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247 Chapter 245, The First Shady Of A Good Voice (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Yiming's overbearing director's answer did not fear difficulties and did not avoid questions.

      block soldiers with generals Water Appears Earth Shuts.

     That's a handsome.

     If the Shangteng entertainment company really wants to sue Zhang Jie, okay, then Good Sound Studio will fight the other party.

     If the Shangteng entertainment company doesn't want to have a fight with yourself, and using a wicker basket to draw water is nothing, then you have to cooperate with yourself.

     In the front, Luo Yiming will also feel that this media is enthusiastic about asking some questions and gaining a position.

     Later, when she talked about the Shangteng entertainment company, Luo Yiming knew that they took Chen Yaochuan's money and wanted to hear from her own mouth the answer about Zhang Jie's stay and whether the Shangteng entertainment company bought it or not.

     Luo Yi obviously wouldn't be afraid because of this threat.

     Not to mention that Zhang Jie would be abandoned because he might face a lawsuit.

     This kind of grand general style is not something that each person can have.

     This kind of action can not be done without courage and courage!

     Luo Yiming slammed reporters, and Chen Yaochuan was also watching the online live broadcast.

     After hearing what Luo Yiming said and seeing the comments made by netizens, Chen Yaochuan's hand supporting his chin collapsed.

     "Get out." This is an advice to that reporter.

     "If Chen Yaochuan really told Zhang Jie, then five million netizens would be the two cannot exist together with themselves." This is the advice from netizens to Chen Yaochuan.

     The point is, if the situation is really serious to that point.

     It is not Zhang Jie who will offend him, but Luo Yiming who is willing to protect Zhang Jie.

     Who is Luo Yiming, the producer of the third-block program that exceeds the golden ratings.Nowadays, in the entertainment circle, he is even more like a gold-medal host with He Jiong and even the bigwigs of CCTV.

     If you still plan to mix in the Mainland.

     Offending Luo Yiming is not a good idea.

     On the contrary, happily cooperated with Luo Yiming and completed the acquisition of the other party's own company at a price of more than 50 million’s. Chen Yaochuan determined that this was the best way.

     The reporter misfired.

     The netizens all boiled.

     Countless support for good voice, support for Luo Yiming, support for Zhang Jie's message in a flash occupy the comment area.

     "Zhang Jie wants to hold on, you can't retire."

     "Luo Yiming is a good director, a good producer, and has no relationship with Zhang Jie, just to keep this kind of good voice and fight Shangteng to the end. I admire Director Luo as a person."

     "Guide Luo from the very beginning is a good person. A good person lives in peace."

     At the press conference, Luo Yiming infected everyone.

     The media questioning session is over, and the official battle anthem is released.

     Luo Yiming did not end today's platform live broadcast.

     As a benefit, Luo Yiming said that he will create a fan battle song for his fan’s sandwich army in the near future.

     This song will be the same as Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart, the main inspirational style, will be full of positive energy, full of feelings.

     And this song, he will also sing for the fans on the night of the peak two weeks later.

     Netizens and fans are looking forward to Luo Yiming’s new song. Today’s press conference will still end with the official battle song Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart.Be a good voice student, Luo Yiming, and the staff member of the crew sang Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart together,

     The audience was boiling and applauded.


      pā pā pā pā.

     On the background of the last switch, it was the Sohu podcast video that exploded the most brilliant fireworks in the square.

     The magnificent presentation of fireworks in the sky (of houses, scenery etc) makes the night sky splendidly dotted.

     Although during the live broadcast, a media made trouble.

     But in the end, Luo Yiming resolved this little accident and perfectly completed the official battle anthem and the press conference to answer media questions.

     Moreover, this a news conference once again promoted a semi-final breakout game for the students of Good Voice.

     Zhang Jie's popularity has risen again and he has become the most popular student of Good Voice on the Internet without any dispute.

     That night, the online press conference was over.

     However, the official sandwich fan base did not stop.

     Sandwich’s super fans group, the owner of the group of 500 2,000 fans, Yang Hui, quickly issued gold labels with the word "Ming" to all of the 1 million online live broadcast netizens.

     This is a mark specially created for Luo Yiming fans by Yang Hui, who studied jewelry design after graduation.

     In the future, netizens who support Luo Yiming will meet on the network platform. As long as they see the mark, they will know that everyone is a family.

     In the management core group, heaven, nader, and Zhiguang, through their strong appeal, mobilized fans in the magic city to put pressure on the Shangteng entertainment company!

     The next day, Chen Yaochuan received multiple anonymous emails in his mailbox, all of which were not quite the same.There is only one sentence that is threatening, respectful, official, but core.

     "Mr. Chen Yaochuan, Zhang Jie is in a good voice game, please don't spoil it."

     The threatening anonymous emails wrote out Chen Yaochuan's address in Xiangjiang and the address in the mainland in detail.

      Unspoken implication, if you don’t cooperate obediently, your glass may be smashed to pieces.

     The respectful tone is that if you let Zhang Jie play well, we will respect you as a teacher, and we will support your future activities in the Mainland.

     Chen Yaochuan did not respond to these anonymous emails immediately.

     Rather, he was certain that he had encountered cyber violence.

     Because the emails are anonymous, even the id address cannot be found.

     Therefore, Chen Yaochuan was also very embarrassed in the face of these emails.

     Chen Yaochuan from beginning to end has not thought to make the situation serious. Everyone is messing around in the arena, and it is hard to offend anyone's fans.

     What's more, it is Luo Yiming's sandwich army.

     Zhang Jie incident, Chen Yaochuan let the media "entertainment business" test the waters already have results.

     People are not afraid at all.

     After carrying it so hard and a good voice knocked out Zhang Jie, he was really using a wicker basket to draw water in the end.

     The recording of the eleventh issue is coming soon.

     Chen Yaochuan finally couldn't stand it anymore.

     He took the initiative to call Luo Yiming.

     This time, Luo Yiming changed his old style and showed great enthusiasm for Chen Yaochuan.Not only was Chen Yaochuan called burst with joy by one of his brothers, he also invited Chen Yaochuan to come to Beijing to play.

     On the night Chen arrived in Beijing, the two talked again in Guanyuan.

     Luo Yiming added another 10 million yuan to the original 50 million’s, which is full of sincerity.

     Chen Yaochuan knows that one billion is pipe dream.

     After several haggle over price to no avail, he finally agreed to Luo Yiming's 60 million yuan acquisition of Shangteng entertainment company.

     That night, the two signed a contract at Guanyuan.

     In the contract, the gentleman agreed that Chen Yaochuan could not disclose any matter about the acquisition of Shangteng entertainment company by Good Sound Studio before the end of Good Sound.

     The handover between the two happened to be the second week after the end of the Good Voice program, and missed the possibility of the audience pointing the finger.

     Luo Yiming did not notify Zhang Jie of the successful acquisition of Shangteng Entertainment.

     However, after the acquisition of Shangteng Entertainment, it also means that Zhang Jie has become an artist under for oneself.
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