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246 Chapter 244, Tomorrow's Headlines (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Director Luo, Zhang Jie, the good voice of China, eliminated Jin Runji. Many people said that it was scheduled. Because the two sang, Zhang Jie is not worried."

     "There are also some comments by Jin Runji on the blog after the game, which all show that you want to promote Zhang Jie as the champion."

     "Do you have anything to say about this statement?"

     This media is from Magic City.

     It came from afar to discredit China's good voice.

     The “entertainment business” of Modu’s media is famous for picking up some inside stories in the entertainment industry.

     Therefore, I am so concerned about Zhang Jie and Jin Runji. It is precisely that Zhang Jie made his debut in the match of Tomato Taiwan.

     Luo Yiming saw the so-called Jin Runji's remarks that day.

     He means that Zhang Jie is still signing a contract with Shangteng entertainment company, but in order to make Zhang Jie progress even further, Luo Yiming actually wants to acquire this shell company whose name remains, but the reality is gone.

     Jin Runji just complained and vented his dissatisfaction with being eliminated by a newbie. Within two minutes, this podcast was deleted by him.

     Unexpectedly, some netizens still kept a screenshot of this news.

     "I have nothing about it. In the match between Zhang Jie and Aji, both of them performed very well. Everyone has the possibility to advance."

     "In the end, Zhang Jie passed the test in a thrilling manner. It was Teacher Haring who felt that his music was more suitable to serve the team in the next duel."

     "The reason that Mr. Haring gave during the game, I think has already answered your question."Luo Yiming just answered the other party's question easily, and the female reporter who applied makeup conspicuously immediately showed a sly smile: "Then what you mean is that Zhang Jie will win in the Harlem group, and then become the first student. , Representing the Harlem team in the championship."

     "Is this don't tell me it's not the default?"

     It is live now.

     When the reporter reluctantly digs holes for Luo Yiming, the friends watching the video are all angry.

     They curse without restraint on this "entertainment business" media in the comment section.

     It even directly conducted a consultation on this entertainment media headquarters.

     Come prepared, the entertainment industry still has a certain reputation in the southern market. This time I came to Beijing, I wanted to win attention by tearing up the good voice of China.

     In addition, the entertainment industry and a certain company have hidden secrets.

     Although Luo Yiming didn't know the depth of the water, he despised this kind of guy the most.

     Luo Yiming has fought one around when Jinghua Entertainment is torn with himself.

     "Entertainment business" to find fault.

     Luo Yiming would naturally not let it go.

     "Native decision? You think the audience are all fools. If you want to decide on an incompetent singer, you will make the audience complain or even abuse. A good voice can be recognized by the audience above 80 percent, not without reason. I hope that such problems will not be repeated. Repeat the question."

     "I don't have time to answer such questions!"

     "Also, I think Zhang Jie is a very good singer. On the stage of good voice, his performance is remarkable. In the end, even if he really wins the championship, I think it is not impossible!"

     Luo Yiming is very domineering.When I change to another director, I will be cautious and solemn when facing this kind of problem.

     But Luo Yiming knows too much about the entertainment industry.

     On the contrary, if you follow his train of thought, the other party will not know what to do.

     It was so uncomfortable to be shocked, and as expected, the female reporter showed her little tail.

     "As far as I know, Zhang Jie is currently signed with Shangteng entertainment company. He is an artist of Shangteng entertainment company. This time he participated in the good voice because he was behind the company's personal action. This has violated the contract with the company."

     "If Shangteng Entertainment Company now sue Zhang Jie, he is likely to have to pay more than ten million liquidated damages."

     "And your studio knows that Zhang Jie is a contracted singer, and is willing to accept him in the competition, and in the program, broadcast clips of Zhang Jie's original company. Does this also damage the reputation of Shangteng entertainment company to a certain extent?"

     "Entertainment business", the media in the magic city, can be said to be a pawn of Chen Yaochuan.

      So much for long time, Chen Yaochuan did not negotiate with Luo Yiming on the acquisition.

      With a purchase price of 50 million’s, Chen Yaochuan naturally refused to do it after seeing the good sound fire.

     In the last period, Zhang Jie defeated Jin Runji and entered the semi-finals of the Harlem team.

     Chen Yaochuan thought about it and took advantage of the situation to put pressure on Luo Yiming.

     Zhang Jie’s contract is still in his hands. If Good Voice does not agree with the plan to acquire Shangteng Entertainment Company at a high price, then he can take Zhang Jie to court with a single complaint.

