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257 Chapter 255, Singer-songwriter, Song Response (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Luo Yiming and Zeng Yiming's chorus were the first to appear on stage and successfully surprised the audience.

     After the two men sang, there was unconscious applause and cheers from the audience.

     Liu Huan and the miracle of September are the second to come on stage. When Luo Yiming sang Ordinary Road, Liu Huan kept watching Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming is the host on the stage of good voice.

     He may be able to support the music program with the highest ratings in the country. In addition to the identity of the host, the music singer-songwriter is another label of his good voice.

     A week ago, when Luo Yiming promised to create a song for his fan group, Liu Huan asked Luo Yiming to sing.

     He wanted Luo Yiming to create a song suitable for the miracle of September, and to be sung by the two of them in the second part of the peak night.

     Since the Voice of China program was broadcast, Luo Yiming has written songs to Chu Lanlan in the Lin Zhixuan group, Yang Zongwei in the Harlem group, let alone in the Tian Zhen group, but his team lacks a piece by Luo Yiming. .

     On the night of the peak, Teacher Liu Huan would definitely want to win the championship and make an appointment with Luo Yiming. Teacher Liu Huan believed in Luo Yiming's ability.

     It was just a few days ago that Luo Yiming finished this song suitable for the miracle of September.

     As long as the first round passes smoothly, Liu Huan believes that the miracle in September will definitely be able to break into the peak duel with this song.

     Teacher Liu Huan and September Miracle sang a song Love in Hiroshima for love, and the instructors and students of the third and fourth groups finished singing.

     At the beginning of the voting session, there were 99 media people reviewing the scene, and their voting weight was 50%.It is different from the 16-in-4 before Good Voice, where the instructor accounts for the remaining 50% of the voting weight.

     On Peak Night, the live audience accounted for the remaining 40%, and off-site mobile phone text messages accounted for 10%.

     Both the live audience and the audience in front of the TV can participate in the show, and they have the right to decide who the champion is!

     In front of the TV and on the Internet, there are heated discussions about the performance of the four groups to sing.

     The four students and their respective instructors are waiting for the final result.

     During the voting, Luo Yiming stood on the stage. As the host, he expressed a good voice's attitude, that is-all pk, data are completely open, and there will be no shady in the whole process!

     After the first round of voting for the audience's SMS voting, Zhang Jie was still in the first place. He was once a follow closely behind sb or sth, and the fund was September Miracle.

     Seeing that the approval rate of September Miracle was overtaken by Xu Jiaying, Teacher Liu Huan became nervous.

     Then it was the turn of the 99 media reviewers to vote.

     Zhang Jie and Zeng were still favored by 99 media. To Luo Yiming's surprise, in this session, the student who got the most votes was not Zhang Jie, but Zeng.

     Xu Jiaying supported 46 votes.

     It is about to vote for the September miracle, because the SMS support rate is not as high as Xu Jiaying, and the media vote of the September miracle is lower than 46, so obviously they will be eliminated.

     "I hope that the judges and teachers will vote for the children of September Miracle. If they are eliminated this round, it will definitely be your loss." Teacher Liu Huan said sincerely.Lin Zhixuan next to Teacher Liu Huan also put the palms together before one, which means of course, you must start off leniently, and don’t put more than 46 votes.

     As the last row of wooden plaques fell, the final number of votes for the September Miracle was also fixed at 46 votes.

     The number of votes is the same as Xu Jiaying, but because SMS voting and live audience voting are not as good as Xu Jiaying, September Miracle became the first to be eliminated among the top four students.

     Once one went directly to the peak battle, but Zhang Jie and Xu Jiaying, who had the highest support rate before, will continue to PK.

     The September miracle was defeated.

     Teacher Liu Huan did not agree with the judgement of 99 judges so much. His favorite student bid farewell to the stage. Teacher Liu Huan was very sad.

     They think they have done a good job of expressing the song in September.

     Finally failed to enter the next round smoothly, they also there's nothing about it regret.

     "Wang Xiaowei, Wang Xiaohai, you two are really great! I am very satisfied with your performance today. Although you failed to reach the final step, you will always be the champion in my heart!"

