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253 Chapter 251, Shuangming Combination, Fan's War Song
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Li Ding can discuss other issues with the director.

     However, this time, in order to cultivate the host of his own station, the night of the peak of China's good voice is except for the host Luo Yiming.

     The Taiwan leader also appointed another host, Zhu Dan.

     Zhu Dan is a sister of Blueberry TV. She has a wealth of experience in hosting parties. At a grand event like the Night of the Good Voice, Blueberry TV will undoubtedly want to hold her host.

     In Luo Yiming's plan, Zhu Dan was taken down again.

     This made Li Ding had to fight.

     "Director Luo, we can cooperate with you for the length of the party, including advertising sponsorship. However, regarding the host, we arranged for the host of our station Zhu Dan to cooperate with you on Peak Night."

     "This, you must agree."

     Luo Yi knew what Li Ding's idea was.

     As long as Zhu Dan is placed there, there will always be a chance to insert a few commercials.

     Luo Yiming smiled: "Director Li, the previous twelve episodes of The Voice of China, tell me, who is the host?"

      Without a doubt, it is Luo Yiming.

     "It's me, right? I'm the only host!"

     "Now you have arranged for an extra female host for the Peak Showdown. Do you think this is appropriate?"

     Li Ding put a bold face on it explained: "The main reason is that the party is more grand, and Zhu Dan's aura is very big...The party host with ample experience...I think you can cooperate very well."Luo Yiming replied: "Then I want to ask, does she know about the four students? Does she understand the rules of good voice? The aura is big and the party is grand. I want to say, this is the peak showdown of good voice, but it's not What award ceremony."

     "The host of the live broadcast, my one person can control it well. If there is one more person, I really can't guarantee the quality of her hosting. What if she stutters when she comes to the stage?"

     "Can you guarantee that she will not make a mistake?"

     Zhu Dan is a sister of Blueberry TV.

     But who can guarantee that she will not go wrong?

     The directors of Blueberry TV all look at each other in dismay. Luo Yiming’s words made them dumbstruck and unable to reply.

      Still not ended, Luo Yiming continued: "We have spent 30 million on the sound system in a place with such a small good sound, but you want to record a false singing in advance at the 80,000 people stadium, without setting up the sound system, you are not Follow the path to one's own doom?"

     Fang Ge was very angry after reading Blueberry TV's planning book last time.

     He didn't understand why Blueberry Satellite TV would give up the most advantageous thing of this good voice.

     The other blueberry TV choreographers endured it, but they could lip-synch. They didn't think they were wrong.

     "Director Luo, our station has also done many large evenings. It should be noted. The live effect is generally not good. The pre-recording of false singing is actually to give the audience a better listening experience."

     "Besides, even the Spring Festival Gala has fake singing. What are we fake singing?"

     Luo Yiming hadn't spoken yet, Fang Ge said angrily: "Bah! Is the fake singing still reasonable?""Why the on-site effect is not good, let me tell you, it is because of the lack of sound equipment."

     "Let me ask you this, how many audio equipment you put in at the party every year, no matter how big or small?"

     "I'll give you another data. You know or not how many speakers did I use for the Asian Games?"

     "The audio array of French Akusi has more than 1,000 speakers, using a 3 million digico mixer, which has 220 inputs and 380 outputs."

     "For this peak night of good sound, we spent 100,000 freight and relocation fees to transport the equipment from the Guanyuan Theater. But you have to tell me that you don't even plan to use a single speaker."

     Liang Qiaobo couldn’t listen anymore. He added: “Talking to a group of people who don’t understand music about the importance of audio equipment is like chicken speaking with duck.”

     "Semifinalist, everyone’s voice is different, and everyone’s singing style is also different. Have you ever asked me how to make the best voice?"

     "Have you ever asked which songs we picked on Peak Night?"

     "The ratings of Voice of China are so high, and everyone is widely praised. Do you know what the soul of this show is?"

     "It's the sound!"

     "The TV set is two-channel, and the live band is mostly multi-channel of fast rock and roll."

     "Have you ever worried that the signal will be transmitted to Beijing via Blueberry, and then spread to the stars, and then enter the TV, there will be sound loss?"

     "You call by the glorified name of said that fake singing works better, I don't understand. Did you put the soul of this show somewhere?"In front of the domestic chief sound engineer and the top domestic Music Director.

     The clamor of Blueberry Satellite TV just now is equivalent to clown acting.

     No one can answer this problem anymore.

     Luo Yiming finally said: "If you still want to do fake singing, then I can only say, Peak Night, we can't do it. I will not allow you to destroy my paintstaking management brand, the final result , It can only be a night without a good voice."

     "If you still listen to our plan, after all of the above are revised, the final awards link will be removed. This is my The Peak Night of the Voice of China."

     The trio accused Li Ding and the directors of Blueberry TV for flushed with excitement.

     According to Luo Yiming's table, there is no awards link, no awards guests, no advertising, put in top audio equipment, broadcast for three hours, who will lose money this party!


     But for a good public praise, no money is made, Luo Yiming is a fool, and Blueberry TV doesn't need to be foolish with him.

     Even if Li Ding can agree, the station may not be able to buy it.

     In the meeting room, the two sides still did not reach a consensus.

     Li Ding was going back to report to the Taiwan leader, but Luo Yiming did not give him much time.

      One day period, Luo Yiming will get the answer tomorrow.

     If the other party did not reply, Luo Yiming would start preparing for the night of the peak according to his plan.

     As far as Yu Luo is concerned, I am in charge of my program.

     On September 16, the peak night of the Voice of China will definitely meet with the audience.The organizer stated in the contract is Blueberry TV, and Luo Yiming left this honorary title to Blueberry TV.

     When they leave, Luo Yiming will get things done.

     On September 11th, after Luo Yiming asked the hospital and Tian Zhen's family for the consent, he took Zeng Yi to the hospital to visit Teacher Tian Zhen again.

      The last battle, the first round of competition, is the cooperation of four students and the instructor.

     After the instructor and the students sing together, the one with the lowest score among the four students will be eliminated first.

     Tian Zhen's operation went well.

     However, she needs to rest, it is very difficult to go to the gymnasium for the finals, and singing with the students is even more difficult.

     Teacher Tian Zhen handed this task to Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming took out the song he composed specially for sandwich fans, and planned to perform this fan battle song with Zeng Yiming and Shuangming in the first round of the contest on Peak Night.
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