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249 Chapter 247, Zhang Jie Sprints To The Champion
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Good sound 16 enters 4 battles, the rule of pk is the battle of 4 players in the team.

     99 mass media and musicians gave placards to the two of pk, and the tutor also had 100 points in his hand, which could be allocated differently.

     However, the score of the instructor is generally not too different in proportion.

     As long as the students don’t sing on the spot, they will basically give a score of 50:50.

     Harlem wants to protect who gets into the semifinals, his role is not very big.

     That's why Harlem said that Zhang Jie must rely on Zhang Jie to break out and fight for the only one spot in the team that will be promoted last.

     Zhang Jie's ability Luo Yiming was sure there was no problem.

     However, Zhang Jie, who blindly soars, is not so clever to please the media and musicians.

     Feelings, from the good voices of China in the past few years, I can go to the end. The songs sang also have a characteristic, that is, they can move people's hearts and have an emotional hypnotic effect.

     It can often sing into the hearts of the audience, and even cry after emotional resonance.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming and Haring had a lot of thoughts when choosing songs for Zhang Jie, and they chose Songshen's songs for him. There is you along the way.

     For Zhang Jie to pave the road ahead, whether he can flat land one could gallop straight across, he still has to rely on himself.

     The studio is ready on site, with lighting, stage, costumes and props all in place.

     The recording of the eleventh episode begins.

     This is the 16-in-4 of Harlem and Lin Zhixuan, with Lin Zhixuan's team playing first.

     First of all, he took four students to sing his famous song Liren, and ignited the audience and judges with his affectionate singing and stunning high pitch.Some senior musicians said that Lin Zhixuan's on-site skills are good, and the adaptations he made for the four students fit the characteristics of each student.

     The brutal pk system started, each person had the opportunity to sing alone. The first group appeared in Ping An and Chu Lanlan.

     Ping An was originally a very promising player Lin Zhixuan.

     After singing the former, the audience felt that Ping An had won.

     But when Chu Lanlan sang Luo Yiming's you who came to my life for her.

     Chu Lanlan combined Peking opera with pop even more cleverly, and after her singing skills exploded and sounded good.

     The scene was a sensation, and it suddenly overshadowed Ping'an.

     In the first round of voting, 99 media and musicians raised placards, all of which have unit names.

     Almost including the overwhelming majority mainstream media and Network Media in the country, as well as industry peers, it can be regarded as a grand event in the domestic music industry.

     After the placard was raised, Chu Lanlan received 52 votes and Ping'an 47 votes.

     Although Lin Zhixuan gave Ping An a 51:49 score against Chu Lanlan, Ping An still lost!

     The media is the examiner who masters the power of the students to live and kill. When watching the media raise the placards, in fact Teacher Lin Zhixuan and other instructors are extremely worried.

     They pay attention to the rows of media, count them together, and affect the audience.

     Next it was Xu Jiaying and Li Hangliang's pk, both of whom were very good at singing, one boy and one girl.

     Xu Jiaying looks delicate and weak, which makes the judges and teachers feel more sympathetic to the weak.

     At the end of the concert, 99 judges gave 58:41, Xu Jiaying overwhelmingly defeated Li Hangliang.words exceede 5100From a distance, Luo Yiming saw Zhang Jie in a daze under a tree in the courtyard, knowing that Zhang Jie was on his mind, Luo Yiming slowly walked over.

     Yesterday, Zhang Jie actually underwent a lot of pressure. He was on the shackles of the entertainment company, and he didn't know where his destiny was.

     Today's recording, his state is terrible.

     Luo Yiming guessed that he might be thinking that if it is eliminated, Shangteng Entertainment Company will not sue the sound studio, so he can't be the sinner.

     Luo Yiming didn't want to tell him about his successful acquisition of Shangteng Entertainment Company.

     In order to make him more frustrated and brave in the ordeal.

     However, if Zhang Jie’s concern is not resolved, Luo Yiming feels that Zhang Jie might really be eliminated in today’s game.

     I don't know when, Luo Yiming has already stood beside Zhang Jie.

     When Zhang Jie waited to see the former, he panicked: "Ah, Director Luo, at what time did you come?"

     Luo Yiming said softly: "Just here. What are you doing here? The official recording will start soon, and the songs are all ready?"

     Zhang Jie dispirited and downcast: "I'm ready, but I'm not sure if I can sing well."

     "Not sure, but don't practice yet, don't you want to win?"

     Zhang Jie hesitated and said: "Participate in the good voice competition...who doesn't want to win...but I really won, and the Shangteng entertainment company took me and you to court. I really don't want to hurt good voice."Luo Yiming said: "Shangteng Entertainment has suppressed your talent for two years. Now there is such a chance to prove yourself? Tell me, you want to win but you dare not win. Then why did you participate in Good Voice at the beginning?"

     "Just to stroll around, and then go back dingy?"

     "Zhang Jie, are you so courageous? Did you not hear what I said at the press conference yesterday? Zhang Jie, tell me, do you want to win?"

     Zhang Jie's heartbeat speeded up inexplicably: "I...Of course I want to win."

     "Well, it's enough if you want to win. All I want is your words!"

     "But I... can I really?"

     Luo Yiming hugged Zhang Jie's shoulders: "The prerequisite is that you have to play well. As long as you can sing your two songs well, I think it's not a big problem."

     "You don't have to worry about the Shangteng entertainment company. I can guarantee that you won the championship and have a bright future."

     "Okay." Zhang Jie smiled silly and nodded vigorously.

     "Director Luo, I will definitely make every effort, and I will live up to your high expectations!"

     Zhang Jie believes in Luo Yiming, even if he doesn't believe in other people in this World, he absolutely trusts Luo Yiming.

     When he entered the recording scene again, Zhang Jie seemed to be a different person. He once again returned to an optimistic and positive attitude, and tried to sing this passionate desert with Harlem.
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