     Zhang Jie will now be restricted from conducting any commercial activities and singing, so the good voice Zhang Jie, a great protector of Harlem, has broken his wings.A good voice naturally falls into a difficult situation.

     Chen Yaochuan is still very clever. If he threatens directly, both sides suffer in the end.

     He sued Zhang Jie, but in the end he might not be able to get compensation.

     The fate of making peace with Luo Yiming's voice has ended.

     Let the entertainment industry tell the story and see Luo Yiming's reaction. After playing the drum, Luo Yiming will agree to his previous one-million-dollar acquisition plan.

     He wants to get rid of his hands for entertainment.

     Luo Yiming's successful acquisition, Zhang Jie became his own artist and became the champion, which forms a coherent whole.

     Live live.

      with swords drawn and bows bent.

     No one expected that this reporter radically is coming to disrupt the situation.

     Countless netizens who watched the live broadcast are angry. They are most uncomfortable with companies kidnapping artists, restricting their freedom, and hiding artists.

     Zhang Jie has made no mistakes and is a talented singer, so in the face of the reporter's difficulties, everyone despised this unqualified guy.

     During the live broadcast, Zhang Jie was sitting behind.

     Hearing that the incident was caused by oneself, the good voice crew may have to file a lawsuit because of oneself.

     Zhang Jie couldn't sit still.

     He got up from the back seat, stood up and said: "The thing is because of me, I take responsibility. If the company wants to sue me, I can quit the game early now."


     Zhang Jie said, there was an uproar on the court.

     Online netizens are even more righteous indignation fills one's breast.

     "What kind of person is this. What is the intention of this media person to force a student I like to retire?""Yes, the entertainment company didn't say anything. This birdman jumped out first, chirp chirp twitter twitter, really meddling in other people's business."

     "Hehe, do you think it is called by yourself? As far as I know, this is the media of Magic City. Shangteng entertainment company is also headquartered in Magic City. Guess, is there any connection?"

     A word awakened the dreamer.

     After everyone understands, while discussing the entertainment industry, continue to frigid irony and scorching satire on the entertainment company.

     "It was originally a subsidiary of Universal Music, and it has countless good resources, but a good hand can be played poorly."

     "A good singer like Zhang Jie was hid by the snow, so he just went to hold some rubbish."

     "If Shangteng Entertainment Company really sue Zhang Jie about this matter, then, I said, in this life, I will definitely be an enemy of Shangteng Entertainment Company.

     "I will definitely be enemies with Chen Yaochuan."

     The whole net was boiling, Zhang Jie wanted to say something, but Luo Yiming had interrupted him before he spoke.

     "Zhang Jie, you sit down, the media didn't ask you, you don't have to come out to speak."


     "No buts, you sit down for me." Luo Yiming's eyes were firm, Zhang Jie sighed saying, and sat down obediently.

     Facing the previous media reporters, Luo Yiming put away the previous politeness on his face, and said: "Hello, my friend, I can understand your question routine today. It is not very friendly. But that's okay, a good voice serves as justice. Social programs must be supervised by the media."

     "Zhang Jie is a contracted singer of Shangteng entertainment company. That's right. Our studio has been communicating with Mr. Chen Yaochuan about this problem. It just does not have one specific plan.""But we have the confidence and strength to solve this problem. As Zhang Jie is currently the semi-finals of my good voice Harlem team, I am more determined to protect him and not let him go to the defendant."

     "Even at that point, if Zhang Jie really breaches the contract, Good Voice Studio will have full authority to defend him. No matter how much the penalty is, we are able to bear it."

     "Finally, as a media person, you care about this problem not altogether inexcusable, but I think it is limited to this. So, your question stop before going too far, we welcome you to stay here, otherwise, the door is over there! "

     Luo Yiming pointed to the entrance of the studio.

     At this meeting, the whole network's comments are all three words: "Get out!"

     Netizens told the reporter to get out. The Good Voice students, the Good Voice crew, and the media all stared at this man angrily.

      a just cause enjoys abundant support an unjust cause finds little support (idiom, from Mencius), no matter where it is, it is the same truth.

     The female reporter seemed to have been fucked by a strong girl for a while, she suddenly closed her mouth tightly, and didn't dare to smash it for a while.

     Otherwise, if she is really blown out, she will definitely make headlines tomorrow.
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