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248 Chapter 246: Buy If You Disagree
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Before the eleventh issue of Good Voice is about to be recorded.

     Luo Yiming asked Yang Zongwei to find himself in the office.

     The top four students, who can represent the Harlem team to win the championship, Zhang Jie's voice is the highest, followed by Yang Zongwei.

     With a piece of spring mud, Yang Zongwei let the audience see his singing ability.

     In the pk battle in the group, he defeated his opponents with his affectionate singing and was promoted again.

     In the semi-finals breakout battle, because of the motivation of the competition, he composed the song Onion in advance, which made Yang Zongwei's popularity rise again.

     Yang Zongwei is already a very powerful singer at present, and only the last two games remain with the good voice.

     Luo Yiming felt that Yang Zongwei should be used to get some honors from the outside world.

     This may be better than he and Zhang Jie fighting for you die, I live in the championship.

     In the end, the good voice can only have one champion. From the current popularity of Zhang Jie, it is very difficult for Yang Zongwei to reveal one's talent in the Harlem group.

     Luo Yiming last week, when Yang Zongwei’s official website had not yet topped the number of downloads on Onion’s official website, students and songs with good voices were selected on the global Chinese song chart, and Luo Yiming asked Luo Yiming to come up with a hot song. And popular students, as the reference winning projects in the list.

     Among the songs of many good voice students, Luo Yiming chose this onion and Yang Zongwei.

     Last week, he had an in-depth negotiation with the Global Chinese Songs Chart.

     Yang Zongwei came to Luo Yiming's office. He didn't know what Luo asked him to do.

     At the signal of Director Luo, Yang Zongwei (to move or do sth) sat down softly and quietly, looking at Luo Yiming at the desk."Yang Zongwei, in the next issue, I will arrange for you to be eliminated."

     In a faint sentence, Luo Yiming is still serious, traded to be other people, and he will definitely be confused.

     But Yang Zongwei's expression remained unchanged and said: "Okay."

     Sure enough, he was still the good old man in his previous life.

     It is precisely such a singer that Luo Yiming thinks he is qualified to go to the outside world.

     "Don't you wonder why I did this? You don't even ask me why?"

     Yang Zongwei was actually in the mirror.

     The outside world is now a supporter of Zhang Jie.

     At yesterday's press conference, the media pointed the finger at Zhang Jie, and Luo Dao fully protected him. Everyone can see that Luo Dao loves Zhang Jie.

     Yang Zongwei said: "Zhang Jie's strength is indeed very strong. And his story is inspiring. If he can represent the Harlem team, the influence of the good voice will be more extensive."

     Luo Yiming smiled and said: "You are half right, but I don't think you are worse than Zhang Jie's Singing Ability."

     "Actually, I once thought that it was more appropriate for you to play as the champion of the Harlem team. Otherwise, I would not choose you to sing the spring mud of Teacher Harlem."

     Yang Zongwei was a little confused, indeed, at the beginning, Luo Dao was very optimistic about himself.

     But if he is so strong, why should Luo Dao arrange for himself to be eliminated.

     Luo Yiming stopped turning around. The next second he put away his smile, earnestly said, "I let you out because of another thing. On September 16, the summer awards ceremony for the global Chinese song list will be held. , This time is in conflict with the peak duel of Good Voice.""I recommended you and your songs to be on the list in the first two weeks. I want you to attend this grand event and strive to win the Asian Music Awards!"

     "..." Yang Zongwei almost fainted happily, his face is full of hard to believe: "You mean, you want me to represent the good voice in this awards ceremony?"

     Luo Yiming nodded with certainty and said: "We have been enthusiastically invited on the global Chinese song charts for a month. Last week, we had an in-depth communication on the awards. I can be sure that they can give you awards, but the specific awards still does not know."

     "Because of this award, the battle for the pinnacle of good voice, you don't have time to pk. To eliminate you in the next round is a must."

     Luo Yiming has decided to do this, so he must ensure that Yang Zongwei cannot reach the final.

     Even if it is shady, Luo Yiming can't start off leniently.

     But to do so, Luo Yiming made Yang Zongwei knows the truth.

     Yang Zongwei grinned stupidly. For him, happiness came too suddenly.

     No matter what award is awarded to him on the Global Chinese Songs Chart, whether it is the best male singer or the song of the year, the weight of this honor is not worse than that of a good voice champion.

      "Oh, right." Luo Yiming added: "When you get the prize, in addition to thank you for what you want to thank, remember to add a sentence of thanks for the good voice of China."

     Yang Zongwei nodded and said, "I know, certainly will."

     After Yang Zongwei left, Luo Yiming went to Harlem again.

     Harlem is communicating with the assistant about the student's song in his temporary lounge.Seeing Director Luo came, Luo Yiming walked to Harlem after the assistant left.

     "What brings you here, Yiming."

     Luo Yiming scratched his head and showed a sad expression: "I'm not worried about your team's champion students."

     "Teacher Haring, what do you think of these four students."

     Luo Yiming asked, and Haring expressed his concerns: "Yiming, to be honest, I want me to choose, I choose Zhang Jie. But you know, Zhang Jie is signed with the Shangteng entertainment company, in case he Really promoted, good voice back to the lawsuit, this is what we all don't want to see."

     "So, what I arranged was that Yang Zongwei eliminated Zhang Jie and promoted Yang Zongwei as a champion student."

     After that, Harlem sighed saying.

     Zhang Jie is a competitive singer. If you let him play pk with other teams, you have a high chance of winning.

     Changed to Yang Zongwei, it was 50-50.

     "The abilities of the other two students are as good as they are. There is a gap. But even if Yang Zongwei eliminates Zhang Jie, do you think the audience will buy it? I think you will be sprayed to death by then."

     Luo Yiming smiled and joked.

     This is also the sadness of Haring and the misery: "So, I was thinking with my assistant just now how to present Yang Zongwei’s song better and more exciting. And Zhang Jie’s song, let him emerge and perish on its own ."

     "Teacher Haring, you don't want to break your scalp for this, I secretly tell you, in fact, Shangteng Entertainment Company will not sue Zhang Jie. If you want him to win, let him win."

      "Ah?" Harlem was puzzled.

     Yesterday, Luo Yiming had a quarrel with Shangteng entertainment company. "How to say?""Haha. I was talking about the acquisition of Shangteng entertainment company. Just today, we completed the acquisition. One week after the end of the good sound, the Shangteng entertainment company belongs to the good sound studio."

     "You mean, did you buy that company?"

     This is Harlem's concern.

     When I heard that Luo Yiming had acquired Shangteng Entertainment.

     Harlem was completely conquered.

     Buy if you don't agree.

     This Luo Yiming is too good!

     "If this factor is left out, then teacher Haring, do you want to protect Zhang Jie as the champion?" Luo Yiming might as well open the skylight to speak brightly.

     "Of course!"

     "No, it should be said that Zhang Jie can win by himself."
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