang the voice of everyone on the road to their ideals.

     While being inspirational, it makes people full of positive energy instantly.

     As the September miracle sang: "But I am willing to keep exploring and give all my youth without regrets."

     In the next sentence, all the good voice students sang in unison.

     "run ahead"

     "Facing cold eyes and ridicule"

     "How can I feel the vastness of life without suffering"

     "Fate cannot make us kneel and beg forgiveness"

     "Even if the blood is full of arms"

     This song Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart is super-burning, especially in a good-sounding band and under acoustic conditions.

     A new song with good melody and good lyrics is the easiest way to connect fans and generate strong resonance.

     The good voice students sing this song, and there is a special taste.

     Not just if I can not do it, who can.

     Domineering and vigorous, but not arrogant and despotic at all.

     What they sing is the determination not to give up on dreams and to be firm in winning.

     No one expected the official war anthem with good voice to be so awesome.

     After the top 16 players sang the song, Luo Yiming also asked the Sohu podcast platform to give flying subtitles under the network broadcast room.

     That is the official free download method of the official battle song.

     Download still has to go to the official

     Except for this song, all the sound source files of the Good Voice students during the competition can be downloaded from the official website.

     Netizens love Luo Yiming even more for getting free downloadable audio sources.

     With the end of the song singing, it was time for the media to interview.

     Luo Yiming waited for the Good Voice students to come back, stretched out his hand and said, "Media, now, everyone's questioning session has begun."

     "You can ask me good voice questions that you care about, and I will answer you as much as possible."

     "In order to ensure the order of the press conference and the quality of the live broadcast on the Internet, we will take a roll call for everyone's interviews."

     "The new entertainment media invited me to be interviewed during the second episode of Voice of Good News. Then, what's the problem, please ask questions first."

     The reporter of the new entertainment media is a girl.

     When she first had the opportunity to ask questions, all other media were envious.

     "I am Zhang Hong, a reporter from New Entertainment Media. The question I want to ask is..."

     Before the live broadcast of the press conference, the staff member who had a good voice told the media people that the question could not be anything.

     Avoid some off-track topics.

     In other words, only those media who agree to be on the topic can participate in this conference.

     The media generally don't want to fall out with the good sound crew.

     Therefore, their questions are in line with routines as much as possible.Zhang Hong was ready for a long time. She asked in the next second: "Director Luo, Good Voice has already aired ten episodes, and three more episodes will end. What I want to know is, your next variety show at what time In the beginning, was it the style of the previous variety show or the music audition?"

      This problem is indeed what the media who came to attend the press conference generally wanted to ask.

     The Voice of China has aired ten episodes.

     The good voices of the tenth period will end in three more periods.

     Luo Yiming took the show what are you doing down here, which is very important for fans who love him.

     Luo Yiming's idea for the next show has long been there.

      Not surprisingly, this show will take shape soon.

     But he will not explode at this time.

      Reserved, Luo Yiming said earnestly: "This friend of New Entertainment, I think everyone will pay attention to good voices this summer vacation! As for the next program, the specific time has not yet been determined, and there are still variables for the type."

     "But I hope I can rest a period of time after the sound is good. I have done three shows in one year, and I am a little tired!"

     Zhang Hong was not satisfied with this answer, but still said politely: "Director Luo, I want to say, no matter what program you do, I will support you."

     Luo Yiming thanked: "Thank you!"

     There are two more media outlets below. They respectively asked Good Voice if there is any shady selected by the instructor and the progress of Teacher Tian Zhen's condition.

     Luo Yiming responded one by one.

     Communication with the media, the entire press conference was basically smooth.

     But the sixth media, his this problem is rather harsh.It's more like being prepared and looking for faults.
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