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254 Chapter 252, Can You Make The Orgasm Longer
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Coming out of Xiehe Hospital and walking in the overcrowded corridor, one of them thought of Teacher Tian Zhen holding his hand and placing high hopes on him, and for a while he wanted to cry.

     Go to the semifinals.

     It is not easy to be one.

     He came on the honor of others to defeat Bi Xia. After that episode of the show was broadcast, many people said that Bi Xia should not be eliminated.

     Because Bi Xia is like Teacher Tian Zhen.

     She stood there, as if Teacher Tian Zhen still existed on the stage.

     Bi Xia left. The stage lacked not only Bi Xia, but also Tian Zhen.

     In this case, Zeng Yi’s pressure doubled. He felt a little regretful. In the last game, he scored 4 in 16 and eliminated Bi Xia.

     "Zeng, don't put so much pressure on yourself. Teacher Tian Zhen also said, sing well, sing with your heart, and the Peak Night with a good voice is fair to anyone."

     "I believe in you."

     Before having one, I never thought about what the champion would be like.

     But immediately I can stand in a stadium of 80,000 people and sing for everyone.

     I have a one in four chance to sprint the championship.

     The flame in Zeng Yi's heart was also burning.

     "Thank you, Director Luo. With your song, as long as I sing it well, I think I should be able to enter the second round."

     "In the second round, I will prove myself. I am eager to win the championship. I hope to be the pride of Tian Zhen and you."

     In a sense. Luo Yiming is a half mentor of Zeng Yiming.

     Finally, perform this fan battle song with Zeng Yi.

     Luo Yiming wanted to help him somehow.Ordinary Road is the original intention of a dream catcher who sings.

     Everyone will walk a path.

     The road at first was ordinary.

     But only through this section of Ordinary Road, persevere unremittingly pursuit of dreams, can the ultimate extraordinary achievement be achieved.

     In the Tian Zhen group, Luo Yiming and Zeng Yi practiced Ordinary Road the next day.

     Liu Huan group, teacher Liu Huan and miracle in September, practice Love in Hiroshima.

     Lin Zhixuan and Xu Jiaying practice detachment + detachment is like a dream.

     Harlem and Zhang Jie's first round of singing is the adaptation of Mr. Haring's Spice Girl and Jiu Gan if sold out.

     The Guanyuan Theater conducts intense rehearsals every day.

     On the Blueberry TV side, Li Ding took the choreographers who went to the negotiations to pass Luo Yiming's overall plan to the leadership in the station for decision.

     The leader was half to death by Luo Yiming.

     "No ads? Is he crazy!"

     "To run a concert, the cost starts at 30 million yuan, he pays out of his own pocket?"

     "Young people are arrogant, but can't they be so mad?"

     "I know why Mango TV quarreled with him, this is the uncle."

     The director patted the table and stared, but Li Ding had no alternative: "The director, I have told him everything I should say. If Luo Yiming's original words are not followed, he will do it himself this evening!"

     "What bullshit!"

     "What was written in the contract you didn't tell him? Blueberry TV is hosting Peak Night... what to do!"Li Ding said distressedly: "Luo Yiming said, as long as we are out, he will take care of everything. The honorary title of the organizer is still given to us... I also read the contract, which is ambiguous."

     Blueberry TV was passive when signing the contract.

     Going back now is also a pit.

     "Yeah, I understand it, saying that we are hosting the night of the peak, and we have to listen to him. Go, go, let's not provoke us!"

     "According to what he said, ask someone for someone!"

     "Let him toss how he likes to toss!"

     "Then who we invited?" Li Ding asked.

     "What do you mean. The guests you originally invited, inform them that they are not using it! And the advertisers, you go to return the money to others, this party, our Blueberry TV has no ads."

     Director Deadpan, he did not flies into a rage.

     But the performance of that's it, everyone knows, the director is angry to a certain level.

     He should really be Na Luo Yiming out.

      I know, right.

     If you and Luo Yiming would cast aside all considerations for face, a little leftovers on the night of the good voice peak, the blueberry station would probably not touch it.

     The director asked Li Ding to go out and find some people in charge to sign.

     The other directors wanted to complain in front of the director, but the director did not dare to provoke Luo Yiming, and obediently shut up.

     The director's office is out.

     The directors couldn't help but cursed a few words.

     When Li Ding took the desk and went to find some people in charge to sign and stamp, everyone complained again."Luo Yiming is a fool, a show with 5% ratings. He doesn't make 200 million. Is he really stupid?"

     "Luo Yiming really is a neurotic! Nodding his head is a 100 million check into the account, he has to fight against others!"

     "Blue Ocean TV is wronged! With such a partner, the ducks delivered to the mouth have to be vomited."

     A group of people are foul-mouthed, and it is best to have their arms folded but not their thighs. They still passed Luo Yiming's planning proposal collectively.

     Signed and stamped, and finally the director held the planning book, his hands trembling, "Two hundred million, it just flies... My heart... is bleeding!"


     From September 13th to 15th, a tornado blew again in the domestic entertainment industry.

      Several news articles exploded.

     One was the unreasonable sound crew. Luo Yiming didn't give any face to anyone, so he cried Zhu Shan, a sister of Blueberry TV.

     She didn't even have a chance to make an announcement during the whole party, and was completely excluded.

     This is the biggest humiliation that Zhu Dan has suffered since he hosted Blueberry TV.

     Second, the two major advertising sponsors weeping bitter tears late at night.

     Ding Liang, director of Pepsi's marketing department, said on the blog: "Break through the desire, Pepsi, dare to be the first, the voice of China! Pepsi is miserable this year by Luo Dao Keng!"

     "Speaking of you, it's peak night, and you still refuse to broadcast one of our long commercials. What are you trying to do?"

     Peacebird Clothing Yang Hui complained: "I have never sponsored such a show. The advertising time is only a few seconds per issue. Can you make the orgasm longer?"

     The remaining small sponsors have been unable to complain.They all said that these years, advertisers are not easy to mix up, and such a mudslide in the advertising industry like Luo Dao is really terrible.

     Advertisers have complained again and again.

     However, Professor Liu Tian of Central Media College has one word says it all mystery: "Luo Yiming used the smartest way to market his show. His advertising opportunities are not in the show, but hidden in his entertainment headlines. Ability."

     "Every time he grabs a headline, the two major advertising sponsors follow closely behind sb or sth, appear in front of the public, and get enough exposure after a grievance!"

     "The idea of advertising has changed from investment in fixed programs to investment in the stars themselves. This is a very novel advertising concept!"

     Seeing this explanation, many crowds who felt worthless for the two major advertisers came to their senses.

     "It's such a reason. I see them crying miserably every day. In fact, they are crying again and again, but they don't know how beautiful they are!"

     "Zhi, I feel deeply deceived, Bai sympathizes with them!"

     "I guess that is the case. You are optimistic. For the second season of Good Voice next year, Pepsi and Peacebird clothing will definitely continue to sponsor!"

     "I'm so grassy! Advertisers who do everything they want! It's so damn good to show off, I just bought five cases of Pepsi to support them, should I return it?

     Luo Yiming didn't advertise all over the sky. There were no more than six sponsors in the Good Voice program.

     Because of this, Luo Yiming's good tongue can serve advertisers more.

     He grabbed the headlines of the entertainment page one by one, and has made the best publicity for these companies.Everyone does not know Pepsi and Peacebird clothing, should buy drinks or preferred PepsiCo, should buy clothes or Peacebird clothing, and ride-hailing is the Northern Group.

     When everyone is discussing good sound.

     On September 16th, the Beijing 80,000 Workers Stadium finally started the peak night of good sound!
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