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258 Chapter 256, Good Voice Owes You A Champion
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Director Zhao Liyong just took over the work of CCTV in 2005. The final approval of all CCTV programs must go through his review.

     This time, Dong Qing directly sent text messages to the director, in order to speed up the birth of Luo Yiming and his new program.

     Dong Qing was able to come to CCTV to host the Spring Festival Gala, and Zhao Liyong’s appreciation and promotion was a key factor.

     When receiving Dong Qing's text message, Zhao Liyong, who happened to have the remote control at hand, switched the channel to Blueberry TV.

      When You Are Old.

     This is a song very close to him.

     Director Zhao Liyong is 57 years old this year, and he can clearly feel that time is aging, and in the past few years, his body has been deteriorating.

     How many people have loved your youth and joy

     I admire your beauty, fake or true heart

      only has one loves your pious soul

     Love the wrinkles on your old face


     The subordinates and friends in the station have a false display of affection for their compliments and respect.

     In this world, the only thing that loves you is your parents, your lover, and your children.

     This song When You Are Old, Zhao Liyong felt that it was really well written and sung well.

     Such songs, if they can appear on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, can truly touch more people.

     After singing the song, Teacher Liu Huan said that this song was composed by Luo Yiming for the miracle of September.

     And this Luo Yiming, who has been mythical by the outside world, the media, and the audience, appeared in front of Zhao Liyong for the first time.Luo Yiming bid farewell to the miracle of September and patted teacher Liu Huan comfortingly.

     The game is cruel.

     On the last night of the peak, only one person can stand on the stage of glory.

     Returning to the center of the stage, Luo Yiming said with emotion: "When You Are Old, the singing of the miracle in September deserves our praise."

     "Although I am only in my twenties, a constantly changing clock often appears in my mind, and it is also accompanied by pictures or pictures depicting the lives of elderly people."

     "The final picture will be fixed on a clock with annual rings as the background, and the pictures and photos of the elderly... are gone."

     "This picture shows that time has passed and people have grown old."

     "When You Are Old, this song tells us that people will grow old, and this cannot be changed. But behind the lyrics is more of our sincere heart for family and love."

     "When You Are Old, My Heart Will Go On. Should I love you, or love you as before."

     "And I think what we should do more at this moment is the moment when we have relatives and lovers by our side. While he is not old, while you are young, tell them that I love you, My Heart Will Go On."

     Bang bang bang.

     In the audience, there was a warm applause.

     Zhao Liyong, who watched the show in front of the TV, thought he had read it wrong, it was really a singing talent show.

     How do you feel that the atmosphere and energy of this lofty atmosphere is a bit like the style of a CCTV program!

     Zhao Liyong was worried about the innovation of CCTV programs and the ratings of CCTV integrated channels.When the new official takes office, he hopes that CCTV will still maintain the posture of the TV boss and lead the audience in ratings.

     But the rise of Mango and Tomato platforms made Big Brother feel a crisis.

     In fact, he refused to enter CCTV programs from local stations. He would think that the style of those programs is too low, and most of them are try to please the public with claptrap.

     However, after seeing Luo Yiming's performance and seeing this Chinese good voice inspirational music talent show, Zhao Liyong felt that it seemed that he could really try to change it.

     There is no regret medicine in the world. After the audience and netizens regretted, Zhang Jie and Xu Jiaying's pk ended, and they faced a difficult choice.

     Both of these are masters.

     However, the consideration of 99 media votes will also be combined with their online popularity and future scalability.

     In these factors, Zhang Jie is undoubtedly slightly better.

     His appearance, the tenacity cultivated through many years of endure humiliation as part of an important mission.

     It will make Zhang Jie more topical.

     What's more, Haring from the very beginning to hold nothing back to this lover to teach music knowledge, including Luo Dao facing the media, to protect Zhang Jie's words.

     All made Zhang Jie the favorite of the media.

     After the media began voting.

     Both Harlem and Lin Zhixuan were so nervous that they were about to suffocate.

     After this step, one of his students entered the championship with one foot.

     The first season of China Good Voice champion mentor, this is an honor for every mentor.

     But putting all the fate in the hands of others made the two mentors feel uneasy for the first time.

     The two kept squeezing their fists, watching the wooden signs rise and fall in their eyes.Luo Yiming and Teacher Liu Huan all sang the votes nearby, and the audience in the front row has become a small sing-song expert.

     First, the support rate data of audience and off-site SMS is announced.

     Zhang Jie's off-site support rate is 34, which even exceeds 30 at the beginning of the show.

     Xu Jiaying's off-site approval rate has declined, perhaps because of First Round Segment. Many people expressed regret for the September Miracle and voted for Xu Jiaying, who did not perform well relative to First Round Segment.

     According to the statistics of the votes of 99 judges, 56 to 43, Zhang Jie won!

     Seeing this result, the audience is naturally happy for some people and sad for others.

     Xu Jiaying’s fans are aggrieved. They all know that Xu Jiaying has an uncomfortable throat recently, and it can be said that she is ill during the competition.

     But despite her illness, her singing was not bad, and even so, she could not go on.

     On the stage, Lin Zhixuan and Xu Jiaying hugged, feeling ashamed for her stopping.

     "Xu Jiaying, I'm sure you will definitely have your place in the future Chinese entertainment industry."

     "Today, your singing is the best."

     "Just keep developing like you, and you can definitely seal the Golden Melody Award ten years later."

     Every tutor regards his students as the champion of good voice, and their every person has long been a champion in the mind of the tutor.

     Xu Jiaying's singing skills are indeed good, and Luo Yiming also believes that a girl who is not greasy and sings emotionally will definitely shine on the road of music."Xu Jiaying, this summer, good voice is wonderful because of you. Today's game is over, but we can continue to play music in the future...Leaving the stage of good voice, any stage needs a good voice like you..."

     The band began to prepare music for Xu Jiaying, and Luo Yiming asked Xu Jiaying to come on stage again to sing her last song in Good Voice.


     I rode a white horse and walked three levels

     I changed my clothes back to Central Plains

     Let Xiliang go unattended

     I just miss Wang Baochuan


     In the first round, Xu Jiaying sang the new Peking Opera song with Lin Zhixuan in the first round.

     This time, her stage of Taiwanese opera of "ride on a white horse and walk through three passes" was once again presented to the audience with novel pop music elements.

     Before Xu Jiaying left, finally aroused the thinking of the audience and netizens.

     Luo Yiming stood on the side of the stage, listening to Xu Jiaying's singing, he was also very emotional.

     Xu Jiaying's Peak Night of Good Voice is her exploration for niche music, new Peking opera music, and new forms of music.

     It's not that she can sing badly, it's the identity of the minority itself, the sense of substitution itself is poor.

     If this is not the case, just select some sweet and sweet songs for her, then Xu Jiaying will definitely progress even further.

     Maybe she can win the championship.

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