     Liu Huan stepped down and took the initiative to reach out and hug them one by one. The two who were originally strong, saw the excitement of Teacher Liu Huan, and their tears followed.

     "Blam me, blame me for not being able to accompany you to the final championship. However, as I said, at this stage, the audience and the 99 judges will regret their decision."

     Teacher Liu Huan kind of blamed himself for choosing this song for the September Miracle.

     If Luo Yiming's song is really to be arranged in this round, maybe, the miracle in September will be duel at the peak.Luo Yiming came to Teacher Liu Huan and Jiuyue Miracle and said, "This result is already good. Although you are fourth, you have won the appreciation of Teacher Liu Huan."

     "I believe that the star road after the miracle in September will be very open."

     "You still have another chance to perform, one song time for you, use the last song to say goodbye to the good voices of this season!"

     After Luo Yiming said it, the audience knew that the Final Four had been eliminated, but there was still time to perform a song.

     ""When You Are Old"!"

     "Lyric, Composer, Luo Yiming"

     "Singing: September Miracle. 》

     After the flying subtitles, piano music sounded like flowing water, and the crisp guitar sound baptized everyone's ears and entered the stage.

     Wang Xiaohai's eyes were dark, and he sang affectionately:


      When You Are Old


      When You Are Old

     Taking a nap by the fire, remembering youth

     How many people have loved your youth and joy

     I admire your beauty, fake or true heart

      only has one loves your pious soul

     Love the wrinkles on your old face


     Wang Xiaohai's voice is perfect in itself.

     He interprets lyric, ethnic, and various styles of songs have the words at hand.

      When You Are Old singing, with the big screen, the picture of Teacher Liu Huan guiding the old Liu team was displayed.

     Everyone had a great time together. The sisters and brothers had deep affection. Teacher Liu Huan was more like an own family and was as loving as a father.Make the song more of a kind of family power.

      When You Are Old.

     Teacher Liu Huan, who is in her forties, is middle-aged, but she also has white hair on her head. The lens captures the gray hair, which magnifies the cruelty of time.

     In another shot, Wang Xiaowei wiped Wang Xiaohai's sweat, and the two looked at each other full of tender feelings, like Yeats's love poem about When You Are Old dedicated to his girlfriend Maute Gunney.

     A passionate and sincere love poem.

     Or a strong family song.

      When You Are Old is a mature and successful work.

     This song cried all fans of the miracle of September. When people shouted the names of Wang Xiaowei and Wang Xiaohai, they were glorious despite defeat!

     The stage of good sound is super powerful. This song is a representative work of lyrical expression. Love can always express the most sincere feelings in the most ordinary life.

     This song makes people lament the passing of time without realizing that their parents are getting old.

     Among them, "Love your pious soul" repeatedly sung in the lyrics also explains that feelings will not fade with the passage of time, but become more resolute with the passing of time.

     It applies to family affection and love.

     The simple four-channel input collected the lossless original sound and passed it to the ears of the audience in front of the TV with almost no loss of sound quality.

     The arrangement of this song is very plain, without climax.

     But the most sincere emotions broke out in the ordinary.

     "This song really made me...very touched! I understand why Teacher Liu Huan said that. I regret it, but it's a miracle in September...""I've never liked a song so much, When You Are Old, and moved me with its most sincere emotions. This sound is really good!"

     "Can we go back now? I want to vote for the September Miracle!"

     A large number of netizens posted on the official website, saying that they regretted their vote.

     In the staff dormitory of Beijing CCTV, there was a girl who did not watch CCTV programs abnormally today and tuned her TV to Blueberry TV.

     In the first few minutes, she happened to hear the September miracle start singing When You Are Old.

     She was born as a host and found out more carefully that the first flying subtitles, lyrics, and composer of this song were all Luo Yiming.

     She just recommended Luo Yiming's program to the station leaders two days ago, and advocated to start recording on CCTV's integrated channel. The station leaders have more concerns.

     When Dong Qing saw this, he sent a message to the leader. I hope the leader of the station will look at this issue of Blueberry TV's Peak Night of China’s Good Voice. There is a song called When You Are Old.

     Perhaps it would be great to sing on this spring evening.
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